Awesome Bootstrap Carousel Templates for Any Web Designer

Using a bootstrap carousel slide is a great way to grab the attention of website visitors.

Using a Bootstrap carousel slide is a great way to grab the attention of website visitors.

There are many auto-rotating and manually controlled carousel designs available. But, a smart carousel example combines these two elements.

Proper carousel control is important. If a carousel slide has random transition effects, visitors may view it as an ad banner and ignore it.

Similarly, if a carousel slide moves too fast the items and images won’t keep a visitor’s attention.

Each data slide can display a different carousel item. This makes it ideal for getting visitors to focus on:

  • Portfolio items
  • Products
  • Testimonials
  • Any other carousel item on the site

Some web designers don’t like carousels. But used well, Bootstrap carousels can help convert website traffic into actual customers.

So, here is a list of Bootstrap carousel template examples designers can use.

This is a pack of 3 sliders and carousels for WooCommerce. Just pick product categories and the sliders will automatically populate with your WooCommerce products.

Slider like Yahoo Weather App

Author: Chris Coyier

The transition effects of this carousel are fluid. To achieve this the creator used both the CSS and JavaScript framework to build the carousel.

Another advantage is this template’s compact size. It can fit on any part of a website.

Author: Wisnu ST

Here is a great carousel with ‘FadeIn-FadeOut’ effects.

Author: Alfred Kolowrat

This neat carousel uses tiny flat controls to bring images to the center stage.

This carousel has two primary transitions, fade-in and fade-out. These effects add to the aesthetic of the carousel.

Author: Dobladov

This Bootstrap carousel example is modern and visually appealing on all device types (desktop, mobile, etc.). Users can move from the first to the second slide by swiping.

Author: Andrea Rufo

This Bootstrap carousel comes with swipe and touch gestures. This helps with carousel control on mobile devices.

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Author: Roland Warmerdam

This image-free carousel slider uses a subtle fade transition to improve the presentation. It is clean and is customizable to suit the designer’s needs.

Author: Matthew Hirsch

This is a simple Bootstrap carousel that is great for typography-based applications.

React Slider w/ Hover Effect

Author: Ryan Mulligan

This Bootstrap carousel template is great for all types of web design projects. It gives the designer space for all elements, images, or slides.

This means one can add:

  • Call to action buttons
  • Texts
  • Photos and more

With only a few adjustments to the code, it is easy for designers to use this template in their projects.

Author: Dan Stuart

Designers can use this carousel for a variety of website build projects.

Author: Danko

With this Bootstrap carousel, each data slide changes automatically. This means that users will not need to switch them.

Author: Maurice Melchers

This carousel is a great way to iterate through multiple items in one slide in bootstrap 3.3.x

Slider transitions

Author: Mirko Zoric

Slider transitions is a split-screen-style Bootstrap carousel that uses vertical movements. This adds life to each data slide.

This carousel supports most types of input options.

Author: Emran Khan

This carousel is usable for all types of websites.

Author: Paul Braam

This responsive Bootstrap carousel slider is fast to set up and with no coding needed.

Author: W.D.M.Group

Three unique data slides come with this carousel. The design is simple, intuitive, and unique.

Flickity – layered parallax, jQuery

Author: Dave DeSandro

Dave DeSandro’s carousel lets one experience the parallax effect via different colored boxes. By using this design as a base, designers can create a custom carousel.

Author: adobewordpress

This bootstrap carousel template is great for all types of web design projects.

Author: Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh’s Bootstrap carousel stands out from others because he included 4 items in each of his slides. This makes each slide suitable to display multiple carousel items at once.

Author: Morten Brunbjerg Bech

A great bootstrap template that is usable for all web projects.

Author: Olivier Pascal

The pure CSS Carousel template has four different elegant labels. This bootstrap carousel example comes with an attractive split-screen design.

Author: Grandvincent Marion

This is great for displaying client/partner logos on a website’s homepage or app. This design is a good example of an auto-rotating Bootstrap Carousel.

Author: Danil Goncharenko

This bootstrap carousel slide is popular with businesses that offer chat support services to clients. Users can edit the code to alter each data slide as they please.

Author: FrankieDoodie

Frankie Doodie gave this carousel a slideshow component for cycling a series of content. This example was built with CSS 3D transforms and JavaScript.

It includes support for previous/next controls and indicators. It also works with a series of:

  • Images
  • Texts
  • Custom markups

Author: Grzegorz Agacinski

Grzegorz Agacinski’s carousel is simple but creative. It gives a unique feel to any website and allows users to add text and images on each carousel slide.

Author: Edgar Lnx

Edgar Lnx’s Bootstrap 4 Carousel template is like his last version. In this design, users can set a beautiful image and text in each of the slides.

A Pen by Sittiporn Yomsin

Author: Sittiporn Yomsin

This carousel is ideal for showcasing blog posts, the latest products, and more. It includes call-to-action buttons that direct visitors to corresponding pages.

GSAP slider

Author: Goran Vrban

Use this carousel to showcase carousel items, such as text and images.

Each data slide grabs attention with a glimpse of the upcoming slide. For example, while on the first slide visitors see a preview of the second slide at the edge of the screen.

Then the second slide displays a preview of the third slide and so forth. Each respective slide shows a preview of the next.

Thanks to the GSAP framework, the transitions from slide to slide are silky smooth.

Author: Matt Lambert

This great bootstrap carousel doesn’t overwhelm viewers with excessive content and controls. It allows photos on a data slide to temporarily occupy all of the screen.

It then returns to normal at the user’s prompting. This feature helps users to zoom in on special parts of your images.

Author: Misaki Nakano

The execution of this bootstrap carousel makes the double exposure effort so real.

The transitions of the photos in the double exposure are perfectly timed. This causes the user to feel the two different images as the data slide moves.

Author: Yair Even Or

This carousel example has navigation arrows at both ends. Designers can add interactions to the arrows for better carousel control.

Users add both landscape and portrait photos as a div class carousel item.

Not everyone likes to use carousels, but they’re a nice touch on any Bootstrap website. But, bootstrap carousels can help convert a website’s visitors into paying customers.

This list of bootstrap carousels covers all types of web building projects. So go ahead and use these carousels to help get your website noticed.

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Awesome Bootstrap Carousel Templates for Any Web Designer

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