Chef’s Knife The curved blade of a chef knife allows it rock back and forwards on a chopping board, which makes it the perfect tool for chopping and dicing lots of vegetables at once. learn more Bread Knife Bread knives are used for cutting bread and are one of many kitchen knives used by cooks. The serrated blades of bread knives are able to cut soft bread without crushing it. learn more Cleaver A cleaver is a large knife largely used as a kitchen or butcher knife and is mostly intended for splitting up large pieces of soft bones and slashing through thick pieces of meat. learn more Boning Knife A boning knife is a type of kitchen knife with a sharp point and a narrow blade. It is used in food preparation for removing the bones of poultry, meat, and fish learn more Made with Slider Revolution prev 0{{current_slide_index}} / 0{{total_slide_count}} next Bread Knife Chef's Knife Boning Knife Cleaver