The fundamentals of using Slider Revolution.

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The Module Editor: 4 Sections

Slider Revolution's module editor has four main sections. Let's take a quick glance at what they are.

In this part of our Closer Look section we’re going to get into a breakdown of Slider Revolution’s all important tool: the Module Editor.

We’ll be looking at each of the four main sections of the editor, so to give you some context before we jump in let’s start with a quick image showing where they all are in the interface:

  • Canvas (1)
  • Timeline (2)
  • Sidebar (3)
  • Top Toolbar (4)
1. Canvas, 2. Timeline, 3. Sidebar, 4. Top Toolbar.

Okay, now that you have your bearings, let’s take a closer look at The Canvas: Slider Revolution’s Drag & Drop Visual Workspace.

The Module Editor: 4 Sections