A Selection Of Great CSS Sliders To Use On Your Website

Discover stunning CSS sliders examples to elevate your web design. Explore creative and responsive slider designs for inspiration and implementation.

Imagine capturing your audience’s attention with sleek, responsive CSS sliders that effortlessly enhance user engagement. In today’s digital landscape, web design hinges on creating visually appealing and interactive experiences. The role of CSS sliders is pivotal—they transform static pages into dynamic showcases.

This article dives deep into CSS sliders, offering a curated collection of examples that blend aesthetics with functionality. We’ll explore how to leverage pure CSS sliders to create seamless animations, without relying on JavaScript. You’ll discover practical tips, from implementing responsive design to enhancing user experience with intuitive navigation controls.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have the skills to incorporate captivating CSS sliders into your projects, boosting both visual appeal and user interaction. Ready to elevate your web design game?

CSS Sliders To Check Out

Portal Effect Hero Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

The hero slider module equipped with a captivating portal effect serves as a remarkable landing page or a visually stunning product presentation on any WordPress website.

Woodworking Website Template

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Immerse yourself in the splendor of our meticulously designed template, expertly crafted to cater to the needs of both seasoned woodworkers and woodworking enthusiasts.

This visually striking and user-friendly masterpiece serves as the perfect platform to showcase your skills, projects, and products in a captivating and engaging manner.

Coffee Shop Split Screen Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

With its animated elements and clean layout, this slider becomes an attention-grabber for your coffee shop. The easy customizability of this cafe template makes it ideal for showcasing various types of products.

Furniture Store Isometric Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

This template offers customizable layouts, designs, and text options, making it effortless to create a distinct and visually appealing slider that will undoubtedly attract visitors’ attention. It allows you to effortlessly craft an engaging slideshow that beautifully captures the essence and style of your furniture store. Within minutes, you can create a breathtaking furniture store slider for your website using this template.

Fashion Website Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Unleash the versatility of our fashion slider, transcending its boundaries beyond fashion alone! This exceptional template proves to be a perfect fit for any image-centered marketing campaign.

Fast Food Burger Restaurant Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Make your clients feel hungry with this tasty looking slider, featuring jaw dropping animations and smooth interactions! Easily customizable for showcasing food related products.

Onboarding Screens

A little something from Jebbles, it’s a collection of onboarding screens made with HTML, CSS, and JS. What makes it unique? It’s a brilliant experiment with PNG icons layering, CSS3 transitions, and flexbox.

Pure CSS Featured Image Slider

Brought to us by Joshua Hibbert, it’s an image slider done purely in HTML and CSS.

Simple Carousel Pure CSS

From Dang Van Thanh comes this carousel that features back and forth arrows, and bottom navigation. It gives a count of the total slides and promises a smooth transition for a delightful content browsing experience.

Information Card Slider

Andy Tran brings us a slider for information cards, made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Testimonial Slider Pure CSS

Mahesh Ambure shares a simple, pure CSS slider. This one’s made with <input type=”radio”>.

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Feature Slider

Andy Lorimer’s contribution is a feature slider with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Minimal pure css slider

Elton Kamami gives us a minimal slider that uses CSS animation to create a fade effect.

Animated cube slider

From Hrtzt, a CSS-only animated cube slider.

Animated Carousel on CSS with Minimal JS

Max Konoval shares a responsive header with a CSS animated carousel. The JS is used only for self-switching images.

Image Comparison Slider

Mario Duarte presents a clean and simple image comparison slider. It’s fully responsive, touch-ready, and crafted with CSS and jQuery.

Image Slider, No Frills

André Cortellini presents a basic image slider with several features. Automatic slideshow, pause on hover, dynamic slide counter, and show/hide controls on hover. Neat, right?

Responsive Slideshow / Carousel: HTML5 & CSS3 Goodness

This is brought to you by Trung Vo. Feel free to test and try the flexibility of the live preview. Watch how it works seamlessly.

Auto-gen Responsive CSS Slider

Here, Dudley Storey takes his responsive CSS slider code and auto-generates the required styles using progressive JavaScript. This depends on the number of images and two user-defined timing variables.

Pure CSS Slider – All Bells, No Whistles

Heinz W presents an image slider made only with CSS. There’s no jQuery or JS. Uses vector icons only, no images. Plus, beautiful CSS3 animations. It’s responsive and retina-ready too.

Slider All CSS, No Fuss

Elena’s contribution is a CSS-only slider. Responsive with left/right button navigation and navigation dots.

CSS Image Slider with Buttons

Pascal Bachmann shares a pure CSS image slider, complete with previous/next buttons and image transitions.

Pure CSS, Annotated Carousel

From Paul Noble, this is a free annotated linear carousel that you can use instantly. It employs CSS pseudo classes, attribute values, and sibling selectors to mimic the dynamic DOM state.

Before After Image Slider (Vanilla)

Huw also gives us a vanilla JS image slider. It’s minimal but pleasant to look at.

Split-Screen Masterpiece

Brought to us by Envato Tuts+, a split-screen slider element with JavaScript.

Before & After Slider Gallery: SVG Masks Edition

Craig Roblewsky experiments with a before & after slider all inside an SVG. The images and captions scale nicely together, thanks to it being SVG. He used GreenSock’s Draggable and ThrowProps plugins for the slider control.

Slider that Compares: Before & After with HTML5

Our mate Dudley Storey showcases a neat slider crafted for comparing the before and after. He cleverly employed a customized range input for the slider to make it happen.

For the Creatives: Featured Image Slider in Pure CSS

Ruediger Stursberg came up with a stunning CSS slider which he designed to serve artists, including photographers. The slider functions with a neat interactive slideshow, making it ideal for featuring works of art.

Engaging Multimedia: Video Comparison Slider with HTML5

Again, Dudley Storey surprises us with a fascinating video comparison slider using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

The Handy Tool: Draggable Image Comparison Slider

Our friends at CodyHouse got inventive and came up with this draggable slider, making it super easy to compare two images. The slider is powered by CSS3 and jQuery, adding a bit of flair to it.

Simple Yet Effective: Pure CSS Slider

Kamil introduces a pure CSS slider, relying solely on HTML and CSS. It’s delightfully simple, and works with arrow keys for easy navigation.

Sleek and Smooth: 3D Perspective Slider

Alex Nozdriukhin built a 3D perspective slider that responds to mouse movements. The slider is not only responsive but also provides a smooth and slick user experience.

Grand Display: Fullscreen Hero Image Slider

Tobias Bogliolo created a fullscreen hero image slider with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This makes it ideal for creating a grand visual display on your website.

Digging into the World of CSS Sliders

Fancy Slider

This beauty is from Nikolay Talanov. And oh boy, it has some killer features. It plays around with image masking, blend-mode, smart color system, and more! And the best part? It runs on vanilla js, just under 200 lines of code.

Skewed Sliders

Can’t get enough of sliders? Check out this one:

Gray & White – Skewed Slider with Scrolling

This one’s a creation from Victor Belozyorov, and it’s based purely on JS and CSS. It’s a skewed slider that beautifully integrates scrolling.

Gotta Slide ’em All

And who says sliders can’t be fun? Look at this!

Pokemon Slider

Pham Mikun brought the Pokemon world into sliders. Now that’s what I call a slider animation with some pop!

Sliders with a Twist

And just when you thought sliders can’t surprise you, here’s this:

CSS Slider Puzzle Game

This gem by Mark Robbins is a slider puzzle game that really shows off what CSS can do. It’s an insightful way to understand how CSS works with HTML for transitions.

Complex Animations and Angled Text

Want to see something even more complex? Look here:

Slider with complex animation and half-collored angled text

This one’s from Ruslan Pivovarov. He integrated HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a slider with complex animation and half-colored angled text.

Challenge Accepted!

If you’re up for a coding challenge, you should totally check this out:

Code challenge!

This is from Rune Sejer Hoffmann, a nifty generator that can provide a coding challenge when you’re bored!

Sliding with Parallax

Oh, and there’s more!

Slider Parallax Effect

Manuel Madeira has this cool slider with a parallax effect, designed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Ripple Effect

Get your eyes on this next one:

Slider with Ripple Effect v1.1

Pedro Castro made a slider with a ripple effect. It’s designed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Clip-Path Revealing Slider

Here’s something that’ll pique your interest:

Clip-Path Revealing Slider

Another beauty from Nikolay Talanov. It’s a slider that reveals with clip-path, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Full Page Slider

Joseph Martucci brings us a full-page slider using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Full Slider Prototype

Full slider prototype from Gluber Sampaio, designed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

CSS Slider – pure css – #10

A pure CSS slider from Ivan Grozdic.

Greensock animated slideshow [wip]

An animated slideshow from Arden using Greensocks TweenLite/Tweenmax.

Linear slider with SplitText effect | Greensock

Arden is back at it again with a linear slider with SplitText effect.

Immersive Full-Screen Slider

Say hello to a slider that occupies your entire screen, brought to life by Diaco M.Lotfollahi. With the powerful trio of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it’s like diving headfirst into a universe of slides.

CSS Elegance: Horizontal Slide

David Conner pushes the envelope with a horizontal slider that thinks outside the box. Click a header menu item, and you’re whisked away to the next slide – it’s as fluid as turning pages in a book.

Enter the Parallax Realm

Slide into a different dimension with Nikolay Talanov’s fullscreen drag-slider. Featuring parallax effects, and coded with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it’s truly a sight to behold.

The Rotating Marvel

Tyler Johnson presents an actual rotating slider, which leverages the power of clip-path and some serious mathematical magic. This proof of concept slider is an example of creative wizardry at work.

Mystery Behind the Mask

Ting Chen unveils a CSS-only slider with a compelling twist. The text, hidden behind a mask, adds a layer of mystery and intrigue to every slide.

Oceanic Overlays: The Sea of Slides

This creation by Shaw is a dynamic blend of image and content sliders, accentuated by a mesmerizing parallax effect.

CSS Slide Gallery

Created by Sam Gord, this slide gallery is a symphony composed solely in the language of CSS.

Riding the Flexbox Wave

Katherine Kato brings us a refreshing flexbox image slider. Built with vanilla JavaScript, it keeps things simple while ensuring a fluid transition between slides.

Blink and You’ll Miss It: Motion Blur Effect

So, here’s the thing, my buddy Damián Muti has got this kick-ass slider that simulates motion blur. Click on a slide, and whoosh, it’s like warp speed. He’s working with SVG Gaussian Blur filters and CSS keyframes here. And while there’s a bit of JavaScript, it’s only helping out with the sliding part.

Greensock, Meet Slider. Slider, Meet Greensock

Artur Sedlukha went all in on this one. If you’re into cool animations and JavaScript, you’re going to love his Greensock animated slider.

The Art of Masking with SVG

Damián Muti’s back at it again, this time playing around with SVG patterns. He’s turned these patterns into masks for a CSS-only image slider, and let me tell you, it’s worth a peek.

Slide, Parallax, Repeat

Mirko Zorić is cooking up some neat slider transitions with a dash of parallax. He’s mostly using CSS filters and the result, let’s just say it’s like watching a magic trick.

Keeping It Simple with GSAP

Check out Goran Vrban’s GSAP slider. It’s straightforward, but the subtle tween animations add that special something.

GSAP, Second Edition

Em An’s slider is rocking GSAP version 2. If you missed the first one, don’t worry. The sequel is always better.

Slice, Slide, Sizzle

Stephen Scaff has cooked up a spicy slider. It uses a simple class addition for a ‘slicey’ transition. It supports scrollwheel, nav buttons, and arrow keys. It’s got some thoughts on mobile design too.

Borders, Paths, and Sliding Goodness

Emily Hayman has taken CSS border-image & clip-path and turned it into a rocking slider animation. Trust me, it’s worth a look.

Sprinkle a Little Slider Magic

Jamie Coulter baked up a real treat. This HTML and CSS cupcake slider even comes with sprinkles. Go ahead, have a bite.

Captivating E-commerce Showcase

Crafted by Pedro Castro, the Ecommerce Slider v2.1 combines the power of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a visually pleasing and functional slider for ecommerce platforms.

Sleek and Curvy

Ruslan Pivovarov brings to the table an elegant Clean Slider With Curved Background using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A clean slider that surely stands out with its uniquely curved background.

Image Slicing Magic with CSS

In the world of CSS Sliders, Kseso presents a different flavor with slicing images pure CSS and more. It showcases the true power of CSS with image pagination and an engaging lightbox.

Innovative Clip Slider

Again from Pedro Castro, a Slider using property Clip v2.0 uses the CSS3 property clip to create a remarkable visual effect.

Geekwen’s Responsive Gem

Don’t miss out on this responsive CSS slider by geekwen. A brilliant piece of work designed for a myriad of screens.

Typography Meets CSS Sliders

In Untranslatable, Joe Harry blends typography and transitions in a simple slider experiment that is sure to catch your eye.

Masking Magic

Experience Bhakti Al Akbar’s Image Slider with Masking Effect that beautifully utilizes CSS clip path to create a stunning masking effect.

Pure CSS Wonders

Sean Jacob’s Responsive CSS Slider is a fine example of a slider controlled purely by CSS using radio:checked.

Dot Slider, A Classic

Brought to you by Derek Nguyen, the dot slider is an elegant blend of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Prismatic Visuals

Victor’s Prism Effect Slider stands out with a prismatic effect created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Glide and Slide with Style

Experience Ron Gierlach’s Sliding Background Gallery, an amalgamation of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, creating a sliding background gallery like no other.

Shadow Play

Husam Alrubaye’s Pure CSS Slider stands out with a stunning shadow effect crafted purely with CSS.

Sequence of Wonders

Ian Lunn’s Sequence.js – Mono is a product slider powered by Sequence.js, showcasing the responsive CSS animation framework for creating unique sliders.

Tiny Circle, Big Impact

Bram de Haan’s Tiny Circle Slider – Customized creates a remarkable impact with a tiny circular slider.

Gaming in Style

Eduard Mayer’s Responsive GTA V Slider blends gaming with web design through a responsive GTA V slider using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Cubey Wonders

Eric Brewer’s A Cubey Slider (webkit) rotates cubeishly, for reasons that tickle curiosity.

Hover to Slide

Hugo DarbyBrown’s CSS Hover Slider is a beautiful pure CSS slider that reacts to hover.

Checkbox-Hack? Not Here!

ycw’s cpc-checkbox-hack keeps it simple with a classic href='#..' plus :target combo. It’s clean and uncomplicated – no checkbox involved.

FAQ about CSS sliders

What is a CSS slider?

A CSS slider is a web design element used to create interactive, visually appealing slideshows without relying heavily on JavaScript. These sliders utilize CSS animations and transitions to display images, text, or other content. They enhance user engagement and can be fully customized for responsive design.

How do I create a simple CSS slider?

Creating a simple CSS slider involves using HTML to structure your slides, and CSS for styling and animations. You’ll need to use keyframe animations or CSS transitions to make the slides move. Ensuring your CSS is clean and well-structured will help the slider run smoothly and responsively.

Can I make a CSS slider responsive?

Yes, you can make a CSS slider responsive by using flexible units like percentages, and media queries to adjust the layout on different devices. Ensuring your images and content adapt to various screen sizes will enhance user experience and accessibility, making your slider look great on any device.

What are the benefits of using CSS sliders?

CSS sliders offer several benefits: they improve user engagement, provide a visually appealing way to display content, and enhance navigation. They are lightweight compared to JavaScript sliders, load faster, and can be fully customized to fit the design and functionality needs of any website.

How can I add navigation controls to a CSS slider?

To add navigation controls, use HTML elements such as buttons or links, and style them with CSS. You can use pseudo-classes for hover and active states, and add event listeners in CSS for animations. These controls improve user interaction, making your slider more intuitive and accessible.

Are CSS sliders SEO-friendly?

CSS sliders can be SEO-friendly if implemented correctly. Ensure your content is accessible by search engines and users alike by using proper HTML markup, alt text for images, and structured data. Avoid hiding important content within sliders and ensure fast loading times for optimal performance.

What are some common issues with CSS sliders?

Common issues with CSS sliders include poor performance on older browsers, lack of responsiveness, and accessibility challenges. Ensuring proper fallbacks for older browsers, using flexible layouts, and incorporating ARIA roles and keyboard navigation can mitigate these issues and improve user experience.

How do I add captions to a CSS slider?

Adding captions to a CSS slider involves using HTML elements like <figcaption> or <div>, and styling them with CSS. Position the captions within the slider and use CSS to animate their appearance. Captions provide context and enhance the informational value of your sliders.

Can I use CSS sliders with other frameworks?

Yes, CSS sliders can be integrated with frameworks like Bootstrap or jQuery. Use CSS for the core slider functionality and leverage the framework’s components for additional features like navigation, responsiveness, and customization. This approach allows for a cohesive design that utilizes the best of both worlds.

How do I optimize CSS sliders for performance?

Optimize CSS sliders by using minified CSS, reducing image sizes, and leveraging browser caching. Ensure your animations are efficient by limiting the use of heavy effects. Test your slider across different devices and browsers to identify and address any performance bottlenecks, ensuring a smooth user experience.


Exploring CSS sliders examples opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing your web design projects. The beauty of CSS sliders lies in their simplicity and versatility, allowing for sleek, responsive designs without heavy reliance on JavaScript.

By incorporating CSS animation and responsive design techniques, you can create engaging, interactive experiences that captivate users and boost engagement.

We’ve delved into a range of pure CSS sliders, showcasing how they can be tailored to fit various needs—be it image galleries, content carousels, or dynamic showcases.

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A Selection Of Great CSS Sliders To Use On Your Website

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