Reveal AddOn

New effects that will be displayed while preloading and reveal your module when fully loaded.

The Reveal AddOn allows for curtain-like effects.  It also includes 10 new preloader spinners that can be used with or without the main effect.

1. Reveal Type
Choose one of the 14 available animations.  

2. Reveal Color
The main background color for the effect.  

3. Reveal Ease
The easing equation to be used for the animation.

4. Animation Duration
The total time the animation will take place in milliseconds.

5. Animation Delay
An optional delay in milliseconds before the animation starts.

6. Use Overlay
Add an optional colored overlay for the effect that will fade out.

7. Overlay Color
The background color of the overlay if used.

8. Overlay Duration
The total time in milliseconds for the overlay’s fade-out animation.

9. Overlay Delay
An optional delay in milliseconds before the overlay fade-out animation takes place.

10. Spinner
Display one of 10 custom preloading spinners, or choose “Default” to use the Module’s default spinner.

Reveal AddOn

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