How to Unhide a Hidden Register License Key Area

Are you missing the “Register License Key” area from Slider Revolution’s main admin page? This article will help you reveal this hidden area so you can register your plugin and access your premium benefits.

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What is the Register License Key Area?

After purchasing Slider Revolution you can register a license key you have generated from your member dashboard.

Registration unlocks premium benefits that include 200+ ready-to-go templates, 25+ advanced addons, a huge library of videos, photos & icons, as well as direct 1-on-1 support.

The Register License Key area is the part of the main admin area of the Slider Revolution plugin used to register your license key. It can be found by clicking the Activation menu item, which will scroll the page down to the correct location:

Why Can’t I See the “Register License Key” Area?

If your copy of Slider Revolution came bundled with a theme, it’s possible the Register License Key area may have been hidden by the theme author.

The reason theme authors sometimes do this is because they don’t provide license keys for Slider Revolution’s premium features, so they don’t want to create confusion by showing the Register License Key area to customers who may not yet actually have a license key to register.

Instead they show a modified Slider Revolution admin area that looks like this:

Reveal the “Register License Key” Area via a Temporary Theme Switch

In the situation where the Register License Key area is hidden, you can either:

  • Switch your theme to another theme temporarily. This will reveal the Register License Key area so you can register your license key.
  • Or you can contact our support team.

Switch Your Currently Activated Theme

Switching a theme does not break a website or theme, it only disables the theme’s styling until the theme is re-activated.

Note: As a precaution, we recommend creating a backup of your site before switch your theme to another theme.

Let’s learn how to switch a theme.

Step 1. Go to the WordPress dashboard:

Step 2. Go to Appearance tab > Themes:

Step 3. Activate any default theme made by WordPress (e.g: the Twenty Twenty-One theme):

Register Your License Key

Step 1. Go to the main Slider Revolution plugin area:

Step 2. Scroll down to the Register License Key area, which should now be visible:

Step 3. Input your license key, then click the Register this License Key button:

Step 4. If you cannot find your key, click on the Find My Key button:

Step 5. Congrats! Your license key is now registered:

Reactivate Your Theme

Step 1. Go back to Appearance tab > Themes:

Step 2. Re-activate the theme of your choice:

Note: In some cases switching a theme either deactivates the bundled Slider Revolution plugin or doesn’t reveal the registration area. If this is the case for you, contact our support via support ticket or email ([email protected]) for further assistance.

Purchase More Licenses at a Discounted Price

If the Slider Revolution plugin installed on your website came packaged with a theme and you have not yet purchased a stand-alone license, or if you need more licenses for your other websites, we have several pricing options available so you can choose what fits your budget and needs.

We are also frequently offering discounts, sometimes up to 20%.

Contact our live chat support from the bottom-right corner of the page to ask for a current discount promotion code:

How to Unhide a Hidden Register License Key Area

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