Really Cool CSS Image Effects You Can Use Too (53 Examples)

Unleash creativity with CSS image effects! Learn to enhance visuals with filters, transitions, and animations for stunning, interactive web designs.

Picture this: a webpage that’s more than text and images—it’s an experience. That’s what CSS image effects examples are all about. They’re the secret sauce that makes you stop and say, “Cool, how’d they do that?”

Imagine diving into a world where images fade in like whispers, or pop out with a flair. This isn’t about slapping on some filters and calling it a day, it’s about crafting visuals that stick with you, long after you’ve scrolled past.

In this playground, you’ll get the blueprint to create hover animations that make images come alive under your cursor, and responsive images that look great on any device. It’s about turning static into dynamic, bland into “whoa!”

By the time the curtain closes on this show, you’ll be equipped to transform any humble image with a symphony of CSS transitions, filters, and 3D transforms. Ready to boost that web page from pretty cool to pretty incredible? Let’s roll up those sleeves and dive in.

CSS Image Effects Templates

There are hundreds of CSS image effect (filter property) examples online but it will take you quite a while to filter them all and pick the ones that are actually useful.

This article is a list of the top 53 CSS image effects. Click the header links to view the code and media queries for each template.

Optic Shop Showcase Slider

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Solar System Showcase Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Deep Dive Ocean Water Effect

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Photographer & Videographer Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Paintbrush Effect Collection

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Classic Cars Before After Hero

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CSS Mix Blend Mode Templates

Particle Effect One Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

A Pen by Porecelanosa

Author: Porcelanosa

Made with: HTML, CSS

This option supports Mix-blend mode with a centered background image.

[CSS] anime effect

Author: Rplus

Made with: CSS, HTML

Here is a CSS anime with image hover effects and Mix-blend-mode.

Image Mosaic Effect With CSS Grids and Blend Modes

Author: Dudley Storey

Made with: HTML,SCSS

This filter effect is separated into various image boxes against a white background. This combination of image boxes creates the perfect max-width layout for the site’s UI.

Pen by Addison Staples

Author: Addison Staples

Made with: HTML, CSS

This example supports Mix-Blend mode with the background position of the image centered.

Templates With A Centered Background Position

A Pen by Arien

Author: Arien

Made with: HTML, CSS

Arien’s template is a CSS infrared image effect with a centered background image.

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One background for multiple divs

Author: Ivan Bogachev

Made with: HTML (Pug), CSS (Less)

This fancy image effect for your browser or website, features a demo image with three layers.

A Pen by Saudad Marketing

Author: Saudad Marketing

Made with: CSS, HTML

This example uses pseudo-elements and a mirror effect.

Flexible multi-panel background

Author: Ana Tudor

Made with: HTML (Pug), CSS (SCSS)

Here is a beautiful image animation with a centered background-position.

A Pen by Saudad Marketing

Author:  Saudad Marketing

Made with: HTML, CSS

This option features a fun photo-border effect. The border images are generated from the parent element in the middle. The code consists of a background size of 60% and 20% respectively with a centered background-position.

A Pen by Davy Peter Braun

Author: Davy Peter Braun

Made with: HTML, CSS

This is Davy Braun’s image with a hallucination effect. Its offset and height values are 5 px and 100 vh respectively.

colored pencil effect on image pure css

Author: erman enginler

Made with: CSS, HTML

Here is a design with a colored pencil effect and a centered background position.

A Pen by Julio Bonjoch

Author:  Julio Bonjoch

Made with: HTML

This colorful example works great on modern browsers like Google, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.


Author: Matt Drew

Made with: CSS, HTML

The 2.5D option contains far-field effects that make pictures slide slowly. It has a box shadow but does not activate with image hover effects. 2.5 is great for old memories and old-age pictures.


Author: vr201

Made with: HTML, CSS

A beautiful hallucination effect with a centered background image.

Night-Vision Image Effect Templates

A Pen by tr13ze

Author: tr13ze

Made with: HTML, CSS

With the night vision and blur effect, your image will have a unique look. There are links within the code to access the stock image galleries

A Pen by Hoo Ja Oh

Creator: Hoo Ja Oh

Made with: CSS, HTML

This is a template with a night vision background color effect. The background-position of the image is centered with the background image code reflecting ‘$url’.

A Pen by Rick Metzger

Author: Rick Metzger

Made with: HTML, CSS

Here is a $url night vision effect with a centered background-position.

Pencil And Watercolor Effect Templates

A Pen by ha quang thien

Author: Ha Quang Thien

Made with: CSS, HTML

This CSS image features a pencil effect filter.

A Pen by Woody

Author: Woody

Made with: HTML, CSS

This example features the watercolor effect. The image code can be altered in many ways, including the:

  1. Background size
  2. Blur value
  3. Background position
  4. Brightness etc.

A Pen by Shaman Tito

Author: Shaman Tito

Made with: HTML, CSS

This example supports the Polaroid image effect.

Templates With Image Hover Effects

3D perspective mouse hover image

Author: Eriksen

Made with: HTML, CSS

The 3D Perspective Mouse Hover Image effect activates when the user hovers over the photo.

CSS Glitch Image Effect

Author: Nathan Dickison

Made with: HTML, CSS

In this example, the demo picture has clear details but activates with a glitch effect when hovered. 

CSS Clip-Path Hover Effect

Author: Ryan Mulligan

Made with: HTML, CSS

Here is an animated CSS clip-path template that activates with the hover effect.

Glitch Effect on Hover

Author: Ryan Yu

Made with: HTML, SCSS

This design features a CSS clip-path glitch effect without JavaScript.

Kitties! (hover images)

Creator: Ana Tudor

Made with: CSS, HTML

This option activates with a hover effect but there is no edge support for the pentagons. It looks great because of the clip-path and the box-shadow feature around the pentagons.

Css Image Hover Effects

Author: Yaroslavw

Made with: CSS, HTML

For this option, photos are displayed within a content box. When the user hovers over the images, they slide from right to left to reveal text.

Grid Image Effect

Author: Jesús Gracia

Made with: HTML, CSS

An amazing grid effect that activates with the CSS image-hover effect.

Zoom iMage with scale

Author: Omar Dsoky

Made with: CSS, HTML

When the user hovers over the picture, the text disappears to display the full image.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Author: Collin Smith

Made with: CSS, HTML

In this template image hover, effects can be used for links to categories or posts. The container is skewed and the background image is kept straight.

CPC · Image hover · 01

Author: Noah Delagardelle

Made with: HTML, CSS

This design activates with the CSS image hover effect.

Colored Overlay Using “box-shadow”.

Creator: Preethi

Made with: HTML, CSS

This example has a colored overlay effect with a box-shadow for images.

Perspective Tilty Images

Author: Henry Desroches

Made with: HTML, CSS

This template t uses transform: matrix3d() in the CSS code. The image animation activates when hovered over.

Pure CSS Thumbnail Hover Effect

Author: Aysha anggraini

Made with: HTML, CSS

Here’s a jQuery option that features 6 fallback images that activate with the hover effect. You can adjust the code or use this option to display multiple photos at once. Click the header link to view tutorials for these thumbnail themes.

Image Hover – CSS (filters & transitions) – CodePen Challenge

Author: Vlad Racoare

Made with: HTML, CSS

This image effect activates when hovered. It uses elements like:

  • Transforms
  • Filters
  • Positioning
  • And Pseudo-elements

Water Your Cat

Author: Ana Tudor

Made with: HTML, SCSS

This is a beautiful design for websites. Above the center picture, there is a checkbox to the left of the demo text (water your cat so it grows). When the user clicks into it, the center image transforms. This option also has an image hover function that activates on the checkbox.

Simple Pulsing Image Hover Effect

Author: Alex Raven

Made with: CSS, HTML

When site visitors hover the cursor over an image, the effect is activated with a blurry gray square at the center of the image box.

Image revealing from text on hover

Author: Web-tiki

Made with: HTML, CSS

Here is a responsive thumbnail image for any browser or web design project. You can include text that inspires the user to hover over the image box. Once the viewer points the cursor at the image, the text disappears and transitions into the image.

3D image hover CSS

Author: Shounak Ghosh

Made with: HTML, CSS

A beautiful image animation effect that activates when hovered.

CSS Image Templates With Multiple Effects

Image with reflection and proximity effect on hover

Author: Tiago Alexandre Lopes

Made with: HTML, CSS

This template features the image with reflection and image hover effects.

Image Effects

Author: Dominik Suter

Made with: HTML, CSS

As the user scrolls, images display from blurry to clear with crisp colors. In addition, there is an effect that can make your images fade away because of no colors.

CSS Gradient Hover Effect

Author: Jon Daiello

Made with: HTML, SCSS

A CSS template that utilizes mix-blend-mode and image hover effects.

Images Hover Animations

Author: Stas Melnikov

Made with: HTML, CSS

This option features a variety of fallback animations and CSS image hover effects. Each image effect activates with a blurry purple screen covering it.

Simple CSS Image Effects

Author: Ion Emil Negoita

Made with: CSS, HTML

Here is a code for creating stunning CSS filters that can be applied to any image on your website. Each demo has a different background color with a filter brightness of 70%.

CSS Blend Modes

Author: Eddie Solar

Made with: HTML, CSS

This option experiments with different CSS blend modes. It offers various fallback web templates in the event the client dislikes the first demo.

hallucination effect

Author: Soruly

Made with: CSS, HTML

The Hallucination Effect template displays a lovely full-page anime image. The code supports mix blend mode and includes elements like:

  • Background-image set to $url
  • Background-size set to cover
  • Background-position set to center

A Pen by Luchadora

Author: Luchadora

Made with: CSS, HTML

This option uses the overlay effect to add interactivity to site images and activates with the hover effect. It includes code parameters, such as:

  1. Background image URL
  2. Background size
  3. Background-position
  4. Background-repeat

image selector with reflection

Author: Paul

Made with: CSS, HTML

A design that uses radio buttons to select images. It features the reflection, background color transition, and image hover effects. The background-position of the reflection effect is coded to the bottom of the image.

Portfolio Items CSS3 transitions effects

Author: foxeisen

Made with: HTML, SCSS

This design features five transition effects for portfolio image items. It uses the portfolio and image hover effects.

A Pen by Airen

Author: Airen

Made with: CSS, HTML

Use this image effect to heighten the user experience of visitors to your website. It supports filter, invert, and mix blend mode.

Magnifying Glass image effect using CSS

Author: Santosh Goswami

Made with: HTML, CSS

The Magnifying Glass Image Effect scans images under a rectangle mirror. This mirror moves across the UI from left to right, vice versa, and enlarges objects. This is an attractive option for designing a browser or website.

FAQs about CSS image effects

How do I add hover effects to images with CSS?

Hover effects? They’re like giving life to a still shot. Just target your image with a pseudo-class, like: .image:hover { transform: scale(1.1); }. This snippet makes images grow a tick when hovered over. It adds that dynamic edge without breaking a sweat.

Can CSS add filters to web images?

Heck yeah, CSS filters are the bread and butter of on-the-fly image edits. With a simple line, like filter: grayscale(100%);, you turn your colored images into a classic monochrome snapshot. Filters handle blur, brightness, and even funky hues. They’re your quick photo lab in code.

What are CSS image sprites and how do they benefit performance?

Image sprites? Picture a collage. It’s your hero for fewer HTTP requests. Group multiple images into one and display pieces with background-position. Sprites mean less server chit-chat and snappier load times. All about that sweet, streamlined performance.

How do I make images responsive with CSS?

For images that flex with screen sizes, set max-width: 100%; and height: auto;. Responsiveness is key; no one likes scroll bars or cut-off pics. Adopting this approach makes sure your visuals are fluid and adaptable, just like good convo.

Are there CSS properties to make images circle-shaped or with rounded corners?

Round those edges, lose the sharp corners. With border-radius: 50%;, anything goes full circle, instant avatar-style. For a softer look, try border-radius: 15px;. It’s like cushioning for your images.

How to create CSS-only image galleries?

CSS-only galleries, all about keeping it lean. Lay out your thumbs with grids or flexbox. Lightbox effect? Simulate with :target pseudos. No JavaScript overload, just pure CSS simplicity. Your images, side by side, or popping out in pure CSS elegance.

What’s the deal with CSS background-image and multi-layering?

Layers on layers, CSS background-image is like your design lasagna. Stack ’em with commas, control with background-position and size. Blend modes join the party for some artsy fusions. It’s multi-layering that sets the visual rhythm for your site.

Can CSS handle high-resolution retina images?

Retina-ready, crystal clear, CSS is your friend. Use media queries like a pro, swap in those 2x images for the pixel-dense displays. Give the crowd that sharp, detailed view, ’cause no one digs pixelated visuals.

Is CSS capable of 3D image transformations?

Absolutely. CSS went 3D with transforms like rotateXrotateY, and translateZ. It’s your ticket to giving images depth, sliding ’em around, flipping ’em over. Real depth, real movement, all through the magic of CSS.

How does one optimize CSS image effects for better performance?

Optimize, minimize. Compress your images, keep ’em light. Use sprites, remember? Choose the right format; SVGs scale without a fuss. Check your performance with tools like Google PageSpeed Insights. Keep users smiling with quick-loading, stunning visual effects. Less waiting, more enjoying.

Ending thoughts

So, we’ve played around with a bunch of CSS image effects examples, turning bland into grand, letting those pixels dance. From subtle hover animations that make your heart skip a beat, to the box-shadow effects that add depth and drama, it’s been quite the ride, hasn’t it?

  • Remember the pseudo-elements? They were our sidekicks, adding layers of cool without the bloat.
  • The CSS filters shook things up, giving images new personalities in a snap.

Transforming images with CSS is like strumming a guitar – the right chord, and the crowd goes wild. We’ve seen how responsive images harmonize with screens of all sizes, ensuring no one misses out on the visual feast.

Walk away with the confidence to craft visuals that tell a story, engage, and convert. Here’s to creating web pages that are not just seen but remembered. Now, go forth and make the web a more stunning place, one CSS transformation at a time. 🎨✨

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Really Cool CSS Image Effects You Can Use Too (53 Examples)

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