Awesome CSS Progress Bar Templates You Can Download

Unlock the potential of CSS progress bar examples. Explore practical and stylish designs to enhance your web projects

Imagine your website as a bustling kitchen, and your visitors, hungry for content, eagerly awaiting a dish. The CSS progress bar, that sleek sliver of motion, is your sizzling sound, a visual appetizer hinting at the great meal to come; it’s the tantalizing aroma that says, “Hold tight, it’s cooking up!”

Now picture this: I’m about to hand you the secret sauce, a recipe book filled with delectable designs to keep those visitors salivating and staying.

This isn’t about just watching paint dry; it’s about creating a user-friendly and interactive experience, stirring excitement with each pixel fill.

You’ll walk away knowing how to whip up custom progress bars that not only load but impress, implementing dynamic animations and ensuring cross-browser compatibility.

From HTML5 indicators and SVG delights to responsive designs that adapt, I’ve got a mix of examples that’ll transform your site’s face.

So, pull up a chair; by the end of this article, you’ll not only learn to craft an essential UI element but do it with style that speaks volumes about modern web performance optimization.

CSS Progress Bar Examples

Circular/Radial CSS Progress Bars

Radial Progress Bar

Author: Antal Orcsik

This progress bar example features 5 radial demos. They transform a white background into something special.

They include:

1. Three radial bars

  • The 40px progress text of the default radial progress bar sits in the center.
  • The pie chart radial bar includes three sets of values at the center.
  • The multi-circle radial bar includes concentric circles positioned around each other.

2. Two radial inline icons

  • These are small icons that come in a pie chart form and a semi-transparent form.

Flat Progress Bar CSS e HTML

Author: Shankar Cabus

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript create this circular progress bar pie.

CSS Circular Progress

Author: Mattia Astorino

This example is a circular progress bar. The author built it with CSS conic-gradient and custom properties.

Progress v2

Author: Kyle Shanks

This is a semi-transparent radial progress bar that flips once loading is complete.

Step Progress Bar Examples

Connect The Dots

Author: Tim Ruby

This step progress bar has smooth movements and a thin line that reminds one of a thermometer.

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Wizard Progress Bar – CSS

Author: Tim

This is a CSS progress bar with an awesome style and font size.

Subway Stop Progress Bar

Author: Paul Grant

This HTML & CSS progress bar example helps online shops increase customer satisfaction.

The progress bar is set against a dark background with a black outline around the bars and buttons. Use the Prev and Next buttons to move the progress bar from step to step and back again.

CSS only order process steps

Author: Jamie Coulter

Here is an intuitive CSS3 progress bar. It shows the different stages of processing a customer’s order on a website.

Stepped Progress

Author: Cassidy Williams

Here is a minimal stepped progress bar made with very little JavaScript.

Progress bar with lines and dots

Author: Harisankaran Parameswaran

This template features 4 CSS step progress bars. Each has a linear gradient so that online merchants can attract customers to their shops.

Step Progress Bar

Author: Timothy von Hollen

Here is a step progress bar that is easy to customize. Change the value within the step box to add or remove steps.

Rounded Corner Progress Bars


Author: Lucagez

This demo contains multiple CSS progress bars made with SVG patterns.

Simple Rounded corner Progress Bar – CSS

Author: Goatsy

Here is a simple rounded corner progress bar made with HTML & CSS.

Lightsaber Progress (React, CSS)

Author: Andy Pages

This is a cool Star Wars movie-inspired progress bar that appears in the form of a lightsaber. It was created with ReactJS and a few CSS lines of code.

Progress bar

Author: Emil Rune Møller

This progress bar uses CSS code to create a simple loading animation with JavaScript data updates.

CSS3 animated loading bar

Author: Alma Madsen

The author used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to create this progress bar example. It features a div class style width of 60%.

Simple progress bar animation

Author: Traf

This progress bar uses the HTML5 custom data attribute. This allows for fast updates to a progress bar animated by Zepto (or jQuery).

The animation is wrapped in a window resize function. So it reanimates if the user resizes the browser.

Dynamic Progress Bar CSS

Author: Chris Gruber

Here is a simple step CSS progress bar that is responsive. When added or removed, the spacing between each numbered step is auto-adjusted.

Pomodoro Timer

Author: IDX

An elegant progress bar that descends with an accompanying timer. It has a beautiful red background color that captures the user’s attention.

progress bar

Author: Aashima

This template has 4 CSS position relative progress bars against a white background. These progress bars include descriptive textual representations (words and percentages) created with linear-gradient.

Rainbow Progress Bar

Author: Antoinette Janus

Here is a pure HTML & CSS progress bar that uses the repeating-linear-gradient.

light progress bar

Author: Konstantin

This rounded edge progress bar uses an HTML & CSS light animation.

Loading Bar

Author: Artboard Artisan

Here is a simple loading bar that provides the illusion of a working progress bar.

Orb Progress Bar

Author: Ben Anderson

Here is a progress bar animation made only with HTML & CSS.

Animated Progress Bars

Author: Aaron Farrar

This template features multiple rounded edge progress bars.

Rectangular Progress Bar Examples

A Pen by Dan

Author: Dan

A simple rectangular progress bar with a beautiful green background color.

Simple Progress Bar CSS

Author: wolfgang1983

Here is a simple CSS progress bar example that does not include HTML or JavaScript code.

Animated Progress Bar

Author: Thibaut

Here is a simple animated rounded edge progress bar made with HTML & CSS.

Warning bar

Author: Morgan

Here is a CSS progress bar animation. It uses gradients and variables to create a scrolling warning bar.

Progress Bars

Author: Dustin Smith

This template has a white background and 3 blue rectangular progress bars within a black card.

Each bar has grey borders and white text that users can alter to fit the needs of the site. This style will attract any customer’s attention at first sight.

Ajax Progress Bar


This is a minimal progress bar made with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Static Progress Bar vs. Progress Bar with Opposing Animation

Author: Kevin Sweeney

This template has two progress bar demos. One with a static stripe animation and the other with an opposing animation.

UX Progress Bar

Author: Fersho Pls

Here is a simple, minimal, and attractive progress bar design.

Dynamic Survey / Quiz

Author: Mathew

This progress bar is ideal for questionnaires, tests, and survey pages.

Download Progress Bar (CSS)

Author: Amli

A smooth progress bar built with SCSS & Pug code.

Simple animated progress bar CSS & JS

Author: Cloud Andrade

This template features 6 customizable progress bars.

Dribbble Recreation: Loading Bar

Author: Antoinette Janus

This progress bar design is beautiful. Built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript it features a gif image in the loading bar space.

Project Progress Bar

Author: Amira Hailemariam

This project bar progress bar is ideal for use in project management.

Pixelated Progress Bar

Author: Aleks

This stunning neon green progress bar will attract site visitors. It includes an eye-catching white border with a light shadow around the bar.

Reading Bar Progress Bars

Reading Progess Bar CSS only

Author: Ricardo Prieto

This template is a CSS position relative progress bar for reading articles. Built with HTML & CSS, it does not include PHP or JavaScript.

Animated Progress Bar

Author: Pierre Vion

The author made this with CSSFlow (free UI elements and widgets coded with HTML5, CSS3, and Sass).

To view the original article and download the Sass/SCSS source code go to:

Vin Thomas created the original PSD. This progress bar has been tested in Safari 5.1, Firefox 4, Opera 10, Chrome 13, IE 9 (and newer).

Player Progress Bar

Author: Manish Yadav

This progress bar example features a draggable handle.

Progress bar profile completion

Author: Fadzli Razali

This progress bar features an attractive mix of white, orange, and blue colors. The percentage circle is set against a white background.

progress bar

Author: Vasily Guzov

This features a beautiful background color that changes as the user scrolls. The loading bar is at the top of the page to attract the user’s attention.

It also includes textual representation in percentages that increase with scrolling.

Multi Style Progress Bar Examples

SVG Loading icons

Author: Aurer

This is an HTML & CSS animated SVG progress bar example with 8 loading images. This example is great for use as a loading animation.

Only (S)CSS loading animation

Author: Tobias Glaus

The idea for this progress bar is from Gal Shir. The code is a mess but has great outer values and is customizable.

Progress bar animation

Author: Eva Wythien

Here are 3 progress bars with CSS animation.

Progress Bar

Author: Mike Aparicio

This progress bar is made with HTML & CSS code.

Mega progress bar

Author: Wouwisl

Here is a simple CSS position absolute progress bar with textual representation (percentages).

Interactive Progress Bar (CSS TRICKS)

Author: Mos

This template features two project bar demos.

Pure CSS Progress

Author: Rafael Gonzalez

Here is a cool option that deserves exploring. It is a pure CSS progress bar with a colorful liquid design.

Expanding Loader

Author: Eric Gregoire

A thin line progress bar. It expands to animate a purple 100% background color as soon as loading is complete.

Customizable Progress Bar

Author: Thomas Wicker

This is a customizable jQuery progress bar made with SCSS/SASS and HTML5.

FAQs about CSS progress bars

How do I create a basic CSS progress bar?

Crafting a basic CSS progress bar involves HTML and CSS—start with a <div> element, style it to your liking, and a child <div> gets its width adjusted in tandem with progress events. It’s your classic front-end recipe: a dash of structure, a pinch of style, and you’ve got it!

Can CSS progress bars be animated?

Absolutely, embodiments of movement! Cascading Style Sheets shine when adding animated progress bars. Use @keyframes to govern the flow, from a trickle to a sprint. With CSS transitions, the bar dances to the rhythm of its load, a visual cue for users to anticipate completion.

Are there responsive CSS progress bar designs?

Oh, for sure! Responsive design and progress bars go hand in hand; they’re like peanut butter and jelly. Employ percentages and viewport units for widths, so your bar stretches and shrinks gracefully on any screen, echoing the fluidity of modern web experiences.

How can JavaScript enhance CSS progress bars?

JavaScript’s the spark; CSS is the flame. Together, they ignite dynamic, data-driven progress indicators—from simple loaders to intricate systems reflecting real-time updates. By marrying JS logic with CSS visuals, you create an interactive narrative for the user’s journey on your site.

Is it necessary to use JavaScript with CSS progress bars?

Necessity? No. Beneficial? Yes. A CSS-only approach can give you a sleek static bar or even a pulsing one with CSS animations. But when you want that progress tied to live data or user actions, JavaScript steps onto the stage, turning your bar into a dynamic storytelling tool.

What about accessibility in CSS progress bars?

Accessibility, non-negotiable. It’s all about inclusivity in design. Employ ARIA attributes, ensure screen readers can interpret the progress information, and that visual cues are clear for all users. Designing with empathy means progress bars that narrate the loading story to everyone, every time.

How do I ensure cross-browser compatibility for CSS progress bars?

Cross-browser compatibility is like a passport, granting your progress bar a warm welcome anywhere. Stick to widely supported CSS properties, and definitely check in with Can I Use for browser quirks. Polyfills can be the bridge over troubled waters for older browsers, ensuring smooth sailing.

Can CSS progress bars work with server-side languages?

They’re not just social with client-side scripts; server-side languages also chat happily with CSS progress bars. Languages like PHP or Node.js can stream progress data to the frontend, letting CSS take the visual baton, painting a picture of the server’s labor.

How can I test and optimize the performance of CSS progress bars?

Testing—like tasting your own cooking. Employ browser developer tools to simulate scenarios, scrutinize repaints and reflows, and ensure your CSS transitions are buttery smooth. Optimize by minimizing repaints and keeping animations GPU-accelerated. Smoothness in animation equates to palatability in this visual feast.

What are some creative uses for CSS progress bars outside of loading indicators?

Look past the loading and see a horizon brimming with interactive web components. Think about CSS progress bars morphing into skill meters in portfolios, storytelling scroll indicators, or even quirky quiz timers. The key lies in fusing functionality with creativity, making the mundane magnificent.

Ending thoughts

So, we’ve been on quite the journey, haven’t we? Together, we’ve peeked into a kaleidoscope of CSS progress bar examples, each one more colorful than the last. Whether it’s the sleek minimalism that caught your eye or the animated progress bars that made your heart beat a bit faster, there’s a design here that fits every style, every need.

We’ve seen how responsive design ensures our progress bars look sharp on any device, while those hints about cross-browser compatibility ensure no user gets left behind, no matter their browser of choice. It’s all about crafting a seamless user journey—those dynamic animations? They’re more than just eye candy; they’re the rhythm that guides your users through your digital landscape.

And hey, accessible designs mean everyone gets to join the party—no VIP lists here, just good vibes and clear progress indicators for every kind of user. Now off you go, take these inspirations and modern web performance optimization tweaks, and build progress bars that don’t just load, but indeed, load with personality.

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Awesome CSS Progress Bar Templates You Can Download

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