Awesome CSS Border Animation Examples to Use

Explore engaging CSS border animation examples to elevate your web projects. Learn how to add dynamic, eye-catching effects for standout designs.

Imagine a static webpage, now inject life into it with a dash of animation—suddenly, it’s not just a page; it’s an experience. That’s the magic CSS border animations can cast.

Here’s the scoop: websites aren’t just about content, it’s how you present it. And trust me, a border doing a little dance on hover? It’s like your site is saying “Hey, noticed you there!”

In this pixel playground, even a simple border can be a showstopper. As we embark on this journey, we’re going to dive into the vibrant world of CSS border animation examples.

You’ll catch a glimpse of moving art and learn how, with a handful of code, you can elevate your design game.

By the end of this article, your toolkit will be brimming with tricks – from animated border effects to CSS hover effects that work across all those browsers. We’ll untangle the web of CSS3 border properties and show you how to choreograph those borders using keyframe animations.

Ready to code borders that can boogie? Let’s animate our way to cool, creative, and interactive web designs that engage and mesmerize.

CSS Border Animation Code Examples

This article is a list of CSS border animation examples all created using the latest HTML and CSS script. These border animation code examples are customizable to suit your web design needs.

CSS Border Animation Examples For Websites

Border animation

Author: Panos Christophides

Made with: HTML, CSS

This CSS border animation element uses a hover feature to summon the animations. These animations include color transitions and border outlining.

CSS Border Animation

Author: LycanOne

Made with: HTML, CSS

This border animation effect is unique and smooth. Its CSS3 design makes it ideal for use on any modern website.

Draw borders from center!

Author: Ben Sheppard

Made with: HTML, CSS

This option draws borders in the center of a box using pseudo-elements. The hover feature activates the borderlines.

navbar animated border bottom

Author: Peter Bou Saada

Made with: HTML, CSS

The animation effects occur when the user hovers or clicks on the menu options in the sidebar. The result is a mild border animation at the bottom of each button.

Only CSS animated border button

Author: PineappleSyrup

Made with: HTML, CSS

This CSS animation design has a hover-border button effect.

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Animated border effect

Author: Travis

Made with: HTML, CSS

Made using one div, this animation effect is for a box or container. The hover effect is a surprise element in this border animation.

Button hover border animations – CSS

Author: Gabriele Mantovani

Made with: HTML, CSS

This CSS border animation activates when hovered over. It’s great for animating web button borders.

Border animation using clippath

Author: Kang

Made with: HTML, CSS

This border animation design was built with the clip-path property. This option comes with two border effects.

These include:

  1. The borders of boxes move slowly when left undisturbed
  2. The borders move rapidly when hovered over

[PURE CSS] border animation without svg

Author: Rplus

Made with: HTML, CSS

This CSS border animation (without SVG) makes use of the color transition and hover effect.

CSS Border transitions

Author: Giana

Made with: HTML, CSS

Here is a CSS border animation design that has a variety of properties. These include:

  • A border-radius effect
  • Hover effect
  • Color transitions
  • Spinning border animation effect

Animated Border Menus pure CSS

Author: Kseso

Made with: HTML, CSS

This design is like Codrops´ way only with CSS. A great border animation design for a website.

SVG Border Animation 1

Author: Zach Saucier

Made with: HTML, CSS

The SVG Border Animation 1 design is a simple but attractive border button option.

Gold Border Shimmer

Author: Kevin Cullen

Made with: HTML, CSS

This border option adds a shimmering golden edge to the image boxes and articles.

Cool CSS Button Border Animation On Hover – CSS3 Hover Effects – Pure CSS

Author: Ramkirat Gupta

Made with: HTML, CSS

This example is great for a button border animation effect. Made with CSS script, designers can add custom effects to design cool action buttons.

CSS border hover transitions

Author: Jamie Calder

Made with: HTML, CSS

CSS border hover transitions are nicely used in this example. It is useful for highlighting a box or button on a website.

Sass button border hover effect mixing

Author: Giana

Made with: HTML, CSS

This border animation design has a hover feature and a smooth color mixing effect. The animation effects are for the borders of a button, so extra screen space is not needed.

Double border animation

Author: Antares

Made with: HTML, CSS

This border animation design is in SVG format. It features a hover-border button effect.

CSS-only border animation

Author: Danny Joris

Made with: HTML, CSS

This CSS border animation option facilitates a solid outline of a button’s borders. The border-line appears when one hovers over the button.

Button Border Slide Mixing

Author: Thomas Vaeth

Made with: HTML, CSS

With this option, the border animation effects show when one hovers over a button. Color(s) outline the button based on the website designer’s adjustment of the code.

Border-radius animation

Author: Yuku

Made with: HTML, CSS

The border-radius design is simple and playful. Its animation properties give a rounded look to web elements such as buttons and borders.

Border Animation Effect with SVG

Author: GIO

Made with: HTML, CSS

A border animation effect with SVG

Border animation (circle)

Author: Katmai7

Made with: HTML, CSS

Border-radius and hover effects are present in this animation option.

Animated border tracing

Author: Jameal G

Made with: HTML, CSS

Use this border animation design to call attention to a box on your website.

SVG Ellipse Border Animation

Author: Corey Bullman

Made with: HTML, CSS

The SVG Ellipse Border Animation is a stylish border effect for menu icons and buttons.

Border composition and animation

Author: Paolo Cavanna

Made with: HTML, CSS

This option uses a simplistic design to achieve a hover effect and border animation effect.

CSS Border Animation

Author: Nick

Made with: HTML, CSS

This illuminated border with an RGB effect is for Razer fans.

With this animation border design, colors outline the borders that run along the width of a box. This is perfect for creating a gaming website.

Animated border-image with SVG in data url

Author: Bram de Haan

Made with: HTML, CSS

This is a fork made from a fork created by Joey Hoer (see link >)

Button bubble effect

Author: Adrien Grsmto

Made with: HTML, CSS

Built with CSS3 script and Javascript to give this CSS border animation a fluid effect.

This playful movement displays when one hovers over a button. The button also changes into different colors when clicked.

Fancy border radius

Author: Jessica Aiskel

Made with: HTML, CSS

Here is a fancy border animation element for a website.

Houdini gradient border animation

Author: Michelle Barker

Made with: HTML, CSS

This border option is for Chrome-based browsers only.

Mix-blend-mode: luminosity & Animating border-radius on CSS

Author: Andrej Sharapov

Made with: HTML, CSS

Adjust the code of this CSS border animation to customize its luminosity & border-radius properties. Doing so will change the color, shape, and text elements in the block.

Border animation on hover

Author: Artem Tumin

Made with: HTML, CSS

This animation border is useful for styling navbar menu items. It runs the full length and width of the menu buttons when hovered over.

Animated Border Button

Author: Clint Losee

Made with: HTML, CSS

This CSS border animation design is great for highlighting button borders.


Author: Chance Squires

Made with: HTML, CSS

This border effect frames content blocks and buttons when hovered over.

CSS Border Animation Examples For Websites And Mobile Apps

Animated gradient border around resizable content

Author: Johnny Fekete

Made with: HTML, CSS, JS

A great animated border for your web design or mobile app.

CSS-only shimmering neon text

Author: Giana

Made with: HTML, CSS

The border effects of this design appear to shimmer with a neon-like animation effect.

Border-gradient mixing

Author: John Grishin

Made with: HTML, CSS

Use this design for elements with a border-radius. It is useful for both website and mobile applications.

Border animation – menu inspiration


Made with: HTML, CSS

This border animation design stimulates the user’s mind and lets them know that they will see a result in a box. It is useful for any part of a mobile app or website.


Author: Swarup Kumar Kuila

Made with: HTML, CSS

This CSS border animation has a beautiful background color. It also has a dazzling border effect.

Animated Border Gradient Effect

Author: Jonathan Dauz

Made with: HTML, CSS

The ‘Animated Border Gradient Effect’ design uses CSS3 gradients and animations.

Animated Border Menus

Author: roger Nery

Made with: HTML, CSS, JS

This is a tutorial from on how to create a menu icon with an animated border effect. This menu effect is inspired by CreativeDash’s bounce menu for mobile apps.

Border animation

Author: Inderpreet Singh

Made with: HTML, CSS

An attractive CSS border animation. It is useful for drawing attention to elements on a website or mobile app.

Animated Border Gradient Effect

Author: KodsuzAdam

Made with: HTML, CSS

The designer achieved this animation effect by using CSS3 gradients. The border animation takes place at the bottom border of a website or mobile app.

animated border (circle)

Author: Abdel Rahman Wahdan

Made with: HTML, CSS

This option comes with an animated border-radius feature built using CSS3 animation.

Diagonal stripe border effects

Author: Comehope

Made with: HTML, CSS

The CSS border animation effects in this option are colorful with diagonal stripes. These border effects are for calling attention to boxes and buttons.

Rotating border

Author: Jesse B

Made with: HTML, CSS

This is a rotating rainbow-colored border that is great for mobile apps and websites.

CSS border (using an SVG)

Author: Louis Hoebregts

Made with: HTML, CSS

A great CSS border animation built with an SVG. The border remains intact at any size.

It’s great for website boxes and mobile app borders.

dashed border icon animations

Author: FlorinCornea

Made with: HTML, CSS

This option carries three icon border animations. These are icons for:

  • Success
  • Warning
  • Danger

Gradient Border

Author: Alphardex

Made with: HTML, CSS

This CSS animation border is great. It colorfully outlines image and text boxes.

Border animation

Author: Joel Rodelo

Made with: HTML, CSS

A simple border animation to outline the edge of an image or text box.

FAQs about CSS border animations

How do I add animation to a CSS border?

You’re thinking, “Static borders? Not in my realm.” To animate a border, tap into CSS keyframe animations. Define your frames, set those properties—think border-widthborder-color—then link it up with an animation name. Hook that name to your border element, and watch it come to life.

What CSS properties can be animated in border animations?

Here’s the lowdown: Not all border properties are down for the animation dance, but a good bunch are. You’ve got border-widthborder-color, even border-radius. Flex them together or solo for some eye-catching action. Just set your keyframes for each and animate away.

Can CSS border animations work on all browsers?

Ah, the cross-browser conundrum. Most modern browsers will play nice with your CSS border animations. But remember, the older ones might throw a tantrum. Always a good move to double-check compatibility or use fallbacks, like CSS hover effects, to keep it looking sharp everywhere.

How can I make a responsive CSS border animation?

Responsiveness is key, right? Use percentages, vw (viewport width), or vh (viewport height) units when defining your animations. This way, your borders will groove perfectly to any screen size. Trust me, your responsive border graphics will scale beautifully no matter the device.

Are there performance concerns with CSS border animations?

Let’s keep it real—animations can be resource-hungry. But borders, they’re usually chill. To keep your animations snappy, minimize complex calculations and consider the painting area. Avoid overloading with excessive animations and you’ll keep the performance smooth.

How do I create a looping CSS border animation?

Gotcha, endless motion’s the goal. In your @keyframes, plot the journey from start to end. Then, in your element, set the animation iteration to ‘infinite’. That’s it; your border will be doing laps for eternity, or, you know, until the tab’s closed.

Can I use CSS border animations on mobile devices?

Absolutely! Mobile’s got this. Just keep an eye on performance and touch interactivity. Sometimes less is more on smaller screens. You want your web design animation techniques to be snappy and not drain those precious batteries. Streamline your code, and your mobile users will thank you.

What’s the best way to learn CSS border animation?

You’re in for some fun. The best way? Experiment, then experiment some more. Look up some CSS border animation examples online, mess around with code snippets, and check out those front-end development trends. Each trial will teach you something new—embrace the process.

How can I ensure accessibility with CSS border animations?

Accessibility, non-negotiable. For starters, don’t rely solely on color. Ensure animations don’t trigger seizures—no rapid flashing here. Allow an option to pause or stop the motion, and keep your animations subtle. Animations are cool, but user safety and comfort? Cooler.

Can CSS border animations improve user engagement?

For sure, they’re engagement gold when done right. Subtle animations guide users, highlight actions, and enhance feedback. It’s the difference between meh and mesmerizing. Just remember: it’s a spice, not the main dish. Use animations to complement your content, not overpower it.

Ending thoughts

So, we’ve danced our way through the pixel party, haven’t we? CSS border animation examples are more than just eye candy—they’re the heartbeat of a lively web page. Now, you’ve peeked behind the curtain and seen how simple lines can jazz up a user’s journey, right?

Remember, we’ve waltzed through smooth transitions, tiptoed around animated border effects, and boogied down with interactive border designs. These aren’t just tricks up the sleeve; they’re tools to craft digital experiences that stick, that resonate, that whisper, “Hey, wasn’t that cool?” And they echo back, “Heck, yes”.

Take these gems and sprinkle them across your own canvases. Front-end development is part art, part science, and a whole lot of heart. Just never forget – while animations charm, they must always serve a purpose. They’re here to amplify your message, not shout over it.

Now, go ahead. Code, create, and let those borders be the pulse of your web symphony.

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Awesome CSS Border Animation Examples to Use

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