How To Import CodeCanyon Licenses Into Your Dashboard

Our new dashboard allows you to manage your licenses more easily. You also get a 20% discount as a returning customer!

About this guide

In this guide you will learn how to import your existing CodeCanyon licenses of our
Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin or Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin.

This will allow you to receive a 20% discount on any one of our products!

Table of Contents

  • Step 1 A: If you already have an account
  • Step 1 B: If you don’t have an account
  • Step 2: Sign in to Envato API
  • Step 3: Congratulations! Your licenses have been imported
  • Step 4: Redeem your 20% discount offer

Step 1 A:

If you already have a or account

In case you are not already logged into your account, go to here to log in.

Logging into your account will take you straight to your license management dashboard. If you are already logged in click the “Licenses” submenu item under “Account”.

In your license management dashboard, click the “Import All CodeCanyon Licenses” button and proceed to Step 2 of this guide.

Step 1 B:

If you don’t have a or account

Go to this link and click the “Sign In With Envato” button.

Step 2:

Sign in to Envato API

Enter your Envato account login information to allow us to automatically import your “Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin” and “Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin” licenses.

In case you didn’t have a or account yet, this step will automatically create an account for you.

Step 3:

Congratulations! Your licenses have been imported.

After authenticating yourself via the Envato API, your licenses will be imported automatically.

If you didn’t have a or account before, an account has now been created with your Envato email address.

In that case, please make sure to check your email address for instructions on how to change your password. If you can’t find this email, please see here.

Step 4:

Redeem your 20% discount offer

Additionally, after importing your licenses purchased on CodeCanyon, you will receive a one-time use special offer:

“You can purchase any subscription plan or a one-time payment license with a 20% discount in the first year”

Hover over the “Save 20% on any License Plan” area to purchase a product with the discount applied.

How To Import CodeCanyon Licenses Into Your Dashboard

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8 thoughts on “How To Import CodeCanyon Licenses Into Your Dashboard

  1. My slider revolution code is blocked. Earlier my site got crashed. Then i somehow rebuilt it, then I installed slider revolution but license code was not working. then i mailed this issue and in reply to the mail I got the link to deactivate. So i could successfully deactivate. later when i tried to install again the license code isn’t working. Kindly resolve my issue asap.

  2. I am totally confused. I paid $85 for Slider Revolution at Envato today. How do i activate it?
    It seems you want me to pay again?

    1. Hi,

      no extra costs, sorry for whatever created a confusion there!

      Activating licenses must be done via the plugin directly:

      You can additionally import the CodeCanyon license like described in this very article here to see it in our dashboard. No additional costs also.

      Also, seeing that you paid $85 on Envato I would recommend checking out our own shop here for a future purchase (especially with the 20% starter bonus when moving over from Envato).

      Cheers, Dirk @ Slider Revolution

  3. Can´t import the slider license here. Yesterday I bought the Brixton theme for wordpress. Revolution slider was a part of it. However, I cant make it work. Followed all your demos, but it stil says slider name not found. Bought at themeforrest, envato.

    1. Hi,

      thanks for your email and the interest in our plugin. Also sorry to read about your struggles but we can only give support to our customers.

      As you have received the free version of our plugin bundled with a theme, there are two options:

      1. Please contact the theme author for support directly as she/he is responsable for supporting all bundled plugins , same goes for plugin updates

      2. If you need direct support from us or live updates, you can purchase a plugin license at a great price directly from us here:

      The license key you receive will allow you to submit a ticket to our support system where we can look into this for you.

      Also, as a premium member, you will receive the benefits listed here

      Cheers, Dirk @ Slider Revolution

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