Great CSS Toggle Switch Options You Can Use On Your Site

Enhance user interaction with CSS toggle switch examples. Explore creative and functional designs in our comprehensive showcase.

Ever find yourself mesmerized by the seamless flick of a switch on a gadget? That satisfying snap? It’s no different in the digital universe—where a CSS toggle switch is that cool kid on the block, flipping on features or shifting modes with a sleek slide or tap.

In this byte-size tour, we’ll dive into a world where code meets creativity, surfacing CSS toggle switch examples that aren’t just functional; they’re a vibe. From the checkboxes that remember your choices like an old pal to radio buttons that point your options like a compass – we cherry-pick designs that marry form with function.

By the time we’ve hit the bottom of the scroll bar, you’ll have a toolkit of inspiration. Whether you’re crafting an accessible slider that welcomes all users or injecting life into your UI with animated toggle buttons, I’ve got you covered. And if terms like :checked selector or JavaScript toggle event sound alien, worry not. We’ll decode the jargon and deliver solutions that even design novices can grasp.

Expect to exit this digital safari with a cache clear of fresh ideas and the know-how to create engaging, responsive UI elements that amp up any website’s cool factor. Let’s get flipping!

Pure CSS Day/Night

Author: Jason Tyler

This first pure CSS toggle switch design adds an interesting flare. It displays the sun and a cloud to indicate the on position and the moon and stars to indicate off.

CSS Pancake

Author: Adam Kuhn

Here is another toggle button that turns off boring.

It is perfect for a cooking or kitchen-related site. It presents a frying pan that is cooking pancake batter.

Kitty Toggle

Author: Natalya

This switch replaces the traditional toggle circle for a cat emoji. It adds a little extra excitement to a website.

Also, it is easy to add to a website’s code.

Sub/Sup Toggle

Author: Adam Kuhn

This toggle switch uses a sub sandwich and a “sup” hand gesture emoji. It is designed for a subscription purpose.

Custom Toggle Switch

Author: Aditya Bhandari

This is a simple and traditional toggle switch with bright colors. It uses pure CSS and a clean HTML markup.

It includes a label but designers do not have to use it if they do not want to.

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CSS grid toggle (animates in Firefox Nightly only)

Author: Liam

Here is another traditional toggle button.

The toggle lights up green to indicate “on”. It uses CSS grid animations.

Emo Toggle

Author: Vineeth.TR

To mix things up a little, this CSS toggle switch makes a smiley face when in the position relative to “on”. It makes a frowny face for “off”.

Pure CSS iOS Toggle Button

Author: Hailjake

This switch imitates an iOS toggle button. It is an HTML and CSS switch.

The background color turns green when activated.

CSS Switch

Author: Randy Lebeau

This HTML and CSS toggle button uses mini animations within the switch to delight the user. The background displays a switch label so users know when it is active and when it’s not.

Springy Switchbox

Author: @keyframers

Here is a pure CSS toggle switch with a checkbox animation. When a user activates the switch, the toggle flips from a plain box to a checkbox animation.

Another Toggle

Author: valaxin

For those who like to add a little spin to their toggle switches, here is a rolling toggle switch. When a user clicks on it, it rolls from off to on and vice versa.

Single-element Toggle Switch

Author: Keith Pickering

This toggle switch takes a modern design and makes it futuristic. Glowing green and red border colors and labels indicate the switch’s position.

Option toggle CSS only

Author: Tiberiu Raducea

Tiberiu Raducea designed a quick-moving switch. Toggle back and forth from a checkbox to an “x”.

It is a pure CSS and HTML button.

Pure CSS Checkbox Slider

Author: Mark Mead

This CSS and HTML switch slides the circular toggle from side to side turning orange and blue. A label below the switch indicates whether the switch is on or not.

Flat Toggle Switch

Author: Felix De Montis

Felix De Montis created a toggle switch for those who appreciate a boxy form rather than a circular one. The background color turns from green to red indicating its position.

Switchy checkbox

Author: tiffany choong

This code uses a toggle switch to change the whole color of the page. This switch concept would work well for websites that want to compare something.

Toggle switch

Author: Sibi13

Here is another HTML and CSS code that adds a creative element to a website. It takes the traditional concept of a toggle switch and adds a little flair.

On the position relative to “on” the switch is white with a black toggle. When users flip the switch the background color is enveloped by black and the toggle turns white.

A Confusing Toggle Button

Author: Himalaya Singh

Himalaya Singh calls this a confusing toggle button because it includes an element of mystery. When users press on the switch it initiates an engaging animation effect.

Skew Switch

Author: Abhijit Hota

This code creates a toggle switch on a skew. Turning the toggle on and off changes the direction of the skew.

Toy Toggle Switch

Author: Jon Kantner

The design concept of this toggle switch was to create the feeling that a toy was rolling from side to side.

Faction Toggle

Author: Jon Kantner

Here is a Star Wars-inspired toggle switch. It toggles between the side of the Rebels and the Empire.

Simple Toggle

Author: magnificode

This is a simple switch. It toggles between “Yes” and “No” with a clear label indicating the user’s choice.

Antsy Toggles

Author: Daryn St. Pierra

This HTML, CSS switch leans toward the antsy feeling. The toggle bubble moves around a lot, bouncing up and down and from side to side.

It is a great toggle for an option that people are excited about and cannot wait for. The sample shows a choice between tacos and pizza.

Accessible Custom Toggle Switch

Author: Homer Gaines

This code pen allows designers to style a semantic checkbox to behave and look like a toggle button.

Pure CSS “day and night”

Author: Banjamin Rethore

Here is another option for a night and day toggle button.

Subscribe Toggle Button

Author: Himalaya Singh

Here is a subscribe toggle button. It uses the famous woman yelling at a cat meme as its background.

Project Management Triangle

Author: Jhey

Jhey created a code that has multiple toggle buttons. Try selecting all options.

In theory, someone can extend its functionality to work as a multiple-option radio button.

Toggle Buttons

Author: Vineeth.TR

This code pen has switches with different animations, effects, colors, and styles. Surely, one of these options will fit your next project.

CSS Bear Toggle

Author: Anastasia Goodwin

This HTML and CSS switch option presents a bear with a toggle in place of its mouth. When users switch the toggle on and off, the bear changes direction and winks.

It is a perfect option for outdoor websites, animal websites, etc.

Power switch animation

Author: Milan Raring

This switch redefines the definition of toggle switches.

It displays a power button. When a user clicks on it, the power button lights up.

CSS3 Button Animations

Author: Zixuan(Kevin) Fan

Here is a collection of CSS3 switches. It includes switches that flip, 3D flip, slide, switch, and water-fill.

Responsive Emoji Toggles

Author: George W.Park

As emojis become more and more popular they have started to be like another language. Using only emojis, this code pen displays a collection of switches.

For example, one of them toggles between the cow emoji and the glass of milk emoji.

Cold-Hot Toggle Switch

Author: Jon Kantner

To create a hot switch, this code pen presents a switch that toggles between fire and ice.


Author: Andreas Storm

Here is a super simple switch.

Toggle from right to left with no labels. The only indicator is a slight border color change.

Day And Night Toggle

Author: Chris Gannon

Here is a third option for a night and day toggle button.

Totoro Toggle

Author: Adam Kuhn

This switch features a cartoon design character that toggles from awake to asleep. This is a good switch for a children’s website or an educational site.


Author: Olivia Ng

This code pen presents a collection of switches with animation elements. One includes a tribute to Kobe Bryant, one has pancakes, another one uses gravity.

These switches provide a funny and engaging style that many users will enjoy.


Author: Bennett Feely

Bennett Feely offers four different toggles with different style elements.

One uses a flip to change from on to off. Another slides and another one bounces.

On/off toggle switch

Author: Anastasia Goodwin

Anastasia Goodwin uses a switch with border-radius 50%. The whole page changes color and the animation in the toggle changes as users turn it off and on.

Pure CSS Toggles

Author: Rafael Gonzalez

Rafael Gonzalez offers a few switch options with a flat design. Each one has its own style and animation.

Pure CSS Fuel Gauge Toggle

Author: Omercan Balandi

Here is a toggle button in the design of a fuel gauge. When users click on it the gauge goes from empty to full.

Accessible toggle-style checkbox

Author: Chris Hart

This code pen presents some toggle-style checkbox buttons. Some are square and others have a round border-radius.

Pure CSS toggle buttons

Author: Mauricio Allende

Here is another collection of various toggle-style buttons. Some flip, have a round border-radius, or have a flat design.

SVG Switches

Author: Maksim Daunarovich

For those who want switches that stand out, this is a good option. The design is diamond-shaped to create an SVG switch.


Author: Navigation bar

This code pen provides several different animations that toggle from yes to no in a creative way.

A bunch of funky CSS3 Toggle Buttons

Author: Ashley Watson-Nolan

Look here for a few funky toggle switches. Choose between a neon CSS switch, a happy and sad switch, and much more.

Tire Toggle

Author: Jon Kantner

Jon Kantner created a toggle button that displays a tire speeding to the other side of the switch.

All-CSS Toggle Switch

Author: Marcus Burnette

Here is a traditional HTML, CSS simple toggle button.

Bootstrap Button Toggle (On/Off Switch)

Author: Aanjulena Sweet

This provides different sized and colored traditional toggle switches, each with a label.

FAQs about CSS toggle switch

How do I create a CSS toggle switch from scratch?

Creating a CSS toggle switch from scratch involves HTML for structure – think checkboxes camouflaged as sliders – and CSS for the style. Pseudo-classes like :checked are your best pals here, changing the switch’s appearance when it’s clicked. Keep it pure CSS, add a sprinkle of transitions for that smooth glide, and you’ve got a basic yet slick toggle.

Can a CSS toggle switch work without JavaScript?

Absolutely! Harness the power of CSS3 and play with :checked and sibling combinators to create a toggle that’s all style, no script. It’s like making a cake without the need to bake – CSS does the heavy lifting, no JavaScript required.

How can I animate my CSS toggle switch?

Animation’s your go-to for that extra zing. Throw in some CSS transitions or keyframes to morph your toggle’s background or handle position when it’s in action. Imagine a switch doing a samba dance – that’s the level of flair we’re aiming for.

What’s the best way to make my CSS toggle switch accessible?

Think ARIA roles and proper labeling: you want each switch to narrate its story to screen readers. Also focus on keyboard navigability – yes, toggles love a good tap from the ‘Tab’ key too. Accessible doesn’t mean boring; it just means inclusive.

Is it possible to create a pure CSS toggle switch that works on all browsers?

Cross-browser compatibility is key. While pure CSS toggles are universally adored, older browsers might give them the cold shoulder. Techniques like graceful degradation ensure even those stuck in the digital Stone Age get the gist of your design.

How do I make my CSS toggle switch responsive?

Responsive design isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a must. Use relative units and consider different viewports. Your toggle should be as flexible as a yoga instructor, adapting seamlessly from a chic smartphone to a hefty desktop.

Can a CSS toggle switch be used to change the website’s theme?

Envision a toggle as the switchboard of your site. With some clever CSS and a smidge of JavaScript, flipping that toggle can swap stylesheets, plunging your site into dark mode or a kaleidoscope of colors with just one click.

How do I test the functionality of my CSS toggle switch?

Testing is like the proof taste of the pudding – vital. Click, tap, and navigate via keyboard. Check under the hood in different browsers and screen sizes, because if your toggle’s going to strut its stuff, it better do it flawlessly.

Can CSS toggle switches be styled to match my brand?

Brand consistency is the goal. Ditch the default styles; you’re the Picasso of toggles. Match your brand colors, round those edges, or keep them sharp. It’s your design, so flaunt it, match it, own it!

What makes a CSS toggle switch different from a checkbox?

Though toggle switches and checkboxes are siblings in functionality, think of a toggle as checkbox’s cooler, visual cousin. It’s not just about checking a box; it’s about sliding into decisions with a more intuitive and interactive flair.

Ending thoughts

And just like that, we’ve reached the tail end of our digital journey through the valley of CSS toggle switch examples. You’ve seen the sleek sliders, the nifty animations, and probably thought, “Hey, that was doable and kinda fun, too!”

With each click and flick, remember: it’s more than mere aesthetics; it’s about building interfaces that everyone can groove with – from the touch-tappers to the click-commanders.

Now, armed with a newfound arsenal of UI gems and CSS tricks, you’re set to transform checkboxes into those snazzy toggles that users will love to toggle. Whether you’re jazzing up a web page or making features flip at your command, those switches will surely be a switch-up from the norm.

So go on, let those creative juices flow, swipe those keyframes into life, and may your toggles always land in the “heck yeah” position!

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Great CSS Toggle Switch Options You Can Use On Your Site

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