Quick Setup – Slider Revolution

Hi, thanks for purchasing Slider Revolution, and welcome! Let's get you setup and ready to go with your new plugin.

Quick Setup - Slider Revolution

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Purchased A License On CodeCanyon?

Please find our quick setup guide in this post.

Step 1: Download

After purchasing Slider Revolution go ahead and log into your member dashboard at: https://account.sliderrevolution.com/

Once logged in, the first thing you’ll want to do is download a copy of your plugin. To do that, click the purple Download button on the right end of the Slider Revolution bar:

Download button, located on the right end of the plan bar

You’ll be prompted to download a zip file that contains the Slider Revolution plugin. Go ahead and save that zip file somewhere easy to find on your computer.

Download the zip file containing your new plugin

Step 2: Install & Activate

The next step is to install Slider Revolution into your WordPress site.

Head to your WordPress site’s admin area and in the left sidebar go to Plugins > Add New:

Start the process of adding a new plugin

Click Upload Plugin:

Specify you want to upload a plugin

Then click the Browse or Choose File button:

Browse for your plugin zip file

In the file browser dialogue box select the zip file you just downloaded:

Select the zip file you just downloaded

Click Install Now and the plugin will be automatically installed:

Commence the installation process

When the installation is complete, click the Activate Plugin button that appears:

Activate the plugin

Next up, register your plugin to make sure you’re accessing all the premium features included with your Slider Revolution purchase.

Step 3: Register Your Plugin

Back in your member dashboard, expand the subscription plan bar for Slider Revolution. You’ll need a keycode, which you can see in the fields on the left of the plan bar:

Plugin keycodes to enable access to premium features

If you don’t have a keycode free you can click the purple Generate Key button at the bottom of the plan bar to generate a new one:

Button to generate a new key

You’ll now need to copy one of your keycodes, ready to paste into your WordPress admin area. To do this click the copy icon to the right of the keycode you want to use:

Copy a keycode

Return to your WordPress site and in the sidebar menu click Slider Revolution to go into the plugin’s admin area:

Go to Slider Revolution admin area

Once you’re in the Slider Revolution admin area, locate and click the Activation link on its top bar:

Click the Activation link in the top bar

This will scroll you down a little ways to the registration area. Paste your keycode into the field you see there, then click the Register This Code button:

Register your keycode

You’ll see the green Registered mark appear, and you now have access to all your templates, elements, addons and more.

Plugin is now registered and premium features activated

Step 4: Completing the Process

Go back to your member dashboard one last time, click the refresh icon corresponding to the key you just used, and you should see your site’s domain appear along with a blue check-mark:

Refresh your dashboard to show the domains on which keys are used

You can use each key on one live site, and one localhost environment for staging purposes.

Step 5: Ready to Go

You’re now all set to start creating amazing content with Slider Revolution.

To get started, we recommend you take a look at our Help Center. We have extensive docs, tutorials and lots of other learning material there to get you off and running fast.

Thanks again for purchasing Slider Revolution, and have fun building beautiful websites!

Quick Setup – Slider Revolution

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