Easy to Customize Coming Soon Website Templates

Build anticipation with these examples of coming soon website templates. Ideal for launching new sites or products with style and intrigue!

Imagine the buzz. You’re launching something fresh and need the world peeking through the digital keyhole, breath bated. Examples of coming soon website templates are your secret handshake to hype.

In the palpable hush before the grand reveal, such templates are your online drumroll. They’re not just placeholders; they dance the fine line between veil and vignette.

Dive in here and you’ll unveil how to craft a pre-launch landing page—one that walks the tightrope between teasing and telling. Through countdowns, animations, and sneaky sign-up forms woven into responsive designs, we master the art of building anticipation while keeping potential suitors hooked.

By article’s end? You’ll navigate the digital debut space like a seasoned maestro. Expect to absorb the genius behind coming soon pages that are more than temporary homepages—they’re launchpads awaiting liftoff.

And the cherry on top? Each template is a cocktail—part tech, part poetry. Let’s decode this art together.

Coming Soon Website Templates To Check Out

Coming Soon Add-On Hero

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The Slider Revolution template incorporates the latest Coming Soon & Maintenance Add-On for WordPress.

Launching Soon Countdown

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Kounter boasts its versatile and elegant coming soon website templates. HTML5 and CSS3 markup ensures an exquisite look and layout. The site is fully responsive with just a few clicks, whether you use a PC, tablet or mobile. With smooth animation effect, the Google fonts, retina ready display, and SEO make Kounter an appealing coming soon website template.


Pinak is a creative, multipurpose Coming Soon HTML template with many features, variations, and demos. It features a full screen one-page layout, making it suitable for categories such as coming soon, maintenance, product launch, app launch, business, agency, hotel, restaurant, personal, corporate, gym, minimal site, and info site.

The template comes with a long list of features, including a fully functional Ajax form, Google map widget, various background slideshow effects, HTML video, YouTube background, countdown clock, and much more.


NC Hold Coming Soon Page is an elegant, versatile, and multipurpose HTML template designed to help you create excitement for your upcoming ideas. With 30+ demos, 4+ layouts, and many more features, the NC Hold Coming Soon Page offers many options, with additional demos and features waiting in the queue. This template is an excellent choice for creating an engaging and professional Coming Soon page for your next project.

Minimal Coming Soon

The Minimal Coming Soon site template catches your visitor’s attention and informs them about your upcoming project while allowing them to subscribe to your mailing list for updates. In addition to the five color schemes, you have the option to set any image as the background for your site, ensuring that your Coming Soon page matches your brand’s aesthetic.


Welcome to MUMM, an innovative Coming Soon website template with a unique scroll feature, which is fully functional on all modern browsers and older ones. Built with Bootstrap 3.2.0, HTML5 (verified 100% by the W3C), and CSS3, MUMM offers a modern and sleek design for your upcoming project. The template uses a contact form that enables visitors to contact you. A Help file makes it easy to troubleshoot errors. MUMM works seamlessly on touch devices like mobile phones and tablets, ensuring a smooth user experience across various platforms.

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With elegant fonts, smooth section transitions, and a unique layout, Imbue offers everything you need to showcase your brand, new product, portfolio, or story with style and ease. The template comes with three color skins and 20 ready-to-use demo variations, allowing you to choose the best one for your business. It provides four excellent home screen variations, including split and full screen options, and three helpful content sections for various purposes, such as landing pages, portfolios, new product presentations, or brand launches.


You will enjoy SAPHIR’s fully flexible and customizable templates. Designed with your audience in mind, SAPHIR aims to grab their attention and give them a taste of what they can expect from your site, project, or brand. The template offers a range of fresh, modern designs, including slideshow, distortion, constellation images, dynamic liquid or bubble effects, and abstract animated backgrounds. Built with Bootstrap 4 and coming with Font Awesome 5, SAPHIR is easily customizable in seconds.


Zoon is a unique coming soon and under construction HTML template designed to help you retain your customers while you rebuild your website. It offers 24 excellent layout variations, including a nice countdown timer with RTL support. Zoon is versatile, clean, and elegant, making it suitable for creative people, agencies, e-commerce businesses, corporations, and portfolios.

Complete integration with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or PHP Mail for newsletter subscriptions and contact forms in the Zoon template, making it easy to deploy.


LEGEND is a creative and professional Coming Soon HTML template. The template comes with 20 pre-made variants, including YouTube, Slideshow, Flat Surface Shader, Clouds, and Stars. It is fully responsive and includes a working newsletter form with Mailchimp integration and two other methods (file storing or direct email). They built it using the Bootstrap 3 framework. LEGEND responds to all screen sizes and is easy to customize.


Oli coming soon HTML template is proud to offer 15+ background styles. You can even pick four home styles including text, text slider, countdown, and minimal. With integrated Ajax Subscription form, as well as availability of Mailchimp, Oli ensures visitors can contact you. Oli boasts responsive design and Bootstrap 4.5.2 compatibility, and their Coming Soon HTML template includes three different button styles, offering options for customizing the call-to-action buttons on the page.


Gravity is an innovative, versatile, and premium Coming Soon or Under Construction HTML template that is based on the Bootstrap framework. This template focuses on innovative and human-centered design, aiming to bring full attention to your brand and content. The outstanding and customizable theme allows you to create a visually appealing page for nearly any occasion.


If you like a clean and minimalist design, Klif responsive coming soon template is an excellent choice. This versatile website template offers three different page styles: static background, slideshow background, and video background, providing various visual options to suit your preferences best. Additional features include full-screen backgrounds, video backgrounds, an Ajax PHP contact form, and an Ajax subscribe form, ensuring that your website offers visitors a comprehensive and engaging experience.


Lana is a versatile website template designed to cater to various types of websites, professional or personal. The designers meticulously crafted this template.  It offers a wide range of features for beginners to customize their website easily. Lana has forty HTML files and seventeen unique backgrounds, and offers countless design options.

Powered by Bootstrap, Lana ensures a stable and smooth experience while browsing your website. To enhance user interaction, the template includes MailChimp integration, a contact form, and a subscription form as part of the package. With such comprehensive features and customizable options, Lana is an excellent choice for creating a functional and visually appealing website.


If you are looking for a Coming Soon template that is modern, professional and versatile using HTML5, then look for Twist. Powered by the latest Bootstrap 3.3 framework, this template will fit your needs with their ten variations. Your visitor can subscribe to you via a Mailchimp subscription form. Users can seamlessly contact you using Ajax contact forms. With Font Awesome icons, Twist is suitable for any creative agency.


PHLY is a fully flexible, customizable, and responsive Coming Soon template designed to boost your next project. It is a versatile template packed with stunning designs and variants and is ready to be adapted to any project. Built with your audience in mind, PHLY grabs their attention and gives them an enticing taste of what to expect from your site, project, or brand. Key features include modern designs ranging from monochrome cityscapes, corporate or agency-style images, dynamic liquid or bubble effects, and abstract, animated backgrounds.


TICTOC is a clean, elegant, responsive, and animated countdown coming soon template, designed and coded for under construction or coming soon websites. It has six premade templates, including Flat Colors, Background Image Slider, Single Background Image, Background Pattern, and Background Video.


Waye is a fully responsive Under Construction and Coming Soon website template with a modern design suitable for all creative fields, such as photography, art, and design. It features a powerful full screen background video and imagery, making it ideal for showcasing innovative work while building a website. They built the template on the popular Bootstrap framework and offers clean, HTML and well-structured CSS.

Coming Soon

Soon is a versatile and attractive Coming Soon and Under Construction template that offers 18 homepage variations and Mail Chimp integration. You will enjoy their dark and light versions templates and different layouts for subscriber forms, countdown timer, and buttons. Key features of the template are sections for About Us, Portfolio/Works, Services, and a Contact section with a map. It comes with working contact forms, particle effects, slider burn effects, slider zoom animations, self-hosted video, countdown, product showcase, and a triangle generator.


Jonny’s template offers a clean, well-organized demo page for a quick start. It includes a ContactMe v1.4 script for easy contact form setup, is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, and features retina-ready graphics. Jonny’s under construction website template supports eight social networks, 12 icon/color combinations, modal pop-ups, galleries, countdowns, and various background options. It also boasts Google Fonts, CSS3 enhancements, cross-browser support, and is SEO friendly. The contact form is highly customizable, supports multiple languages and sizes, and offers Google reCAPTCHA support to prevent spamming.


Cecko is an ultra-responsive HTML5 Coming Soon template designed for creatives, corporate sites, agencies, e-commerce, photographers, and more. Built with HTML5 and Bootstrap, it offers a clean and elegant way to showcase a coming soon page while your website is under construction. Cecko features 56 versions, working AJAX subscription and contact forms, Mailchimp integration, and a variety of demo options to suit various needs, including a landing page.

FAQ on Coming Soon Website Templates

Why use a coming soon website template?

So, picture this. You’re setting the stage for a big surprise, and nothing says “Get ready!” like a slick coming soon page. It’s about sparking curiosity, collecting emails, and kicking off your SEO journey with a bang. Plus, it keeps your visitors in the loop and builds momentum before the big reveal.

What features should I look for in a template?

Oh, you gotta have the works! Countdown timers, yes, for that tick-tock excitement. MailChimp integration to snag those emails for the grand opening newsletter. And don’t skimp on responsive design—everyone’s peering through different screens these days. Throw in some social media icons for that extra chatter.

Can I customize these templates easily?

Totally. These babies are designed for tinkering. Drag-and-drop your style into them. Most of these layouts come ready with CSS3 animations and modifiable color schemes. If you can dream it up, you can probably make it happen. Tailor away and make it your own flavor!

How important is mobile responsiveness?

Like, super important. We live on our phones, right? If your “site coming soon” page reacts as slick on a phone as it does on a desktop, you’ve hit jackpot land. No squinting, no pinching, just smooth previews no matter the gadget.

Do coming soon pages affect SEO?

Here’s the kicker: they do, and in the good way! Populate your page with juicy SEO-friendly keywords, stay consistent with your brand, and let the search engines begin their love affair with your site. It’s a quiet nod to Google saying, “Hey, something cool’s this way coming!”

What’s the best way to engage visitors on a coming soon page?

Entice them. Offer a sliver of what’s in store with sneak peeks and maybe dangle some goodies like exclusive discounts. On this teaser page, interactivity is your friend; think sign-up forms, social follow buttons—gateways that invite future chats.

How long before the launch should I set up my coming soon page?

Timing’s a delicate dance, you know? Aim for the soft launch webpage to hit the spotlight a month or two out. Give the world enough room to discover and get jazzed about the buzz, but not so long that they drift off to sleep.

What about hosting for my coming soon page?

You don’t need the beefiest setup for this gig. These pre-launch pages are lean, often a single page that’s not too resource-hungry. Any reliable hosting with decent uptime works. Pick one that scales up, ready for the day you go from tease to full-blown showtime.

Is it necessary to provide a contact option on coming soon templates?

Absolutely! Leave room for chatter. Drop in an email field or even a quick contact form. Curiosity can boil over into questions, and you want to be there, all ears, when that happens. It’s about stoking conversation, not monologues.

How do I track the performance of my coming soon page?

Analytics, my friend! Implement some Google Analytics setup wizardry and watch the stats. It’s how you gauge if your message hits home, if the anticipation builds, and how many souls you’ve tempted to sign up. It’s less crystal ball, more data-driven insights into how your teaser’s doing its job.


So we’ve looped the gamut, haven’t we? Dished out the array of examples of coming soon website templates like a deck of aces. From the under construction vibes to the teasers that tickle, it’s been a ride, a dive into crafting first impressions that stick.

Imagine yourselves armed now, no longer hapless bystanders but maestros at the digital curtain, prepped to whisk it back with panache. You’ve glimpsed the pre-launch landing pages—templates that do more than signal ‘something’s brewing’; they’re drumbeats to hearts and clicks.

To cap it off:

  • An artful email capture hooks the curious.
  • That friendly “site coming soon” note sustains the beat.
  • And when time morphs from future to now, it’s your countdown timer that sings the final notes.

Take this toolkit, let loose the art, and watch the world crane its necks, eyes wide, ready for your reveal.

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Easy to Customize Coming Soon Website Templates

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