Great Bootstrap Timeline Examples To Use In Your Projects

Due to social media apps like Twitter, bootstrap timeline templates have become a popular trend. Bootstrap timeline templates are also useful for browsers and websites.

Due to social media apps like Twitter, Bootstrap timeline templates have become a popular trend. Timelines are also useful for browsers and websites.

In web design, a timeline is a great tool to use to chronologically showcase or introduce:

  1. Events
  2. Experiences
  3. Portfolios
  4. Journals
  5. Climate histories
  6. News gateways
  7. Product or organizational histories
  8. Ventures
  9. Significant dates or achievements and more.

Bootstrap Timeline Examples

Here is a collection of Bootstrap timeline examples. What makes each example unique is the creative approach taken by its designer. As you delve into this article you will realize that these templates are simple and easy to use. Most of them have a 4/5-page structure and standard information hierarchy. Such as:

  • Portfolios
  • Contacts
  • Bios
  • And services

Horizontal Bootstrap Timelines

Winery Timeline Slider

Horizontal & vertical Bootstrap timeline

Author: Rich

This horizontal timeline design has none of the fancy animation effects that one may expect. It is a simple timeline for any project type.

responsive timeline

Author: Clay Larson

This is a full-page, horizontal Bootstrap timeline. It is responsive, so users can click the timeline items to see the related information. Since this is a full-page design the related content displays at the bottom of the screen.


Author: Clin Brown

Here is a useful design for building an experience timeline. This timeline does not have responsive animation effects, but you can add your custom animation effects.

Bootstrap Timeline

Author: Rafael Acevedo

An expandable horizontal Bootstrap demo.

Responsive horizontal timeline using Slick 1.9.0 / Bootstrap 4.5.2

Author: David

This horizontal bootstrap 4 timeline design is made with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It has clickable buttons at the left and right for moving from content container to container.

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Vertical Bootstrap Timelines

Bootstrap snippet. bs4 event timeline

Author: Dey Dey

A vertical Bootstrap design for displaying sports fixtures and other events.

responsive timeline

Author: Mohamed Hassn

A vertical Wedding and marriage timeline.

Sortable Timeline

Author: Raul Hernandez

This demo is useful as an event timeline. Videos, links, and more can be placed displayed in the boxes. Simply, drag and drop each object into the timeline.

Bootstrap Timeline

Author: Jason Davis

Similar to Beetul’s vertical design this template was built with CSS and HTML.

Bootstrap – Timeline

Author: Ajay Patel

Here is a timeline option with a lovely header background color. This option was built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

BS4 timeline

Author: mylastof

A vertical left to right timeline demo.

Bootstrap 4 Basic timeline for users without avatar

Author: BBBootstrap Team

A great design for a news feed or experience timeline. Click the above header link to view snippets of the HTML and CSS div class container codes used to build this template.

Bootstrap Timeline

Author: LEON

A great bootstrap 4 timeline design for social apps and websites.

Simple Vertical timeline

Author: mylastof

This is a great vertical demo for a news feed timeline.

Bootstrap snippet. colored timeline

Author: Dey Dey

Here is a great design for product or social media timelines.

Simple Timeline

Author: Pro Pantos

A simple but awesome Bootstrap 4 timeline design. This demo comes with two, neatly designed vertical layouts. Each layout works great for business and event timelines.

Timeline with accordion collapse

Author: Alpesh Panchal

Here is a great example of an interactive Bootstrap timeline. When the user clicks on each menu item, content is displayed with a collapsing motion.

Responsive Bootstrap 3 Timeline

Author: MrPirrera

The Responsive Timeline was built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It is easy to use and can be used for a variety of projects.

Vertical Timeline

Author: Shahidul Islam Majumder

This is a vertical Bootstrap timeline by Shahidul Islam Majumder. This is a great design for making an event timeline. Each event is displayed inside a card-like structure attached to a vertical line.

Bootstrap snippet. bs4 timeline widget

Author: Dey Dey

This design is useful for social media feeds and tags. Posted content appears to the left and right of a vertical line.

Simple Timeline

Author: John Brown

A simple CSS timeline built using the Bootstrap framework.

Free Code Camp: Tribute page

Author: Dave Harned

A great demo for tributes and mapping lifetime achievements. The default text is a tribute to programming pioneer, Grace Hopper.

Bootstrap timeline

Author: Petr Kejda

A great Bootstrap timeline built with CSS and HTML scripts.

Bootstrap Timeline

Author: Heru Prast

This snippet features a simple vertical design.

Bootstrap Responsive Timeline

Author: Kathy Szczesny

Links and other resources can be displayed in this vertical option.

Bootstrap snippet. bs4 timeline color row

Author: Dey Dey

This is a great option for a milestone, administrative, or user business timeline. The base code does not include JavaScript.


Author: Zed Dash

With a black background color, the design of this timeline is smooth.

Vertical Timeline

Author: Alessio Pisanu

Here is a simple vertical timeline option for a website design project. It does not include a lot of animation. The setup is great for product releases and counting down events.

Bootstrap timeline

Author: Repkit

This is a responsive Bootstrap 4 timeline template similar to Facebook. Built with HTML and CSS, it includes no Javascript code. The background color within the CSS code is set to transparent.

Bootstrap Timeline

Author: Ron Fields

This Bootstrap 4 timeline is great for mapping a user-business timeline or service delivery timeline.

Super Simple Bootstrap Responsive Timeline

Author: Jennifer Perrin

This option is a responsive timeline, built with Bootstrap’s CSS and HTML scripts.

Bootstrap Timeline

Author: Sheru

This Bootstrap 4 timeline has a date and time structure along a vertical line.

Bootstrap snippet. bs4 timeline

Author: Dey Dey

A Bootstrap 4 timeline demo with an attractive social media-style design.

Bootstrap – Timeline

Author: Christopher Moura

 A vertical timeline with a beautiful header background color. It is designed with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Responsive Bootstrap 3 Timeline

Author: Sinan

A user-friendly timeline with JackInTheBox and Animate.css.

Bootstrap Timeline with JS Editor – IN PROGRESS

Author: Ignacio Long

A vertical timeline demo with customizable CSS and HTML codes.

Bootstrap snippet. simple horizontal timeline

Author: Dey Dey

This free snippet was designed to help developers and web designers build apps and websites faster.


Author: Daniel Kist

This snippet has a great design for businesses that want to create an internal company feed for employed to track projects.

Bootstrap Timeline

Author: Shahab Lashkari

A simple vertical timeline using Bootstrap and Sass.

Bootstrap 4 user business timeline with time

Author: Ask SNB

A minimalistic vertical design, suitable for mobile apps.

Bootstrap Timeline

Author: Georg Rothweiler

Georg Rothweiler’s snippet is a vertical Bootstrap demo.

Vertical Timeline Bootstrap

Author: Ludo Boa

This snippet allows you to add icons to your timeline. Your content is displayed in the boxes provided.

Bootstrap snippet. timeline events

Author: Dey Dey

This Bootstrap 4 timeline has a simple vertical design with an attractive lavender background color.

Responsive Bootstrap Timeline

Author: Emil Devantie Brockdorff

This Bootstrap 4 timeline demo was built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Trancking result timeline

Author: codesoftlab

This option is useful for companies that need an effective tracking system.

finesa de tiempo

Author: Samir Batences

This Bootstrap demo is great for displaying links and other resources.

Responsive Bootstrap Timeline

Author: Chris B

A responsive vertical timeline built using Bootstrap 3.3.6.

Bootstrap timeline

Author: Illnino

A vertical Bootstrap design with attractive green highlights along the border of each container.

Timeline Scroll

Author: anmolv886

This Bootstrap demo was built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It has none of the simple animation effects visible in other options.


Author: Bruno Rodrigues

This timeline’s creator uses parchment activity for the substance squares. As the user scrolls down the site page, related content slides in from the sides.

Bootstrap snippet. bs4 my experience timeline

Author: Dey Dey

This is a vertical animated option.

Multi-Position Bootstrap Timelines

Timeline [bootstrap 4]

Author: DariyGRAY

With 12 different demo styles to choose from your clients will have the freedom to select their preferred timeline style. The demos are beautiful and customizable.

Horizontal & vertical Bootstrap timeline

Author: W.D.M.Group

This option comes with 2 demos. Both templates can be used to create a product and user business timeline.

Timeline Using CSS

Author: Siddharth Panchal

This option comes with 12 different timeline snippets. Each can be used for a variety of project applications.

Ending thoughts on these Bootstrap timelines

You may be able to code your timeline from scratch. However, to shorten your software delivery time, grab a free pre-built bootstrap timeline from this list.

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Great Bootstrap Timeline Examples To Use In Your Projects

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