Flash Screen Issue with the CookieYes Plugin

This article will help you resolve a flash screen issue that might occur due to an incompatibility between the CookieYes plugin and Slider Revolution plugin.

Flash Issue from the CookieYes Plugin

CookieYes is a popular cookie consent plugin for WordPress websites. The plugin enables and shows a cookie acceptance / rejection notification box on your WordPress website.

The plugin is fully compatible with the Slider Revolution WordPress plugin. However some minor issues can still occur even if two or more plugins are fully compatible.

The minor issue in this case is that some of our users are encountering a brief white flash on the screen issue when using Slider Revolution and CookieYes together.

Let’s learn more about the flash issue to find out if it is occurring for you too.

What is the Flash Issue?

The flash issue we’re referring to is a white screen that appears suddenly on a module [?] A module in Slider Revolution acts as a container for slides, which in turn act as containers for layers. Modules are created and edited with the module editor.

A "module" is a single, self contained piece of content. You can think of this as being similar to the way a post or page in regular WordPress is a self contained piece of content.

A module can represent any kind of content Slider Revolution is capable of creating, such as a slider, carousel, hero unit, navigation menu, posts display and so on.

Multiple modules can be combined to form rich content such as complete sites and landing pages.
then quickly changes to normal view.

This flash issue occurs on the front-end of your website where you have a Slider Revolution module added on a page. It could be your homepage or any inner page. If you’re not sure if the flash is related to Slider Revolution you could also experiment with this on a test page with only a slider module its content.

Sometimes the flash can appear so quickly that it isn’t noticed until you look for it. So to help you spot the problem:

  • Go to a page where a module is added.
  • If you are already on such a page, try reloading the page.
  • Wait for the module to play all slides till the end.
  • And look for any sudden white flash.

The issue is minor but annoying, and we have an easy fix for it. You do not have to disable or delete any plugin.

If you’d like you can jump to the solution here, but so we get a better understanding of what we’re working with, let’s learn what cookies and GDPR are all about.

Everything About Cookies

A cookie is a small text file containing some data. What that data is can vary, but is generally used to identify you in some way to give you the best user experience. For example, if you are shopping online, a cookie is used to keep track of all the items that you have in your shopping cart so you don’t have to checkout each item separately.

Cookies are stored in the browser’s cookie folder on a user’s computer. Because cookies are just basic text files they don’t contain any viruses.

Everything About GDPR

GDPR is short for General Data Protection Regulation. This is a data privacy and protection act under the European Union and the European Economic Area.

The sole purpose of this act is to provide control and rights to internet users over their data, to make sure website operators aren’t misusing cookies. Users must be offered the choice to either share their data or deny sharing, and cookie data must not be fetched without a user’s consent. Requesting such consent is the purpose of plugins such as CookieYes.

Now that we have learned about cookies and GDPR, we know that a GDPR cookie consent plugin is important. This is because it will keep you in compliance with GDPR, and it will also reassure your website visitor’s you will only save their data if given permission.

Next, let’s learn how to ensure you have a smooth cookie request process by resolving the flash issue that can occur with the CookieYes plugin.

Resolve the Flash Issue

The flashing screen issue can be resolved from the CookieYes plugin’s settings.

Go to your website dashboard:

Go to the Settings of the CookieYes plugin:

Go to Customize Cookie Bar tab:

Scroll down to the On-Load:

Choose the Animate radio button:

Click on the Update Settings button:

Reload the page with the module to test for the issue.

Still, Experiencing the Flash? Contact Us

If the flash issue still occurring, or you have any queries, feel free to contact our support team via opening a ticket or sending us an email ([email protected])

Flash Screen Issue with the CookieYes Plugin

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