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Use them to enhance any WordPress website.


Design Wow-Inducing Content Sections

Want to nail that first impression on the home page?
How about getting more eyes on your portfolio?
Or perhaps you want to give your new product some room to shine?

From cool sliders to unexpected animations and everything in between, you can easily design eye-catching sections for every inch of your website.

Give Dynamic Content an Extra Oomph

You can customize our free Slider Revolution templates with any kind of content you want — background colors, images, videos, and more.

You can also import up-to-the-minute content from other sources, like your YouTube channel, Facebook stream, Instagram feed, or your WooCommerce inventory.



Build One-Page Websites — FAST

There’s no doubt that Slider Revolution is complementary and symbiotic in a way that it will enhance any website.

That said, you can use our templates to build out more than just one-off sections. You can also use one of our website slider templates or mix-and-match section templates to create the one-page website of your dreams.

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Exceptional Reviews that Resonate

Chris Beveridge 🎨
Great effects and a lot of inspiration
I often use Slider Revolution for customer projects where I want to achieve special optical effects that I could not achieve with any other program I know or only with a lot of programming effort. The many templates keep bringing me new ideas. Andy Brandon 👍
No hesitation in recommending Slider Revolution
Its easy to use and converts visits into sales. They are always updating and there are a wealth of templates to choose from. Thank you Themepunch!
Ronny Schlichter 💥
The best dynamic website creator tool out there
Silder Revolution is exactly that: A Revolution! [...]
I just learned about this last week, and I WISH i learned about it sooner. An immense library of refined templates to choose from is included. Inspirational. It Revolutionized the services I can offer my clients going forward. Thank you Themepunch!
Einstein Mail 🚀
Design much more and much better
I've actually been working with Slider Revolution on and off for several years now, but have never used it as a Pro version, only free. However, now that I have installed the slider as a Pro version and built it into the header area of the page, I am able to not only easily change and customize each slide, but also design much more and much better on top of that.
Gerhard Jager 🛡️
Slider Revolution has been an awesome addition to my design arsenal
I've enjoyed Slider Revolution. It allowed me to take my design capabilities to a greater level, so I'm beyond satisfied and my client is as well. Tim Williams
Great effects and a lot of inspiration
I often use Slider Revolution for customer projects where I want to achieve special optical effects that I could not achieve with any other program I know or only with a lot of programming effort. The many templates keep bringing me new ideas.

What’s In It For

Everything you need to take your website to the
next level.

Pain-Free Template Customization

Our template editor makes it super easy to edit text, change graphics, and even customize the special effects in your slider.

Fully Responsive Designs

Our templates are 100% optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile, so every visitor gets to experience your awe-inducing website.

Unique and Creative Animations

Most of our slider templates are designed with memorable special effects that your visitors won’t see on other websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions we get about our templates:

Nope. Once you buy the Slider Revolution license, you get instant access to all of the templates!

Slider Revolution is compatible with all WordPress themes. The same is true for WordPress’s most popular and powerful plugins — like WooCommerce.

Slider Revolution is the perfect complement to whatever it is you want to build.

If you add animations to your website, it’ll definitely have some impact on how quickly your page loads. However, we understand the importance of having a fast website.

Our website optimization guide will show you how to make your websites load faster, even when you use animation.

Absolutely not! You shouldn’t have to learn how to code or to use professional design software in order to create an impressive website. We designed our template editor so that everyone could use it.

What’s more, adding a Slider Revolution design to your site requires no technical skills. Simply use your WordPress block editor, the Slider Revolution shortcode, or a custom block available through major themes to add your new design to the page!

If you ever get stuck while using the Slider Revolution plugin or with one of the templates, simply visit our Help Center.

If you can’t find a common solution to your problem, send a ticket to Customer Support.

Congratulations! You can get your Slider Revolution plugin license here.

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