Why Are We Dropping Twitter API Integration?

Twitter has introduced a new pricing structure for its API access. The basic tier, aimed at "hobbyists or students," is available for $100 a month. However, for developers requiring more extensive access to data, the enterprise tier is necessary, which is to be priced at a staggering $42,000 per month​​. All this would be your personal costs for displaying Tweets on your website.

Why has Slider Revolution decided to discontinue Twitter feed integration?

The decision to discontinue Twitter feed integration in Slider Revolution comes in light of Twitter’s new API pricing structure, which significantly increases the costs for users wishing to integrate Twitter feeds into their websites.

Twitter has delineated its API access into several tiers, including a basic level costing $100 per month for limited access, and an enterprise level starting at $42,000 per month​​​​.

Given these changes, users themselves would need to purchase at least a basic tier subscription directly from Twitter to maintain feed integration, imposing a substantial and possibly unsustainable financial burden on our user base.

Where can I find more information or get support?

A: For further information and support, please visit our Help Center. Our dedicated team is available to answer your questions, assist with navigating these changes, and help you leverage the wide array of features Slider Revolution offers to keep your websites engaging and current.

We understand the value that Twitter feed integration has provided to our users and did not make this decision lightly. Our top priority remains to offer high-quality, accessible solutions for our community.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support as we adapt to these external changes.

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Why Are We Dropping Twitter API Integration?

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