The Best Barbershop Website Template Examples You Can Find

Instagram and other social networks show how popular barbershops are at the moment. Of course, everybody needs the services of a barber every so often.

Instagram and other social networks show how popular barbershops are at the moment. Of course, everybody needs the services of a barber every so often.

That fact makes this market so attractive for software developers and website designers.

Most barbershops have a website and many owners are familiar with website design. That makes this market a challenge.

This is a specific business with specific needs. So barbershop owners will not be satisfied with just any website design.

They often know what they want and what it should cost.

There is a lot of variety when it comes to barbershops. Some associate with spas or thermal springs.

Others are more traditional, with big leather chairs. Whatever the case, there is a suitable theme available.

All examples are SEO-friendly.

So, have a look at this collection of stylish barbershop website template examples. Pick the best one and adapt it as needed.

Add text, logos, and photos. That is all that it takes to make a new barbershop website.

BarberShop Website Template

The first on the list of barbershop website templates also includes sliders and Hero.


This HTML theme for beauty salons, barbershops, or hair salons has a creative design. It includes a mega menu style, an excellent form plugin, sliders, and a customizable color scheme.

Barberia contains 37 HTML files. It uses a 1170px grid, which makes it easy to turn the template into a modern and elegant website.

The theme comes with several eye-catching color schemes. The custom.css file allows users to make their own personal color combinations.

Some of Barberia’s main features are:

  • Custom menus
  • Custom page templates
  • HTML5 and CSS3 technology
  • Professional sliders
  • Shortcode elements


Pangke is a template with great looks. The layout is well done, the color combinations are smooth, and it builds fast websites.

It makes great websites and helps barbershops to improve their online presence. It includes the following website elements:

  • Home 1
  • Home 2
  • About us
  • Contact
  • Gallery
  • Our barbers
  • Pricing
  • Services
  • Sponsors
  • Testimonials

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge is perfect for creative barbershops and other hairdressers. The template includes more than 20 HTML files and different custom color combinations.

Cutting Edge has a modern look and is easy to work with, thanks to the 1140px grid.

Besides the custom color scheme, it comes with a color.css file that helps users to pick the color they want. Other important features are:

  • Custom menus
  • Custom page designs
  • HTML5 and CSS3 technology
  • Shortcode elements
  • Supported professional sliders


Quiff – Barbershop & Hairdresser Elementor Template Kit is a new and unique website theme for barbershops. It is a good match for many barbershops, hipster stylers, and other beauty businesses.

The responsive design makes sure that the website is easy to use on any kind of device. It looks modern and sharp and customization is straightforward.

Anyone can work with it as it does not take a deep knowledge of coding.

Quiff includes 14 carefully crafted pages and more than 15 awesome templates. Making a professional website for a barbershop is only a couple of clicks away.

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Venus is a template with a simple but modern design. It is suitable for a one-page barber’s website.

This example works with Adobe Muse CC 2014.3.2.11.

It includes three different versions. One for tablets, one for mobile devices, and one for desktops.

It supports different icons, web fonts, and parallax scrolling.


Bardo is an Elementor kit for making business websites. Its design works best for beauty salons, barbers, pubs, and motorcycle clubs.

The design is beautiful and sure to attract visitors. It includes the following website elements:

  • Homepage
  • About us
  • Contact
  • FAQ
  • Gallery
  • Our Team
  • Pricing
  • Services
  • Single Service
  • Testimonials


Chief helps barbershops to showcase their work and improve their online presence. It has a clean and modern design.

It contains more than ten well-made pages that look awesome. Making a website with these templates is easy and will take only a couple of clicks. If you want to run a successful barbershop, this is one of the templates you should start with.

The kit offers templates for the following website sections:

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Coming Soon
  • Contact
  • Membership and Pricing
  • Popup
  • Service
  • Style

Barbershop Pro

This is a creative template for a barbershop, beauty, or hair salon. Barbershop offers a lean but elegant design.

The templates are suitable for making multiple pages.

There is, of course, a landing page. Also a template for making an interactive calendar for making appointments.

The simple design has a retro theme and engages the visitor to browse the entire site. It has a special appeal for hairdressers that want to display their work in a portfolio, blog, or website.


The next on the list of barbershop website templates is Murdock.

Written in HTML, it caters to the website needs of barbers, hair salons, and related businesses. It helps them to show off their work, skill, and talent.

The theme is responsive. It is also created around the Advanced Bootstrap framework using CSS3 and HTML5.

It will thus look great on any device, from desktop computers to handheld devices. The included sliders are responsive as well.


The Barbershop WordPress website builder is small, simple, yet eye-catching. This is a great option for making sites for barbershops and hair salons.

It aims at sharing a brand with the rest of the world and showing others what the shop or salon has to offer.

BarberShop uses Essential Grid. This makes for easy customization and aids in displaying products and services in a gallery format.


Maccho is a template kit for barbershops and related businesses. It contains more than twelve pre-built pages.

The designs and layout are stunning and stylish. Making a website for a hairdresser was never this easy and fast.

This set of Elementor templates works with a drag-and-drop builder. That makes designing very simple and does not require coding.

The layout elements that it includes are:

  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly
  • 12+ pre-built templates
  • Built with the Elementor Hello Theme
  • Created with Elementor Pro
  • Easy customization
  • Modern and Professional design


MenzSaloon is a barbershop website template with a clean and crisp design.

A website for a shop or salon expands its audience to almost the entire world. Anyone can learn what the shop has to offer to its clients.

There are two themes in MenzSaloon, a light one and a dark one.

It includes several attractive galleries based on Essential Grid. This allows owners to show products and services in a professional manner.


The next website template is Rubick. This is an Elementor kit especially for barbershops and similar salons.

It makes responsive WordPress sites for hairdressers, spas, and nail and beauty salons. It has everything for businesses like that.

There are more than 17 well-made templates, which allow the user to make a website in only a few clicks.

The Shave

This is a very creative website template that supports parallax scrolling. The flexibility allows users to adapt the templates to their liking and needs.

Working with The Shave is very easy. The comprehensive documentation and well-organized files contribute to that.

It especially aims at barbershops and similar salons. But it is easy to adapt for other businesses, such as agencies and freelancers.

There are very few images included in the theme itself. However, there are links to the original providers in the documentation.


The last example on this list of barbershop website templates is Hairbrosh.

Hairbrosh is completely based on Adobe XD files (.xd). Adobe XD is therefore needed to use this template.

The files themselves are easy to use. Open them in Adobe XD and change colors, images, text, and other elements.

Hairbrosh includes the following features:

  • Based on a twelve-column Bootstrap Grid
  • Easy customization
  • Easy to find artboards, components, folders, and layers
  • Easy to use
  • Free Google Fonts
  • Ten pages
  • Well-organized layers

Ending thoughts on the best barbershop website template examples

This article listed a list of the 16 best barbershop website template examples.

The barber business is great and can be extremely profitable. A tool to achieve success is having an effective website.

The website templates on this list are unique and match the style of a barbershop. All examples come with demo content and are ready for building and testing.

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The Best Barbershop Website Template Examples You Can Find

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