Why was my Slider Revolution license deactivated?

Did you get a message in your Slider Revolution admin, saying that your license has been deactivated? No worries! This article will guide you through what is going on and how to resolve it.

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What happens if my Slider Revolution license is deactivated?

You will no longer have access to Slider Revolution Premium features on the website where this license key was registered.

Premium features include:
Template library, object library, add-ons, ticket support, and updates.

Your installed Premium templates and addons will also stop working and will no longer display on your website.

What are the reasons for a license to be deactivated?

1. You manually deregistered your license key

It’s possible to do so in the Slider Revolution WordPress admin area or your license management dashboard.
This will cause the license to be deactivated on the corresponding website.

2. You deregistered/registered your license key too many times in a short time

This can cause your license key to get locked. Learn how to unlock it here.
Each license key can be used to unlock all Premium features on ONE domain plus staging sites and localhost environments.

3. You manually cancelled your subscription

This can be done in the license management dashboard.
If the remaining subscription time ran out without the subscription being manually renewed, it will be paused (and the license deactivated).

4. For subscriptions: Your payment method failed

We will inform you about your automatic license renewal 7 days and 2 days before it takes place, to give you time to update your payment method or cancel your subscription.

If the saved payment method fails after 3 retries (3, 5, and 7 days after your license renewal date), this subscription will be paused (and the license deactivated).

How to renew my deactivated Slider Revolution license?

You can find an easy step-by-step guide on how to update your payment method and how to renew your Slider Revolution license here.

Why was my Slider Revolution license deactivated?

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2 thoughts on “Why was my Slider Revolution license deactivated?

  1. I purchased Slider Revolution but never used it. I was trying to use it today on my website so I tried to activate it and was told it has already been used for a website. I only manage one website. I don’t know how to get it back again. I downloaded it and when I tried to install it, I was told that I am missing a slider text file. I can give you my purchase code if you need it.

    1. Hello,

      thanks for contacting us! Your request requires one of our support agents to have a closer look.

      In order to give our clients the best support possible, we are having a support ticket system reachable via the link below.

      Please use it for your upcoming questions concerning one of our products. This will guarantee the fastest answer possible. Support requests here cannot be answered unfortunately. Thank you!

      Please use our ticket systems over at:

      https://support.sliderrevolution.com or [email protected]

      Cheers Dirk @ Slider Revolution

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