Blueprints to Pixels: Architecture Website Design Examples

Explore stunning architecture website design examples that showcase the perfect blend of form and function. Discover how top architects and designers use innovative layouts, interactive features, and captivating visuals to create a virtual experience that mirrors the beauty of their architectural creations.

Imagine stumbling upon a treasure trove, but instead of gold, it’s brimming with architecture website design examples.

That’s what we’re diving into today. This world, where architecture meets the digital realm, is a kaleidoscope of creativity and precision. It’s where the solidity of buildings dances with the fluidity of web design.

Whether you’re an architect looking to showcase your work, a student eager to learn, or just someone who appreciates good design, these examples are a goldmine of inspiration and innovation.

Architecture Website Design Examples To Check Out

One-Page Architecture Website Template

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Whether you’re looking to create a website for architectural design or photography, this template stands out due to its adaptable modules and the choice to incorporate Slider Revolution’s lightbox feature.

Smart Living One Pager V1

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Norm CPH

Picture this: a digital canvas where minimalism meets functionality. Norm CPH’s website is a visual treat, blending sleek Scandinavian design with a user-friendly interface.

Their portfolio is a symphony of clean lines and muted colors, showcasing architectural masterpieces. It’s not just a website; it’s a journey through the essence of simplicity in design. As you navigate, the responsive layout ensures a seamless experience, whether on a desktop or a smartphone.

Smart Living One Pager-V2

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Rieder’s website is a testament to the harmony between architecture and sustainability. It’s like walking into a future where eco-friendly materials take center stage.

The site’s design aesthetics mirror their commitment to the environment, with earthy tones and textures.

Interactive elements guide you through their innovative use of fiber cement in architecture. Here, each click reveals a new aspect of building design that’s both modern and mindful of our planet.

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Handel Architects

Handel Architects’ website is a bold statement in digital storytelling. It’s an architectural gallery, narrating stories of urban transformation.

The user experience is akin to a guided tour through their most iconic projects, each with a tale of community and innovation.

The site’s design is as dynamic as their work, with vivid images and engaging layouts that adapt flawlessly across devices, showcasing their knack for creating spaces that inspire and connect.

Martinkovic Milford

Martinkovic Milford’s website stands out as a digital portfolio of elegance and sophistication. It’s like flipping through a high-end architectural magazine but in a digital format.

The website design mirrors their architectural style – refined and detail-oriented. Navigating through their projects feels like a curated exhibition, with each click unveiling a new masterpiece. Their use of visuals and narrative invites you into their world of transformative design.

Tennent Brown

Tennent Brown’s website is a celebration of architectural innovation in harmony with nature. The moment you land on their site, it’s like stepping into a realm where buildings breathe and blend with their surroundings.

Their use of natural imagery and earthy color schemes in the web design complements their philosophy. The interface is intuitive, offering a smooth user experience that’s reflective of their commitment to sustainable and contextually aware architecture.


SOM’s website is an architectural marvel in its own right, echoing the firm’s reputation for iconic structures.

It’s a digital skyscraper, towering with information and insights. The user interface is sleek, professional, and mirrors their approach to architecture – bold and forward-thinking.

As you explore, the site unfolds like a well-planned city, with each section leading seamlessly into the next, reflecting SOM’s mastery in creating spaces that shape our world.

Hennin Glarsen

Hennin Glarsen’s website is a tribute to the art of light and space in architecture. It’s like stepping into a realm where each design tells a story of light playing with structures.

The website design is a mirror to their architectural ethos – minimalist yet profound. The user experience is akin to a visual poem, where each scroll reveals a new layer of their innovative approach to creating spaces that are not just built but felt.


Citicon’s website stands as a digital beacon of modern urban architecture. It’s like navigating through a futuristic cityscape, where each project showcases their prowess in contemporary design.

The site’s layout is clean and crisp, offering an uncluttered user experience that speaks to their focus on clarity and functionality in architecture.

Every element on the site, from the imagery to the interactive features, reinforces Citicon’s vision of shaping tomorrow’s urban landscapes.


Measured’s website is a digital gallery of architectural craftsmanship. It’s a journey through spaces that blend art with architecture.

The website’s design is as meticulously crafted as their buildings, with attention to detail in every pixel. The interface is intuitive, inviting you to explore their portfolio of bespoke designs. It’s a celebration of architecture that respects tradition while embracing innovation, much like their approach to creating timeless spaces.

EYRC Architects

EYRC Architects’ website is a modern canvas showcasing architectural eloquence. It’s like entering a realm where form meets function in the most aesthetic way possible.

The site is a visual storybook, each page revealing their commitment to innovative and sustainable design. The user experience is seamless, reflecting their philosophy of creating intuitive spaces. This digital space is not just about showcasing projects; it’s about immersing you in the art of contemporary architecture.

William Green Architects

William Green Architects’ website is a testament to timeless elegance in architecture. It’s like stepping into a space where classic design principles are woven with modern sensibilities.

The site’s design is refined and inviting, offering a glimpse into their world of sophisticated and sustainable architectural solutions.

Navigation is intuitive, allowing you to effortlessly explore their portfolio of distinct and enduring designs, each telling a story of harmony between space and environment.


Reformosa’s website is a vibrant showcase of architectural innovation. It’s a digital journey through bold designs and transformative spaces.

The site reflects their ethos of pushing boundaries and redefining norms. With a user-friendly interface and responsive design, it offers a glimpse into their world of creative and impactful architecture.

Each project in their portfolio is presented as a unique narrative, highlighting their expertise in creating spaces that resonate with contemporary lifestyles.

MLA Architecture

MLA Architecture’s website is a digital portfolio that speaks volumes of their architectural mastery. It’s like flipping through a catalog of design excellence and precision.

Rob Mills

Rob Mills’ website is an immersive experience into luxurious and bespoke architectural design. It’s like walking through a gallery of spaces that exude elegance and exclusivity.

The website mirrors their approach to architecture – sophisticated, detailed, and deeply personal.

Navigating through the site, you’re treated to a visual feast of stunning projects, each reflecting their commitment to creating spaces that are not just structures, but expressions of art and lifestyle.


Styro’s website is a refreshing dive into the world of contemporary architecture with a twist. It’s like opening a book where each page surprises you with innovative design and sustainable practices. The site’s layout is crisp, echoing their commitment to clean, functional aesthetics.

Exploring their portfolio is a smooth journey, showcasing their knack for blending artistic vision with environmental consciousness. This digital space beautifully reflects their philosophy of building for a better, greener future.

Neal Ymar Architectes

Neal Ymar Architectes’ website is a testament to architectural artistry and innovation. It’s like embarking on a journey through designs that challenge the conventional and embrace the extraordinary.

The site’s design is as avant-garde as their projects, with an interface that’s both visually striking and easy to navigate. Exploring their work, you find a fusion of bold ideas and meticulous execution, reflecting their passion for creating spaces that are not just buildings, but landmarks of creativity.


Mahno’s website is a portal into a world where architecture meets avant-garde design. It’s like walking through an exhibition of futuristic and unconventional spaces.

The site itself is a masterpiece of digital design, showcasing their commitment to cutting-edge architecture.

With a layout that’s as innovative as their projects, it offers a glimpse into their approach of merging the latest trends with timeless design principles, creating spaces that are both unique and universally appealing.

Jamie Fobert Architects

Jamie Fobert Architects’ website is a celebration of architectural elegance and thoughtful design. It’s like wandering through a gallery of spaces that resonate with harmony and precision.

The website design reflects their philosophy of blending beauty with utility, offering a user experience that’s both enriching and intuitive.

As you navigate, you’re invited to explore their portfolio of meticulously crafted projects, each embodying their talent for creating spaces that are not just functional, but also profoundly inspiring.

Lamoureux Architect

Lamoureux Architect’s website is a testament to architectural elegance and sustainability. It’s a portal to their world of environmentally conscious design, with a layout that’s both informative and aesthetically pleasing, reflecting their commitment to eco-friendly building practices.

Ark Shelter

Ark Shelter’s website is an immersive experience into modular and sustainable architecture.

The site, with its minimalist design and easy navigation, showcases their innovative approach to creating spaces that are not only functional but also harmoniously blend with nature.

Sina Architectural Design

Sina Architectural Design’s website is a window into luxury and bespoke architectural solutions.

Its clean, modern design showcases their expertise in crafting spaces that epitomize elegance and innovation, inviting visitors to explore their world of refined architecture.

Mareines Arquitetura

Mareines Arquitetura’s website is a celebration of architectural artistry with a Brazilian flair.

The site’s design is as vibrant and dynamic as their projects, offering an engaging and visually rich journey through their portfolio of culturally inspired and environmentally conscious designs.

Centric Architecture

Centric Architecture’s website showcases a harmonious blend of historic preservation and modern design.

It’s a testament to their expertise in creating spaces that respect the past while embracing the future, reflected in a site design that’s both informative and visually appealing.

Coffey Architects

Coffey Architects’ website is a clean and sophisticated portal to their world of contemporary design. The site mirrors their approach to architecture, focusing on creating spaces that are both functional and visually stunning, inviting visitors to explore their innovative projects.

Williams Lester

Williams Lester’s website presents a diverse range of architectural projects with a focus on community and sustainability.

The site’s user-friendly design and engaging visuals reflect their commitment to designing spaces that enhance lives and environments.


Falk’s website is an innovative platform showcasing their expertise in digital component construction.

The site is a fusion of technology and design, reflecting their approach to revolutionizing the construction process through digital solutions and sustainable practices.


Kilograph’s website is a digital showcase of architectural visualization and storytelling.

It’s a vibrant portal to their world of immersive design experiences, where the site’s interactive and visually rich layout mirrors their expertise in bringing architectural concepts to life through cutting-edge technology.

Amanda Martocchio

Amanda Martocchio’s website is an elegant reflection of her architectural philosophy – blending simplicity with sophistication.

The site’s minimalist design and fluid navigation highlight her approach to creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and deeply functional.

Connect Homes

Connect Homes’ website is a modern exploration of modular home design.

The site is as sleek and user-friendly as their approach to creating affordable, sustainable homes, showcasing their commitment to innovation in residential architecture.

Arcadia Custom

Arcadia Custom’s website is a window into luxury residential design.

The site’s elegant layout and stunning visuals reflect their expertise in crafting high-end, custom homes, inviting visitors to explore their portfolio of exquisite architectural projects.

Olson Kundig

Olson Kundig’s website is a masterpiece of architectural storytelling. It beautifully showcases their signature blend of robust, industrial design with warm, natural materials.

The site’s intuitive and engaging layout invites users to explore their innovative projects that seamlessly integrate into their surroundings.

CHT Architects

CHT Architects’ website offers a glimpse into their world of contemporary and thoughtful design.

The site’s clean and elegant layout mirrors their approach to architecture, focusing on creating sustainable and community-centric spaces, inviting visitors to explore their diverse range of projects.

IND Architects

IND Architects’ website is a digital exhibition of their innovative and futuristic design approach. The site is a visual feast, showcasing their expertise in creating vibrant and functional urban spaces, reflecting a blend of modern aesthetics and practical solutions.

FAQ on Architecture Websites

What’s the Best Platform for an Architecture Website?

Honestly, it depends on your needs. If you want customization, WordPress is fantastic especially if you use it with a plugin like Slider Revolution that would instantly make it look better. It’s great for SEO. For simpler, drag-and-drop design, Squarespace or Wix are user-friendly, especially if you’re not tech-savvy.

How Important is Responsive Web Design?

Super important! With most people browsing on their phones, your architecture website needs to look good on any device.

A responsive design ensures your architectural imagery and project galleries adapt smoothly to different screens, enhancing user experience and keeping Google happy.

Should I Showcase My Portfolio on My Website?

Absolutely, yes! Your portfolio is like your identity in the architectural world.

Showcase your best projects, include high-quality images, and maybe even virtual tours of your designs. It’s all about impressing potential clients and standing out in the digital space.

Can I Integrate BIM Models into My Website?

You can, and it’s a brilliant idea! Integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) models showcases your technical prowess.

It gives clients a detailed view of your projects. This feature is not just impressive but also positions you as a forward-thinking architect.

Is SEO Relevant for Architecture Websites?

More than ever! SEO for architecture firms is critical. It’s not just about keywords; think about user experience, mobile optimization, and quality content.

SEO helps your site rank better, so when someone searches for “sustainable design” or “digital portfolio,” your site pops up.

How Can I Make My Website Accessible?

Focus on website accessibility standards like clear navigation, alt text for images, and readable fonts.

Remember, an accessible website is not just inclusive; it’s also favored by search engines. Think of it as an ethical and smart business practice.

What’s the Role of Architectural Photography on My Website?

It’s key! Architectural photography brings your designs to life online. Ensure the photos are high-quality and reflect your design aesthetics.

They speak volumes about your work and attention to detail, so don’t skimp on this.

Should I Include Client Testimonials on My Website?

Definitely. Client testimonials build trust and credibility. They are like personal recommendations for anyone visiting your site.

Include a few strong testimonials to show potential clients the positive experiences others have had with your work.

What About Digital Marketing for My Website?

Digital marketing for architecture firms is a whole game. It’s not just about having a stunning website; you need strategies to drive traffic to it.

Think content marketing, social media engagement, email newsletters. The goal is to create a strong online presence that complements your architectural expertise.

Conclusion on Designing Architecture Websites

Diving into the world of architecture website design is like exploring a fusion of art and tech. It’s not just about slapping images on a page. It’s a journey through responsive design, making sure your site looks slick on all devices, from smartphones to massive desktop screens.

  • Think of your website as a digital portfolio, a window to your creative soul.
  • We’ve seen examples where user interface elements blend seamlessly with architectural aesthetics.
  • Ever thought about how cool it would be to have virtual tours of your projects? That’s next-level engagement!
  • And hey, don’t forget about SEO for architects. You want your site to pop up when someone’s hunting for architectural inspiration online.

It’s like stitching together a tapestry of design aesthetics, interactive elements, and the soul of your architectural vision.

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Blueprints to Pixels: Architecture Website Design Examples

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