Modern Website Design Examples That Will Inspire You

Explore modern website design examples to inspire your next project with the latest trends in aesthetics and functionality.

A standout website isn’t just admired; it’s essential. Picture this: each scroll unveils a seamless blend of minimalist design trends and interactive elements. In this article on examples of modern website design, you’ll explore cutting-edge creations that redefine user engagement. Embrace the journey as we decode how UX/UI best practices, harnessed alongside responsive web design and graphic design, elevate the digital landscape.

Prepare to delve deep into design that not only catches the eye but captivates the soul. You will learn to express sophisticated concepts using Web-safe fonts and CSS animations without sacrificing functionality—crucial for today’s tech-savvy audiences demanding mobile-friendly websites and fast loading speeds.

By the end, you’ll not only grasp but perhaps master, the nuanced art of creating visually compelling and SEO-friendly websites.

So, which web designs are trending right now? How can you use them to enhance your site? Here are a few of today’s most popular web design trends.

Minor imperfections

For years, web designs have been displaying perfectly mastered graphics that are pleasing to look at but lack personality. Now, the design trends are sliding toward the opposite end of the spectrum, with hand-drawn elements becoming increasingly popular.

Adding depth

If you like 3D effects, you could consider adopting the trend of adding depth to your web designs. This design trend uses soft shadows and floating elements to add both depth and interest, as well as to give pages a toned-down 3D look and can also be used on text and photo elements.

Using white space

The latest web design trends make use of white space, that is, the space on a page without content or text. Using white space allows each element of a page to have its own space, thus highlighting them.

Carefully structured frames of white space around a website page give the page a sense of organization, as well as prioritizing and separating the various parts of the web page.

Micro animation

Micro animations are small animations that are actually helpful for guiding visitors toward and through various interactions on your website.


Closely related to “flat design”, minimalism isn’t necessarily a new trend but is currently making a comeback (or maybe it never left). It has been used to successfully promote a number of brands including Apple through their web designs and promo activities.

Full-Page Headers

Full-page headers are a very popular part of modern web design lately.

Web designers can implement header variations, but a popular setup involves adding key text or call-to-action (CTA) buttons to the left of the header with eye-catching images on the right.

Natural shapes

Last year, geometric shapes were a major trend, but this year organic shapes in web designs are all the rage. Organic shapes are any shapes that don’t have straight lines. These shapes are similar to those that would appear in nature; for example, a set of hills, or the shape that the edges of a river or lake make as it winds through the landscape.

Fun cursors

Many of today’s best websites make use of unique cursors. Implementing a fun cursor can be something interesting for your website. The good news is that cursors can be changed with very little effort.

Fun cursors can be anything from a cursor with a unique shape or one that has a full-out triggered animation when the viewer clicks.

Bright colors

Color is one of this year’s most popular web design trends. Bold, bright, and saturated colors stand out and make web designs more interesting. In addition, using a bold color to contrast with soft pastel colors makes your site more memorable.

Modern Website Design Examples

Below are a few of the best modern website designs that you can use for web design inspiration. These web designs have innovative methods to be unique and interesting and worth exploring if you’re looking for new design ideas.


The first of these modern website design examples is Synchronized. It is a creative studio that boasts full-service applications and unique digital experiences.

Essential Grid

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is esg_generalgif.gif

Essential Grid is hands down the best gallery plugin. If there’s one plugin that would make your website better more than others, it’s this one.

Essential Grid lets you display your images in a gallery format, whether from the WordPress gallery, social media, or elsewhere.

Marvin Schwaibold

This is an interactive portfolio courtesy of the art director and designer Marvin Schwaibold, which demonstrates a great example of creative new web trends.


Craig Reynolds

The owner of this site is Craig Reynolds, an NYC based art director, and photographer. Quite a modern website with lots of white space and large typography.

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Jeffrey Ng, also known as jeffstaple, is a creator with a modern website who focuses on brand marketing, fashion and footwear design, and graphic design.


Makemepulse is an interactive production studio that’s available to the global population. The goal behind the studio is to turn aesthetics into experiences.

Anastasiia Afanasieva

Anastasiia Afanasieva is a 3D artist and interior designer. We like her website design and the way she uses images and typography so elegantly.

Corto Olive Oil

The Corto Olive Oil modern website is one dedicated to celebrating the creativity of food-lovers, professionals, and home-chefs around the world.

Angel Agency

This Ukrainian design agency is small but powerful. Its online portfolio boasts an immersive, modern appeal, and its fun cursor animations are outstanding. When the user hovers on text designs, both colors of texts will flow from right to left or left to right as the cursor is moved.


Cuberto is a digital agency. They build mobile apps and websites and offer various online services to businesses. Whenever you need some web design inspiration, head over to their Dribbble account.


The Nike website harmoniously blends conviction, style, and concise simplicity. They always cared for their online image so whenever they do a redesign, it’s a sure thing that they’ll have a modern website after it’s done.


Fable offers viewers real stories of those who are battling and those who have overcome mental illness.

Studio Willen

Studio Willen was founded by Taia and David Willen in 2015. The studio is an accessible resource for image editing and processing, photography, visual concepts, and production.


The homepage of this site features moving blocks that showcase blog news and a menu button that enables easy site navigation. Cisco is an ideal example of a web design that represents the power of technology.

Jacob McKee

Based in Los Angeles, Jacob McKee specializes in the creation of grades for music videos, commercials, and features. McKee has worked with clients including Apple, Reebok, Khalid, and Joji.

Fiftythree Pencil

Fiftythree Pencil is a modern website that accurately portrays its pencil stylus’ benefits and features. The site is made up of a single web page and includes images and illustrations, as well as a unique layout. It also includes a breakdown of the product’s anatomy.


A modern, game-like web design, Square gives web designers a venue in which to show off their talent and get useful feedback. It uses a variety of scrolling effects and its navigation menu also includes a number of them, which work as guides, ushering users around the site.


Thanks to their loose partnership, ALT and HEINEKEN have created a digital rebrand of their company. The resulting web design further showcases the visual aspects of HEINEKEN popular with their fans.

Patrick Heng

Patrick Heng is a French freelancer and creative developer, with an extensive interest in UI animations and WebGL experiments.

Tell ‘em Steve-Dave

The web designer of this site has decided to create various sections of the website at a number of different domains. When you click a certain button, it redirects you to the corresponding domain. This can be a clever web design feature.


GENROD is an industrial company that manufactures, develops, and markets solutions for improving the security of electrical installations. Their activity may be boring for web designers but their website can be used as web design inspiration.


CrunchBase is designed to promote networking. Businesses are able to list the names of their companies, which enables them to look for partners, colleagues, and investors. The site makes it easy to find the necessary fields by using an extensive menu of search options.

Searches can be conducted in one click by utilizing the site’s general search feature, located within the header. The site uses a relatively modest, basic web design that boasts soft, pastel colors.


Revols uses a unique approach on its site, where the company enlarges photos of its small, discreet headphones using video and macro photography. Together, the photo and video components give the site a product-focused look, slowly immersing the viewers in their headphone experience.


Zillow is a popular real estate website. It allows visitors to save and store interesting properties, making them easy to find later. It features a simple search bar that is easily accessible and available to all users.

Cellular Agriculture Society

This excellent futuristic website was created for an international non-profit organization, Cellular Agriculture Society. The site uses various transition animations and scrolling effects that work in tandem to showcase the organization’s information and culture. This modern website design is a fantastic example of the many ways that scrolling effects can be harnessed and used to create intrigue.


The mission behind Kreatik is to create original marketing that sells well. The company uses creative branding and a handful of effective strategies to provide users with an ideal marketing experience.

Andreas Antonsson

Andreas Antonsson is a successful creative developer and interaction designer.


Nude’s website is designed for first-time home buyers, featuring a savings account and financial tools for buyers who want to enter the market for the first time.


This e-commerce website allows visitors to make online orders and virtual payments. The main feature of this website is its aesthetic, which makes you feel tranquil as you scroll. It can also inspire a new level of respect towards the Earth and promote the use of earth-friendly, sustainable products.

Robert Fikes IV

Robert Fikes IV is a creative technologist. He has been designing, programming, and animating websites and other platforms since his debut in 2013.

Charlie Paris

Charlie Paris is an independent watchmaking company. The goal of the company is simple and clearly displayed on its website: to offer buyers a healthy mix of classic and contemporary products at a reasonable price.


Boosted has given an average skateboard a leg up against its competition, by utilizing highly detailed, quality photos of its product and pairing them with detailed descriptions. Their modern web design uses primarily grey tones and has a white background that keeps the focus of the viewer’s eye on the product.

It also uses a number of strategically placed CTAs that encourage the viewer to act.

Fabrizio Milesi

Fabrizio Milesi is an interior designer and creative director.

ACES Baseball

ACES Baseball was rated the second most powerful baseball agency in 2016 and 2017.

Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero has crafted her portfolio website using many tried and true techniques, including a handful of modern web design trends, thus developing a unique style for her portfolio.

She uses a white, blue, and yellow color palette, various CTA buttons, and creative word combinations that harmonize with the ambiance of her modern website design, to give it a holistic appearance.


Navigator is where meetings come together, providing everything you need for remote meetings in one, easy-to-access place. You can find notes, agendas, video conferencing links, and action items.


Wozber helps visitors through the resume creation process. It easily breaks down the steps of creating a visually appealing resume for potential employers.

The homepage of the site uses clear outlines, numbered steps, and individual sections to stay organized and focused.

Marina Tureczek

Marina Tureczek is a Berlin-based art director and product designer who specializes in digital works.

Chiara Luzzana 

Chiara Luzzana has won various awards for her work as a sound designer. She focuses on music composition, sound design, sound branding, and soundtrack and audio installations. She works with agencies and partners all around the world.

Daniele Buffa Portfolio

Daniele Buffa is an interaction and visual designer, whose website is a personal portfolio.

Nava Smart Home Sales

Designed for Nava Smart Home, this holiday sales page is both modern and interactive. It uses a game-like design and seamless immersion that gives visitors the freedom to explore various home devices by clicking on them in the right-hand panel.

The web page is 3D animated, making  it distinct from its competitors.


The Discogs website uses modern navigation, featuring uncomplicated filters to easily sort through music and select the one you want. The web design is otherwise very simple, keeping the user’s attention on the music instead of the website.

Alizée Boutonnet

Alizee Boutonnet is a graphic designer and art director. If you wanted to see a modern web design showcased through a graphic design portfolio, this is it.

Revelé Studio

Revele caters to companies who wish to resettle their brand, helping them to develop new marketing materials, communication tactics, and design strategies.


This web page integrates a carefully designed background with well-known, successful products.

Behind the photos of the products are stylized individual elements, including circular areas and an upwards angle that guides the viewer’s eye around the page.

The matching shapes of the site’s background and foreground elements (products) give the site a seamless, wholesome appearance.

Binary Blocks

This website utilizes white space. The web design is minimalist, clear, and simple.

Famiglia Olivini

Famiglia Olivini is a family-owned winery, which produces a large selection of fine wines and is constantly adapting to meet trends within the industry.

Zero Financial

Zero Financial is a software company that uses a number of high-quality images. If you’re looking for ideas on how to make the most of product images, Zero Financial is a good website to explore.

The images are combined with descriptive text that explains the product, which is helpful to potential buyers.


Stripe features heavy white space and bright colors, as well as various clean and simple user interface elements with easy to read paragraphs.

Stripe’s website is the go to place for web design inspiration whenever they design or redesign a page from their website. Their user experience is great as well and no wonder they’ve grown as a company so much in the past years.

Emol Work

Emol Work is a digital mental health platform that uses a user-friendly horizontal scrolling effect. It includes an adorable mascot with rich expressions and varying emotions. The mascot explains the site to new users, producing an enjoyable initial experience of the site, and creating a lasting impression.


Unpigeon is a great site for learning how to use particle backgrounds. The site runs smoothly and looks great.

Radiant Studios

Radiant Studios, a video production company, focuses on storytelling and conversation, by promoting feelings of empathy within viewers.

Petar Zeman

Living in Zagreb, Croatia, Petar Zenman is a digital designer who works on designing and animating pixels, writing positive pieces, and capturing life’s happiest moments. In his downtime, he enjoys watching basketball and having fun.

Campos Coffee

This site flawlessly uses large images, placing its over-sized images in the background.

Qatar Foundation

This website is for a non-profit organization, Qatar Foundation. The organization has over 50 educational, research, and community development entities.

Edyta Kostaska

This site frames its photo elements using black and white squares with bright colors behind them and various outlines. Quite the efficient web design choice for this type of website.


Wodstack is a site that has done a great job of keeping the website condensed, small, and organized while delivering all of the important product values.

It uses large images and a consistent color palette, as well as cohesive styling throughout the various site pages. Overall, the web design is very uniform and attractive.


The Coalesse website is high-quality and incredibly popular. They simply used a number of photos paired with a gold overlay box to showcase the beauty of the product. They also made very good typographic choices.

Jen Fariello

This modern website is a photographer’s portfolio. The web page focuses on its social media accounts and includes a number of background photos, which have a cohesive style and atmosphere, giving the site a professional appearance.

Silver Oak is a digital platform that celebrates the brand Silver Oak, which focuses on family values, tradition, and culture.

Tom Parkes

Tom Parkes is a UI ad branding designer and co-founder of First and Foremost, who thrives on creating balances between considered and clean outcomes.

Mail Poet

Using illustrations is an easy way to spruce up your web design and promote your brand.

Custom illustrations are an excellent design element, as they enhance user experience. Mail Poet uses individual illustrations with bright colors and crisp, clean lines.

Immersive Garden

Immersive Garden is a Paris-based digital production studio that specializes in animation, design, and development. Their website uses an intriguing rotating animation, with a new surprise animation on every web page, promoting in visitors the desire to return.


Viveris is a well-known consulting and engineering firm with a website that boasts modern web design. It helps companies create innovative and simple digital systems and applications.


Nesh is a handy AI Assistant that is best used for analytics and search. It can find the answers to business questions 10 times faster than other assistants by using Natural Language Processing and technology.


Designed to promote Riverlane, a company that builds software for quantum computers, this modern website design uses a variety of popular web design trends.


This is used to deliver automotive data to a number of different companies, brands, and individuals. Cap HPI has designed its website so that the target audience can quickly find the solutions they need. The navigation has been optimized so that users can easily decide whether or not Cap HPI will be beneficial to them.


The last modern website design example is uLesson. uLesson is an education tool that helps users achieve superior academic achievements and subject mastery.

Making A Modern Website Design

Gain inspiration from good sources

There are lots of places online where you can get web design inspiration from.

The ones above are just a few of the best modern website design examples and could prove to be very helpful, as well as save you time and effort.

Visualize your design

After gathering your web design inspiration, you’ll need to visualize your brand-new ideas. Take time to draw them out, think about them, and redo them again and again until you’re happy with the final product.

You can enlist the help of another web designer or creator, or even a family member with a good eye for style and organization.

Find a suitable page builder

Next, you need to decide on a page builder. In our biased opinion, the web design plugin that you’d want to build a modern web design with is Slider Revolution. The plugin costs almost nothing compared to what web designers get from it and has over 4 million users worldwide. It’s extremely advanced and provides users with a visual interface.

There is a multitude of great features built right into the plugin, including:

  • Many easy options
  • Media support
  • Responsiveness
  • Layouts
  • Multiple sources of content

FAQs about modern website design

What defines modern website design?

Modern website design is characterized by minimalist design trendsresponsive web layouts, and high-resolution images. It integrates UX/UI best practices ensuring seamless interaction and captivating aesthetic appeal that resonates with a contemporary audience, providing a flawless user experience across various devices.

How do typography and color influence modern website design?

In the realm of modern websites, typography and color schemes hold the power to elevate or deflate the user’s interest. Strategic use of Web-safe fonts and cohesive color palettes ensure that the information stands out while fostering a harmonious visual flow that enhances user engagement.

What role does mobile responsiveness play in modern website design?

Mobile responsiveness is paramount; it ensures that websites function flawlessly on smartphones and tablets. This is not just about visual appeal but also about functionality, allowing user-centric design to adapt instantaneously to different screen sizes, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

Can you describe the importance of UX in modern website design?

User Experience (UX) is crucial—it dictates how visitors interact with a website. Good UX involves thoughtful layout, intuitive navigation, and fast-loading pages, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable journey through the website, which increases user satisfaction and potentially conversion rates.

What is the impact of SEO on modern website design?

SEO-friendly design ensures that a website not only looks good but is also visible to search engines. From loading speed improvement to using responsive web design, incorporating SEO practices affects how well a site ranks in search results, crucial for attracting more organic traffic.

How does interactive media fit into modern website design?

Interactive media, like CSS animations and interactive infographics, play a crucial role by engaging the user directly, making the experience more dynamic and memorable. They are effective tools in grabbing attention and encouraging visitors to spend more time exploring the site.

Emerging trends include voice user interface integrationaugmented reality experiences, and continued emphasis on personalized user experiences. These trends are set to redefine engagement by making interactions more intuitive and tailored to individual users.

How important is content management in modern web design?

Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Drupal are vital for modern web design. They allow for efficient content updates and management, facilitating scalability and flexibility in content strategy, which is essential for maintaining an up-to-date and effective website.

What are common challenges in modern website design?

Common challenges include maintaining an optimal balance between high-end visuals and website functionality, ensuring cross-platform compatibility, and aligning with constantly evolving SEO norms. Each challenge demands constant learning and adaptation to keep pace with technological advancements.

How does web accessibility factor into modern website design?

Web accessibility is fundamental, ensuring that everyone, regardless of disability, can use the website. Integrating accessibility standards into the design process is not just a legal mandate but a moral one too, broadening your reach and enhancing user inclusivity.


Exploring examples of modern website design has been a journey through a landscape where minimalist design trends meld with interactive elements, and where user-centric design principles rule. We’ve seen how responsive web design not only adapts but enhances user engagement across various devices.

  • Visual hierarchy has been paramount,
  • Typography played a pivotal role,
  • CSS animations added dynamic flares.

As we embrace these evolving trends, remember that integrating SEO-friendly elements and maintaining robust web accessibility standards are not just trends but necessities that cater to a broader audience and improve overall site performance.

This exploration isn’t just a reflection of current styles; it’s a window into future possibilities where user experience and aesthetic innovation continue to drive the digital frontier forward. Keep these examples in mind as you craft and refine your digital spaces to stay relevant and compelling in an ever-competitive market.

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Modern Website Design Examples That Will Inspire You

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