Stunning News Website Templates: 20+ Examples

Explore top news website templates for journalists & publishers. Create engaging, professional sites to share stories & updates with ease.

Imagine flipping open the freshest broadsheet – crisp, compelling, and brimming with stories begging to be devoured.

That’s the vibe you want for your news site, right? Here we wander into the heart of the digital newsstand— where glossy buzz meets pixel-perfect precision, all wrapped up in news website templates worth their weight in headlines.

Let’s dive into a treasure trove of layouts, where responsive design isn’t just an amenity but the golden standard.

Whether you’re a solo blogger broadcasting the latest tech trends or a magazine maestro aiming to dominate the online realm, this is where your quest begins.

By the end of this article, you’ll not only be fluent in templates, but you’ll exude the savvy to pick a framework that’s as user-friendly as it is stylish—could be Bootstrap, might be WordPress, or any CMS of your choosing.

Together, we’re unwrapping the ultimate catalog designed to anchor your online news portal in both form and function.

What awaits? An armory of SEO-optimizedmobile-friendly, and social media integrated selections, ensuring your site headlines the web’s vast newsstand. Welcome to the stuff of digital editors’ dreams!

News Website Templates

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

An easily customizable news carousel featuring images and text.

News Magazine Template

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

An easily customizable news magazine carousel featuring images, videos, and text.

Good News

Let’s talk “Good News,” a dreamy digital space that flexes and fits any screen like a glove. Think of a color palette as wide as your imagination and layouts that dance to the tune of your wildest dreams. Imagine sparking conversations, right at home on any device, with a design that wraps around your content like a warm embrace. Good News goes beyond responsive design â€” it’s a transformable canvas begging for your brand of storytelling, a perfect ally for any online newspaper or blogging dynamo.


What if a template was as lively as the stories it tells? Enter Newspapr, a sizzling hot design sensation that’s responsive straight out of the gate. Tailor-made for those wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee scoops and midnight musings, it’s a style maven for your words. Step into a modern, dynamic layout that gives your stories not just a look, but an identity. And across every device, it’s like having your content’s personal stylist, keeping it snazzy, fresh, and on-point.


Hotmagazine is that bold statement you wear with pride, not just a HTML5 news template, but a badge of audacity. Whether you’re casting the spotlight on fashion, sports or the buzzing street corner, Hotmagazine has you covered with 11 flavors of awesome. Picture your content breaking into a jive, animated and retina-ready, as it greets every reader. It’s versatile, too, rolling out the red carpet for everything from forums to author spotlights. Ready to dial-up the personal in personalization?


Ncmaz is the future in pixel form, a tech virtuoso designed for the digital native. Crafted on the cutting edge, it’s where blogs, news, and podcasts come alive. Flip the switch on vibes with a one-click dark or light mode — it’s like getting two designs in one. Fresh, intuitive, and lightning quick, we’re talking loading speed at warp drive. Dive into an era where content isn’t just seen, it’s felt like a heartbeat, and it’s experience first, making every interaction a “wow” moment.


Deus, oh Deus, the digital chisel for the modern Michelangelo of news. Niche it up with a style switcher that handles political punditry or tech talk with equal flair. This isn’t just a Swiss Army knife; it’s a full-on tool chest where homepage styles and post styles morph to your mood. The design is as clean as it gets, keeping those load times zippy, and the customization? Let’s just say the sky’s our starting line. This is where voices carry, far and wide.

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Meet Blogar, your digital raconteur, a swanky space where tales don’t just tell; they perform. Tailored for the movers and text shakers, flip your vibe from light to dark as easy as dawn to dusk. Every story, every article, cloaked in sleek, adaptive UX/UI design, ready to turn the tables and transform every casual scroll into an indelible impression. Your voice doesn’t just echo here; it resounds, ricochets, and reverberates, carving out its own digital echo chamber.


MinberiMag is that seamless blend of elegance with brains, a canvas that adapts, adopting each piece like it was always meant to be there. Crafted for not just news websites but lifestyle maestros and tech gurus, it’s your content’s moment in the spotlight, each story a performance of its own. Responsive? Check. Retina-ready? Absolutely. Here, stories don’t just look good, they make a statement – because every word, every image is in its best suit, waiting to make an entrance.


Vinazine is the template that knows no boundaries, a storytelling chameleon that adapts, shifts, and morphs as you weave through niches. Feel the story, from business buzz to tech trends, foodie adventures to lifestyle enchantments. It’s the canvas that’s as diverse as the news itself, framing each narrative in the limelight, ready for the ovation. This isn’t just creating a website; it’s crafting the gateway for stories that echo in our lives, coloring them with a spectrum of emotion.


Sprasa, your digital mosaic, where every tale pops, vibrant and bold. It’s not just the news; it isn’t just an escapade – it’s a tapestry. This is elegance wrapped in HTML, a layout that pivots and pirouettes to the tune of your narrative. Responsive? More like reactive, as it responds to every reader’s touch, swipe, and gaze. Envision your blog or magazine, not as a stop but a destination, not just a read, but the go-to for inspiration. Welcome to Sprasa – make yourself at home.


Imagine that – Pressroom, a digital newsroom that never sleeps, waiting to usher each story out into the spotlight. Designed for the bold, for the storytellers who are rewriting the rules, watch as your breaking news and deep dives captivate and engage. This is the template that holds not just the news cycle, but the hands of its leaders, ensuring that no story just passes by. Responsive, awake, and engaging, Pressroom is the template that news didn’t know it needed.


Newsprk, where the heartbeat of the globe is felt with every click, a ripple of experiences with each headline. Built for the quick-fire broadcaster, the passionate pundit, it’s your digital megaphone across the expanse we call the web. The design? Sleek, modern, and responsive. Your content isn’t just seen; it commands the screen, drawing the audience from the first emotive word to the contemplative last. Newsprk is the spotlight for your voice, resounding, triumphant – and utterly unmissable.


Let’s paint the town with Gmag, the digital canvas where every scribble, every snapshot tells a story. For the contemporary story-weaver, this template dishes out modern chic by the plateful. It’s the template that dusts off your content and gives it prime time on the digital stage, with a design so clean, you could dine off it. Whether it’s current affairs or the echoes of your thoughts, Gmag has the style to make those words resonate.


Yui is that quantum leap in mobile design, whispering the future into the here and now. Whether it’s your mobile site, PWA, or native app, Yui is where your ideas take flight. Your audience will slide through a design so intuitive, it’s like second nature, with an engagement that sticks, resonates, and makes them come back for more. Yui isn’t just about sharper images or slicker transitions; it’s about that connection, that moment, that stays with them long after the screen dims.


Discover Stories, a safe harbor where each sentence weaves its magic and every narrative comes alive. This is where writers don’t just share; they enchant and weave a tapestry that blankets the soul. Your blog becomes not just a collection but a voyage shared, as each post unfurls a new horizon. Stories is the digital odyssey where every reader becomes your companion on a journey that stretches beyond the band of text and into the heartbeat of imagination.


Step into Hewo, a digital newsstand that’s humming with the fresh vibes of today. With HTML5, CSS3, and some Bootstrap magic, it’s where your online publication blossoms. It’s not just responsive; it’s a digital soiree, inviting your audience to a visual gala that celebrates each word, image, and clip. Your stories don’t just sit there; they bask in the limelight, demanding recognition with a design that’s as on-trend as your most recent tweet. Hewo is the digital hub where your stories are not just told; they’re celebrated.

FAQ On News Website Templates

What should I look for in a good news website template?

Rocket speed and sleek design are your best pals—aim for responsive design. Readers love snappy sites that look ace on any device. And hey, nothing beats easy navigation, so users find their news fix without a hitch. Remember, a flexible CMS will save you heaps of time.

Can I find free news website templates that are professionally designed?

Absolutely, the web’s a goldmine for such gems. Freebies are out there, sporting a professional sheen.

Sure, they might not have all the bells and whistles, but for bootstrap operations? Perfect. Peek around, patience pays—it’s how you find those responsive and SEO-optimized steals.

How important is mobile responsiveness for a news website template?

It’s like asking if coffee’s essential for an early morning—heck, yes! In today’s on-the-go world, if your site’s a turtle on phones or tablets, readers will bounce. So, let’s keep ’em hooked with mobile-friendly templates. It’s non-negotiable, plain and simple.

Are WordPress news themes better than HTML templates?

Ah, the classic tug-of-war. WordPress themes are a plug-and-play dream, packed with nifty plugins and a kid-glove CMS. HTML’s the DIY enthusiast’s canvas—more elbow grease, but freedom galore. It boils down to your tango with tech and how much control you’re chasing.

What features should a modern news website template include?

Gaze into your reader’s minds—what ticks their boxes? Live feeds, tick. Social media integration, tick. Video support, and don’t forget ad-ready spaces.

Oh, and make it a breeze for users to share content because who doesn’t love going viral? Seriously, make it snappy, make it social.

How can I customize a news website template to fit my brand?

Get your hands dirty with customization options. Color picking, font fiddling, layout tweaking—it’s like painting by numbers, only your imagination’s the limit. A few clicks here, a line of code there, and voilĂ , your brand’s DNA is all over that template.

Do news website templates have SEO features built-in?

The smart ones do, and you want smart. Look out for SEO-optimized themes—they’ve done half the grunt work for you. Meta tags, clean URLs, and rich snippets should be in your kit. They’re like your site’s megaphone to search engine ears.

Is there a way to preview a news website template before purchasing?

You bet. Like window shopping, but for your next digital digs. Savvy developers offer live demos or previews—take ’em for a spin. Tinker with the responsive layouts, play with features. It’s a try-before-you-buy deal, wouldn’t want it any other way.

What distinguishes a news website template from other types of website templates?

News templates are bustling hubs for content—think breaking news tickers, article archives, and photo essays. They’re engineered for the storyteller, the muckraker, the digital town crier. Unlike the rest, they demand a relentless pulse on the now, just like a live newsroom.

How often should I update my news website template?

Freshness is king. Not just in content, but in style and function. Give your site a nip and tuck every couple of years. Tech evolves, design trends come and go, and your audience’s tastes change. Stay current, stay sharp—it’s the news business, after all.


So, we’ve traipsed through a variety of examples of news website templates, trawling the digital landscape for layouts that don’t just echo the pulse of current events but amplify them, with designs that marry responsive design and mobile-friendly prowess.

It’s a wrap on painting the town with templates that carry the essence of modern news layout—slick, swift, and wired to the minute, loaded with frameworks like Bootstrap and WordPress that ease the way for even those fresh on the scene.

Our dive into the virtual newsroom leaves us armed—a quiver full of the latest templates, each an arrow promising to hit the bullseye of your audience’s attention span.

Closing this chapter, remember, whether it’s the streamlined grace of a minimalist design or the multi-page format that offers an encyclopedia of stories, it’s about finding a fit. One that not only reflects your brand’s heartbeat but also, and most importantly, captures the relentless rhythm of the world’s stories. Keep it real, keep it fresh, and keep those readers coming back for more.

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