Top Travel Website Templates for Your Business

Looking to build a travel website that stands out from the rest? Our expertly designed travel website templates will help you showcase your destination and entice visitors to explore the world with you.

Imagine unzipping the globe and stepping inside—a world where your wanderlust meets sleek design. That’s the heart of a well-crafted travel website. With the digital nomad lifestyle on the rise and remote work becoming the norm, the right template is your golden ticket to capturing the ever-growing caravan of explorers.

Think of this article as your compass, spinning towards the true north of superb travel website templates. Here, we unveil gems crafted for smooth navigation and stories that unfold like a map, beckoning visitors to venture deeper. You’ll learn the secrets to captivating visuals, user-friendly interfaces, and layouts that glide like a well-packed suitcase.

Expect to encounter responsive designbooking forms, and SEO optimization, vital for any template worth its salt in today’s market. We’ll touch on WordPress travel themes and break down the importance of mobile-friendly layouts.

By journey’s end, you’ll not only be brimming with inspiration but equipped with the toolbox to create an online haven for fellow globetrotters. Dive in, as we chart a course through the allure and practical magic of examples of travel website templates.

Travel Website Templates To Pick From

Travel Agency Card Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

This tastefully modern card slider template for Slider Revolution will take your travel blog or travel booking website to new heights, surpassing your expectations.

Travel Blog Carousel

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This template for a travel blog features captivating parallax and Ken Burns effects that create an immersive experience. The perspective and subtle effects enhance the overall feel of the design.

Portal Effect Hero Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Whether you need an impressive landing page or a striking product presentation for your WordPress website, this hero slider module with a portal effect can deliver great results. Its impressive design makes it suitable for use anywhere on your travel site.

Cinematic Wildlife Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

This photography-based slider enables you to effortlessly create cinematic presentations. It includes a user-friendly YouTube video popup feature for added convenience.


The first example on the list is AndTour which is made with Bootstrap 5, CSS3, HTML5, and SCSS. It is responsive and works on all major browsers. With AndTour you get support for boxed layout, Font Awesome, Google Fonts, and sticky headers. Whether you are into travel blogs or if you offer cruises, flights, and other trips, you’ll have what you need with AndTour. It has many features and is easy to customize.


The second example is great for any travel agency. It has a modern and clean design and is easy to customize. You can add a full-size background image and use your creativity to spotlight your business. Ramble uses Bootstrap 5 which helps in making your site look great on any of the most popular browsers.


You can get started today with this HTML5 template. It will make your site and services stand out to any visitor. You can offer your customers trips, hotels, and restaurants. It uses Bootstrap 4 for optimal performance. On top of that, you can choose from any of the nine homepage layouts.


Here you find a modern and responsive tourism template in HTML. Its design suits travel agencies, blogs, tour operators, car rentals, and similar businesses. Exploore includes 21 HTML files, five different homepage styles, and 16 other useful pages. There are layouts for an about, blog, contact, and services pages. With the Bootstrap framework you will be able to make an engaging booking experience.


CityTours is a template for businesses and agencies that offer services for tourists. You can use it to promote a city and provide general information. Other things you can offer include event tickets, guided tours, hotels, trips, and much more.

CityTours also has much to offer on the technical side. It uses CSS3, HTML5 code, and the latest Bootstrap version. It will, thus, look great on any kind of device. You get 25 homepage designs and more than 120 HTML files.

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You will love TRAVOL if you love creative designs. Still, it maintains a modern and clean look. The builder allows you to see changes in real time so you always know what kind of impression you will make. There are many customization options that are easy to use. Some of its most exciting features are

  • Bootstrap Grid
  • Animate
  • Poppins and Barlow Google Fonts
  • Magnific Popup Gallery
  • Owl Carousel
  • Travel Flaticon
  • Themify Icons
  • YouTube Popup Videos


Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, and SCSS form the basis for this template for travel agencies. It makes it a safe and reliable option. There are more than 20 templates that are ready for you to use. You can customize them to make your services, destinations, and package deals appeal to your customers. It is responsive and will work well on any device and any browser. In fact, the developers guarantee that it will work under any circumstance.


The Wunderlust template comes with a simple and responsive design. You can customize it with ease and adapt it to the needs of your travel agency. It is powerful and responsive because of the use of Bootstrap 4. The sticky headers make it easy for your visitors to browse your catalog.


This template can launch a successful adventure travel website. Its design suits hiking, sports, and other outdoor activities.

Relevant Vedhak features include

  • Three different designs for landing pages
  • Bootstrap 5
  • Responsive
  • Clean and modern design
  • Includes SCSS
  • Unique effects and functionalities
  • W3C validated CSS3 and HTML5 code


TRAVELIA is compatible with Ecwid, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, so you can sell your travel services and products online. You will find that TRAVELIA has a modern and simple design and many layout options. You can use a full-width, boxed, semi-boxed, or boxed margin layout. You get more than 30 HTML files, including six homepage layouts. The options are endless. Other features include

  • Awesome Icons
  • Google Fonts
  • HTML5 and CSS3 code
  • Slider Revolution

Love Travel

Inside Love Travel there are five HTML5 files that you can customize for your tourism and adventure website. Customizations are fast and easy. Love Travel is well-structured and works best for multi-page websites. It uses a 1200 px grid divided into 12 columns.

Travel The World

Have a look at Travel The World if you are looking for something unique and dynamic. It is compatible with most browsers and contains responsive CSS3 and HTML5 code. The result is a clean and responsive website that will boost your sales. You can add an About page with special effects and images that introduce your team. On the Contact page, you can add a Google Maps feature so that customers can find the physical location of your business.


Lavella is a tourism website template that offers many layout options and awesome design elements. A major advantage of Lavella is that it is SEO-friendly so that people will be able to find your business online. That will increase the sales of your tours and destinations. It has a sidebar that you can put on the right or the left. You can arrange your catalog in two or three columns, and you can choose a light or dark theme.

Star Travel

A premium template, Star Travel offers the best HTML5 for travel, hotel, cruise, car, and flight bookings. It has over 300 HTML pages, including seven homepage designs. Further, it offers footers, headers, a user dashboard, and an admin dashboard. You can choose from 12 attractive color schemes to match your branding. Other important features are

  • 30 customizable PSD files
  • Bootstrap 3 and 4
  • Booking forms
  • PHP contact forms
  • Full responsiveness


Tevily has a specific design for tour operators, travel agencies, and similar businesses. It is professionally designed and contains everything you need to get started with your website. There are two homepage designs, nine inner pages, and a wide range of extra features:

  • Bootstrap 5 grid
  • CSS3 animations
  • Owl Carousel slider
  • SEO optimization

You will be able to make something unique and amazing.


Tripin offers a variety of page layouts that you can use in different settings. It includes three layouts for offering travel and hotel options. You can display it in full-width with a sidebar on either side. There is a separate layout for offering tours that contain an image header. The user experience is excellent, even when searches don’t generate results. For easy communication, there is a reply form that visitors can use to get in touch with you.


GoTrip includes over 60 amazing HTML files, including 10 homepages, five hotel listings, and two hotel page layouts. Besides that, you can add a tour listing, activity page, car rentals, and holiday and cruise offers. That is only a small selection of what GoTrip has to offer. Any business in the tourism industry will find it a useful and attractive option.

Iqoniq Travel

Iqoniq Travel is a template for hotels and resorts. It is also useful for room reservations, travel agencies, a travel blog, and tour booking. It makes planning a trip quicker and easier. Another application of the Iqoniq Travel template is publishing a travel guidebook online.

The HTML files are versatile and easy to adapt and customize. Interesting features include room detail pages and destination ratings. Users can tell fellow travelers about their experiences. New travelers can then make an informed decision.


This example includes a professional HTML5 template for internet travel bookings. It uses Bootstrap 4, CSS3, JavaScript, and SASS. These features make Trizen responsive and easy to customize. You will have access to all necessary travel features. For easy use, there is an admin and a user dashboard.


The last example on the list of best travel website templates is Travelo. It uses Bootstrap 3, CSS3, HTML5, and SCSS. This provides the grid for a responsive and beautiful travel agency website.

It has more than 140 HTML files, including 11 homepage styles. It offers a lot of customization options. There are pages for listing cars, cruises, flights, and hotels. Each category comes with a search option. On top of that, there are 10 color schemes, seven footers, and eight headers.

FAQs on travel website templates

What should I look for in a travel website template?

Responsiveness is key—your site needs to look great on all devices. Check for smooth booking forms, easy-to-use navigation menus, and mobile-friendly layouts. An effective design balances visual appeal with user experience, ensuring SEO optimization—critical for drawing in those adventurers.

How customizable are travel website templates?

Customizability is a treasure. Look for templates that offer various color schemes, customizable widgets, and multiple page layouts. WordPress travel themes, for example, are typically highly customizable. This flexibility lets your brand’s personality shine through, making your digital home as unique as your travel escapades.

Can I integrate booking systems into the template?

Absolutely, integration of online reservation systems is a common feature. Many templates come with built-in tools or WooCommerce integration for your e-commerce needs. HTML5 and CSS3 templates especially make embedding third-party solutions like or your custom system a breeze.

Is SEO important for a travel website template?

SEO can’t be overstated—it’s the wind behind your site’s sails. A template with SEO optimization baked in puts you on the right path. Things like proper heading tags, fast loading times, and mobile-first design are essential. They ensure search engine crawlers favor your site.

Are travel website templates compatible with different browsers?

Cross-browser compatibility is a must. Your globe-trotting visitors will use an array of browsers. Ensuring that your travel site performs consistently across ChromeFirefoxSafari, and others is non-negotiable. It’s a part of that vital behind-the-scenes user experience design.

What should I know about licensing for templates?

Dig into the fine print. Templates come with licenses that dictate how you can use them. Some are open for personal and commercial use, while others might restrict, for example, resale. Understanding the licensing terms protects you from legal turbulence down the road—better safe than sorry.

How do travel website templates handle media content?

Most templates are built to showcase retina-ready images and videos. They’re critical for hooking visitors with stunning visuals of destinations. Look for features like parallax scrolling and galleries that make your high-quality content pop. Responsive design ensures your media looks sharp on all screen sizes.

What kind of support can I expect with a travel website template?

Support varies by provider. You might find WordPress themes with extensive documentation and forums, while others offer personalized support via email or chat. Ensure you’ve got a lifeline; whether it’s a quick fix or complex web development for travel sites, having expert help on standby is crucial.

How important is the speed of a travel website template?

Speed is paramount. Travelers are often on the go, and slow load times are the enemy. Responsive Web Design (RWD) and optimized images keep your pages swift. Moreover, fast speeds bolster your SEO efforts, helping you top the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Can travel website templates handle different languages?

Multilingual support ensures your website speaks to everyone. Many templates cater to international audiences with internationalization/localization capabilities. It’s pivotal for reaching a global audience, using SEO entities‘ right schema to position your template as a citizen of the world, very much like your audience.


Navigating through the sea of examples of travel website templates, it’s like piecing together a jigsaw of the world — each component needs to click into the right spot. The destination? A site that’s the digital equivalent of a first-class ticket: inviting, responsive, and with all the necessary bells and whistles.

You’ve glimpsed various responsive designs, felt the texture of tour operator templates, and seen how crucial online reservation systems are for firing up that booking engine.

The wayfarer in you now knows the importance of SEO optimization, that a mobile-friendly layout is as essential as a passport, and why HTML5 and CSS3 mark the coordinates for a smooth journey in web development.

So here’s your takeaway: whether touching up with WordPress travel themes or embedding customizable widgets, you’re set. Ready to launch a travel portal that tells the globe-trotting audience, ‘Start here for your next adventure.’

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Top Travel Website Templates for Your Business

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