Facebook Data Deletion Instructions

Slider Revolution and Essential Grid use Facebook's login functionality to fetch data from your Facebook pages.

Slider Revolution and Essential Grid plugins use Facebook Login to get access to your page(s) data. This data is used to display slider(s) or grid(s). We do not store data you shared with Facebook app on our servers. All data is stored in WordPress database on your server.

We do not create posts , videos or events on your profile timeline or your page(s) timeline.

According to the Facebook Platform rules, we have to provide a User Data Deletion Callback URL or a Data Deletion Instructions URL.

If you want to delete your activities for Slider Revolution or Essential Grid, you can remove your activities by the following instructions:

  • Go to your Facebook account’s “Setting & Privacy” page. Click ”Setting“.
  • Then, go to ”Business Integrations” and you will see all integrations connected to your account.
  • Select the option box for “Slider Revolution Posts“.
  • Click the ”Remove” button.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully removed your activities

If you want to clean up the Facebook data from your WordPress database, you need to delete the item that utilize Facebook data. All connected data will be removed automatically upon item deletion.

Facebook Data Deletion Instructions

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