Amazing Examples Of Website Animation You Must See

Dive into our collection of website animation examples to spark creativity and enhance your web design with dynamic, engaging visuals.

Imagine a world where every click ushers a burst of color, each scroll unfolds a tapestry of movement—welcome to the realm of website animation. The true magic lies in the seamless blend of art and functionality, a balance I’ve honed through countless projects. These crafted experiences hold the power to captivate, engage, and even direct the journey of every visitor.

In this landscape, animations emerge not just as aesthetic enhancements but as storytelling dynamos and interactive guides.

This article is a navigation chart through the vibrant waters of website animation examples. You’ll glean insights into how CSS animations, JavaScript libraries, and motion UI can enliven a brand’s digital presence.

By article’s end, anticipate an enriched understanding of how strategic animations enhance user interfaces, boost user experience metrics, and enshroud visitors in the story of your brand—transforming passive viewers into interactive participants of your digital narrative.

Delve into trends, tools, and technologies that are shaping tomorrow’s web experiences, including responsive designs, micro-interactions, and accessibility compliance.

Website Animation Examples

Motion blur portfolio showcase

An animated sliding template that you can edit in Slider Revolution

Animal Animation

“We are a house of creativity” is their greeting, and as you scroll through the website this becomes obvious. Companies such as Mojang display their use of web animation, or you can simply be redirected to the “get to know us’’ page.

The transitions are done with a simple change of the background color.


The animations on this page are caricatures, and scrolling through it reveals what the site offers. By clicking any image from this website design, you’re redirected to one of the services they offer.

Saas product slider

An animated template with neat micro animations that you can edit in Slider Revolution

Marie Webber

The first thing you can see on this site is the simple animation of the company’s logo. No matter which page you decide to go to, this animation will be present, perfectly matching the character of the brand.

Essential Grid

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is esg_generalgif.gif

Essential Grid is hands down the best gallery plugin. If there’s one plugin that would make your website better more than others, it’s this one.

Essential Grid lets you display your images in a gallery format, whether from the WordPress gallery, social media, or elsewhere.

Ultima Gstaad Switzerland

The homepage has CSS animations everywhere, and as you scroll through it, the background color smoothly changes. If you hover over the telephone number or the location tab, another simple animation will appear.

Elevate user experiences with creative animations

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Sabato Studio

This homepage is beautiful, and as you move your mouse, a small circle follows, with some colored dots also appearing. When you hover over any option, an image will appear.

Wonderful Weekends Festival

The website showcases an array of beautiful web animation examples. Every option on the page moves. Once the page loads up, you’ll get a small pop up telling you when an upcoming festival is scheduled.

Cinematic Wildlife Slider

An animated template with neat micro animations that you can edit in Slider Revolution

Hello Today

This animated website is fully interactive. When you first visit, you can click on any part of the page, and an animation will play.

Yuko Higuchi x Gucci

The CSS animations on this page are amazing. You can actually play a puzzle game before you shop for clothes.

Background effect hero collection

An animated slider template with neat animations that you can edit in Slider Revolution


The little arrow that is bouncing on the bottom of the page is really simple and very user-friendly.

We are ZIZO

This animated website from ZIZO is incredible, and appears as a video game. The whole homepage resembles an interactive adventure.

House Of

The purpose of this company is to advertise attractive houses all over the world, and their website reflects this aim, with very smooth web animations.

Pete Nottage

The first thing you’ll see when you visit this animated website for the first time is the Pete Nottage logo, followed by a sea with many buildings on top of it.

Visual Art Forms Slider

An animated slider template with neat animations that you can edit in Slider Revolution

Thibaut Foussard

After the page has finished loading, the developer’s name will appear with circles behind it. You’re prompted to scroll down, where you’ll find even more stunning web animation examples.


The top part of the page has excellent animations, featuring monster-like animals.


This page has some amazing CSS animation examples, including an animated logo when it is loading. As you scroll through the site, you’ll see many different animations, and your mouse will become a dot with a circle around it.

Gucci Mascara Hunt

This page is virtually a 3D game. It is a mix between mini-golf and bowling and the aim is to grab as much mascara as you can. This is an amazing ad campaign.

Coffee shop split screen slider

An animated slider template with neat animations that you can edit in Slider Revolution

Blizzard: Warcraft III Reforged

When the page loads, you’ll notice that there are cutscenes and gameplay in the background. The title of the game is on top of the web animation. This is really nostalgic for all old Warcraft players.

Paolo Fornasier

The page for this Italian musician is interactive, with hover animations almost everywhere. When you hover over anything, it will have a small, subtle animation.

The Digital Panda

On this site, you’ll find a multitude of 3D pandas, after you’ve visited the interesting loading page. There are also some Easter eggs on the mobile version. Lots of cool hover animations on it.


This animation immediately shows the viewer the point of the page. The benefits of the product are made obvious using the animations. What I find neat ar the hover animations from the menu.

Le Studio Digital

This is a compact and simple page after the loading animations finish their job. As you click around and explore the page, you’ll view very attractive and creative hover animations.


The initial view on the page is a beautiful vista of Corfu, Greece. As you scroll, the web page animation is simple and efficient, which fits the whole image of Corfu.


Corebook has built an excellent website design in dark mode. As you scroll down, some excellent website animation effects are revealed. The web designers found a great way to contrast the dark gray heroes on a black page.

Rémi Clauss | Portfolio

Upon loading, the site offers visual animations when you hover your mouse. The site is in French, with really simple and interesting website animations.

Studio Mees

After the page has finished loading, you can simply watch as the website animations slowly pass, and appreciate the page’s purpose.

MA True Cannabis

The page has amazing animations from its inception and throughout the website, which encourage scrolling.

Rogier de Boevé

The animated website greets the visitor with a beautiful animation of a polygon. As you scroll down that polygon transforms into different shapes and colors.

Vedran Badun Adventures

The animations of this website are beautiful. The first image on the homepage is a small clip of a sea, and your mouse even turns to a dot.


The animations on this website are original and memorable, using an excellent color palette. The most interesting animation is the credit card which travels as you scroll through the page.


The use of blue and white throughout this website design is outstanding. As you scroll through the homepage, different texts will pop up and disappear once you scroll up. Such lovely animation techniques.


This website has some unique animations. As you scroll through, the name M PREZ starts to disappear until there’s only M. Then M is followed by different company names, along with some beautiful pictures.


The first thing you see on the page is a very eye-catching, somewhat scary animation. The next animation is a pitch-black hill, found on the bottom.


This is another great site by ULTIMA. As you scroll through, the background changes color, and, as you hover over any picture, it moves slightly. These guys really need to tell us what animation library they’re using.


The website animations of this homepage are simple and very smooth. While you scroll down, different text pops up, allowing the viewer to focus on the text in front, rather than the one under it.

Postcards from Isolation

A cute animation appears once the website loads. A pack of postcards explodes, which are scattered all over the screen. While these are passing, your mouse becomes a compass.

Blu Homes

Blu Homes has a simple homepage with a video playing in the background, which is a recurring theme on the entire website. All the pages have a similar video on the top.

Lucas Perret – Portfolio

This is the very creative portfolio of a web designer, featuring plenty of animations, videos and photos throughout the site.

Gucci Dive

Once the site loads, the site prompts you to play a 3D game. You need to choose a submarine and collect as many coins as you can.


This website appears to be drawn with a pencil on a piece of paper. As you scroll down, the page starts to build itself. When you scroll up again, the animations are reversed, thus the page deconstructs itself.

Myles Nguyen

Myles Nguyen’s website has a simple background in an ageless old-school style. As you scroll through, many intriguing animations appear.

ARTËM | Creative Developer

This is a developer’s website, which opens in pure black, then the user will interact with it to see some really well-made animations.

The Beauty of Brewing

This is a really stunning homepage, with plenty of unique animations, ranging from different backgrounds to buttons and icons and a range of  beautiful images.

Darko Bratina Experience

As you interact with the website, you’ll notice a video playing in the background. The creator also added some text to tell his background story.

Blok Book

This is a beautifully created website. As you scroll down, different text and pictures greet you. There’s an animation on the bottom right that looks like a spinning vinyl.

Bicycle Speed Shop

The bicycle rider animation on the top of the homepage is memorable.


The best feature of this website is that as you scroll, it looks like it glitches. This is a truly amazing animation by the developer.


This website from ULTIMA has the best animations of all of their websites. On the top of the page, there are many pictures from all the different ULTIMA locations. This animation is simple, but effective.


Thermodo’s website is an example of web design excellence. It has a range of different effects including animated backgrounds.

Brain Bakery

This website has a variety of different and amazing animations.


This website has a creative web development team, who have designed a hero for the top of the homepage. He has a smooth and impressive animation when you hover over him.

Build in Amsterdam

You can navigate through the site by just clicking on the arrows on the bottom of it. Once you hover over any picture, you’ll get an interesting text.

Next Level Fairs

This website has many little amusing animations.  The loading page is excellent and when you move your mouse, everything moves around it.

Beyond Beauty

This site is really unique, promoting the idea of discovering the inner beauty of four alluring women, through some amazing and really creative animations.

BASIC Culture Manual

This website is so full of great animations that they need a warning before entry!  There isn’t a single point on this page without an animation.

Dean Bradshaw Photography

All of the pages of this website have many realized animations. Hovering over any photo or any video will produce an intriguing zoom effect.

Because Recollection

Enjoying this website requires a pair of headphones or speakers, and when you have everything connected, be prepared for an amazing website experience.


The initial page abounds with animations, then once you start moving your mouse, a small dot will follow it around. When you scroll down, you’ll find even better animations and some GIFs.

Castor & Pollux

Immediately when you enter this site, you’ll find some really effortless animations, and well-displayed content and a transforming cursor.

Rino & Pelle

Appealing animations are your introduction to this website. As you continue to scroll down, some texts will appear and everything you hover over has a zoom effect.


This is an excellent production from a really good web development team. Scrolling through the website is a joy. There are plenty of different animations, ranging from pictures to texts.

Jon Corbett – Portfolio

You can interact with everything you see on the site. The developer’s choice of colors is very appealing and the animations are slick.


This website features appealing animations, such as the dog on top of the page follows you through the site. While scrolling, it gets closer to you.

Louis Ansa

Louis Ansa is a graphic designer, and his website portfolio is full of beautiful animations.


This website has an interesting cursor effect, and some appealing animations.


The animations are very intriguing, and when you start hovering over different areas and interacting with different parts of the site, you’ll see many more.

ANIME “OBSOLETE” Official Site

The loading page is good on this website with many fluid and appealing animations.

Players Paris

Starting from the top of the page, you’ll observe an abundance of videos playing in the background.


Entry to the website reveals many different animations. Just stay idle and let them all glide through your screen. You can also  interact with lots of buttons.


The website of this creative web studio is beautiful with elegant, and fluid animations. You’ll enjoy interacting and scrolling through the site.

Jesper Landberg

This is a great portfolio of the front-end developer Jesper Landberg. While scrolling through his page and hovering over the pictures, you’ll see some great animations.

Limnia Modular Fine Jewellery

This excellent website has plenty of great animations.

World Champion Amsterdam

Entry to the website reveals some excellent animations, and navigating through it, produces even better animations.


This homepage is very appealing and scrolling down, you’ll notice there’s a really amazing diving animation on the side.


After the page’s finished loading, you’ll experience some very attractive and elegant animations.

Kenta Toshikura

This website contains the portfolio of Kenta Toshikura, a Japanese web designer/ front-end developer. The homepage has some really interactive animations that continue to improve as you navigate.

REBC Multibiz

This interactive website has a multitude of animations.

Design Canada

This website has some amazing, yet simple and fluid animations that are really simple.


Lusion has a beautiful website, with many unique animations, everywhere on the site.

Bruno Simon Portfolio

This is the portfolio of Bruno Simon, a great freelance creative developer. The whole website is an exciting interactive 3D game, in which you navigate a little red SUV.

Victoire Douy – Portfolio

On Victoire Douy’s portfolio, you’re greeted with the quote, “Behind every successful machine, there is a woman”. The animations are very attractive and elegant.


This website’s one page design is excellent, and the very sleek movements bring a deft touch to the website.


This website contains simple but attractive animations. As you scroll down, all the text and photos will appear.


All you need to do on this site is remain seated and let it do its magic. There’s a showreel with animations that automatically goes to the next one in a preset timeframe. This is an interesting example of an animation that enhances the user experience.

Vince Saïsset

As you scroll down, the name of the owner of this portfolio,Vincent Saïsset, passes through your screen.


On this page, you’ll get to see some of the most beautiful pictures from the magazine iFly. The transition is really smooth while scrolling through them.


This website has some stunning GSAP animations. All of his products are really fashionable and his website follows suit.


The first thing you see on this page is a beautiful video in the background. You can click ‘next’ (on the bottom right part of the page) to continue to the next two equally stunning videos.

Humbert & Poyet

After the site’s finished loading, you can simply use your scroll wheel to scroll down. As you do that, you’ll see some amazingly smooth transitions from image to image. This is the kind of animation for websites that you don’t get tired of seeing.


This web page animation keeps you entertained for ages, with its super sleek transitions.


The first thing you observe on the site is an animation of a few skyscrapers. When you scroll down, it’s like you’re changing pages, which is a great effect.

SOS Violence

This more serious, although entertaining, website uses cartoonish animations, to reveal some violent situations and scenarios.


This incredible site has myriads of different and enticing web animation examples all over the whole homepage.

Nomadic Pride

This website requires your speakers to be turned up, for an enhanced user experience. Your cursor turns to a small (sort of) circle, which is interesting.

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FAQs about website animation

What makes for an effective website animation?

Animations should enhance the user’s experience, not detract from it. Effective website animations are fast-loading, unobtrusive, and serve a clear purpose, like guiding attention or providing feedback on user interactions. They fit seamlessly within the site’s aesthetic and contribute to telling the brand’s story engagingly and interactively.

How can I ensure website animations are accessible to all users?

Prioritizing accessibility involves adhering to guidelines that make animations perceivable for users with different abilities. Use CSS to create animations that can be paused or stopped, and avoid animations that could cause seizures. Always provide alternatives for interactions for users who prefer reduced motion.

What tools can I use to create website animations?

Popular tools include Adobe After Effects for complex animations and CSS or JavaScript libraries like GSAP or Anime.js for interactions like hover effects or scroll-triggered animations. For quick, CSS-based animations, tools like Animate.css also offer a range of pre-built effects.

The current trends lean towards subtlety – micro-interactions that provide immediate feedback, such as button animations upon click, or minimalist loaders. Sophisticated SVG animations and parallax scrolling effects are also on the rise, crafting a sense of depth and dynamism in storytelling on the web.

How do website animations impact page load time and performance?

Animations, especially poorly optimized ones, can increase page load times significantly. Ensure performance by optimizing animation assets, using CSS and JavaScript efficiently, and leveraging browser dev tools to test and audit for potential bottlenecks. Always strive for a balance between visual flair and practical efficiency.

What’s the role of website animations in improving user experience?

When integrated thoughtfully, website animations enrich the user experience by providing context, offering visual cues for navigation, and creating engaging feedback. They transform static interfaces into living environments that respond to users, confirming actions and enhancing the overall flow of interaction on the site.

How can I integrate animations into a responsive web design?

Animations in a responsive web design must be flexible and adapt to various screen sizes. Use relative units like percentages for movement and scaling, and media queries to adjust animation parameters. Ensure that animations contribute positively to mobile experiences by being lightweight and touch-friendly.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when adding animations to a website?

Avoid overloading your site with unnecessary animations that can lead to distraction or confusion. Steer clear from animations that clash with the site’s branding or overwhelm the user’s senses. Always test animations across different devices and browsers to ensure consistency and functionality.

How can I measure the effectiveness of website animations?

Monitor user engagement metrics through analytics tools to gauge how animations affect behavior. Look for changes in conversion rates, time on page, or bounce rates. A/B testing different animation styles can also provide insight into what resonates best with your audience.

Can website animations improve SEO?

While animations themselves don’t directly boost SEO, a well-animated site can enhance user engagement, decrease bounce rates, and encourage longer sessions—all of which are positive signals to search engines. Animations should support content readability and be implemented with performance in mind to aid SEO efforts.


Embarking through this digital vista, we’ve encountered a spectrum of website animation examples—from the subtlest of hover effects to an intricate choreography of parallax scrolling. They serve as more than mere decoration; these dynamic elements breathe life into user interfaces, speaking directly to the heart of user engagement.

The journey doesn’t end here; it’s only a beginning. Each curve of SVG, every loop of a CSS keyframe promises a route towards deeper connections with visitors, guiding them through your digital story with the efficacy of an artful guide.

  • Embrace the interactive web design.
  • Infuse your brand’s ethos with animated storytelling.
  • Employ these tools and techniques with a spirit of genuine craftsmanship.

Animated elements are the pulse of modern web aesthetics but serve more profound roles in interactivity and user experience. They are not corners to cut, but corners to smooth, ensuring everyone can navigate and appreciate the tapestry of graphics, text, and motion that define the digital age.

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Amazing Examples Of Website Animation You Must See

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