Websites with Video Background That Integrate It Properly

Explore top examples of websites with video backgrounds that enhance user experience and boost engagement.

Imagine landing on a website where the story begins not with words but with a vivid motion picture—complete poetry in motion right on the screen. That’s the magic wielded by video backgrounds in web design. As someone navigating the ever-evolving landscape of digital aesthetics, the importance of integrating such multimedia elements into a website can be revolutionary.

The purpose of this article is to dive deep into the world of websites that leverage video backgrounds effectively, transforming user engagement and setting a dynamic tone from the get-go.

Why are background videos a better choice for your website? For starters, the technology powering sites has improved, making background videos easier to use. Also, our eyes and attention focus on motion. A moving image will capture interest faster than a static page.

By the end of this article, you’ll gain insights into why and how video backgrounds enhance user experience, boost engagement rates, and contribute to visual storytelling.

You’ll see examples that not only please the eye but also strategically serve the brand’s message. From understanding the technical SEO enhancements required to optimize such sites to discussing design best practices, this guide is packed with practical advice.

Websites with Video Backgrounds

WordPress Video Slider

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Numerous WordPress themes come with video sliders that have uninspiring designs. However, Slider Revolution stands out from the rest and is certain to elicit a “WOW” reaction from your website visitors.

Design DNA Scroll Video

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This is a stunning fullscreen hero module that utilizes our new Scroll Video addon to produce an engaging video effect.


IVS is a cost-effective distributor of videos for publishers and broadcasters. It provides premium streaming video providers where advertisers can find clips that they need.

imotion factory films

This website promotes the work of a movie and video production agency.


Pinknova is a  production and consultancy company that can provetheir experience and expertise with video backgrounds.


This post-production video studio’s website especially emphasizes color. Based in Paris, they work in advertising and music video clips.

Pinpoint Media

Pinpoint Media comes straight to the point. They specialize in animations, video, photography, and live streaming.

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Big Productions

Also based in Paris, Big Production is a company that has expertise in making commercials, prints, and music videos.

Build Films

Build Films uses a simple but beautiful website background. These filmmakers want to show off their video projects on their homepage.


Strijp-S is from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. They have a front page with a background video overlaid with a minimal amount of text.

Final Elements

The designers of this website want to catch the attention of the website visitors with large background videos.


ClearMix makes virtual video production. They can make content off-site using professional producers and editors.

Studio 99

David Beckham is famous as a footballer, but he also has a video production studio.

More Media

This website shows the web design for a multimedia production company. More Media creates content, music videos, and commercials for an international audience.


Elespacio is an integrated creative marketing agency. The work on the intersection of technology and media.


The unique approach to advertising is clear from the web design. They have a background video that shows a clip filmed in retro Americana style. The setting is 1950s Manhattan and shows an imaginary world in which the fictional history of the company is set.


This website tells you more about a video prospecting tool for professionals.


This Swedish-Norwegian company provides services for data-driven video communication.


Matter is a strategic design consultancy agency. They present random videos showing different people in the background. It provides web design inspiration for its visitors. It is unique, unexpected, and memorable.


Kalexico is from Birmingham. This company makes professional web designs. They show a full-screen video in the background of the homepage.


Yune is a Dutch content and video marketing company.

California Pizza Kitchen

The new website of California Pizza Kitchen promotes client interaction. It has a clear hierarchy and a clear call to action in the form of an Order Online button. The website shows the restaurant’s Twitter feed, which encourages communication about the brand. The new design is clean and fresh with hero figures promoting CPK’s products.

wethepeople bmx bike co

This website is for a BMX sports brand. It is not for selling products but rather it explores lifestyle. The design involves images and videos.

DJI Mavic 3

This example has a scrollable video background that advertises products. It gives a focused and immersive experience. You can learn more about DJI and Hasselblad Master products.

Project Skin

ProjectSkin MD is also a website featuring a video background. They offer advanced skin care, including laser treatments in their modern facilities. This presentation website has a full-screen video background.

Mitsui E&S Power Systems Inc.

This link leads to the website of a recruitment company. They sell diesel engines and industrial equipment.

Dromoland Castle

The Dromoland Castle’s website uses browser-sized videos for background. This luxury hotel and country club has a golf course and boasts lots of wildlife.

Aris Art Hotel

Aris Art is another hotel that uses a background video to show the hotel’s integration with nature.

Castello di Monsanto

This vineyard from Tuscany, Italy, shows virtual tours and eye-catching video backgrounds. The result is a spectacular user experience.

Ron Podmores Northern Triangle

Ron Podmore Northern Triangle refers to an area covering parts of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The company promotes tourism and American craftwork.

The Depths She’ll Reach

This amazing web page tells the story of Alenka Artnik, who overcame mental health problems to become a world-class athlete. The website is a complete multimedia experience.

Harmony of Humankind Project

This project shows the harmony of colors. By scrolling down, the video background changes to white and the sounds harmonize with the experience.

Films by Brett Johnson

Here is another on our list of websites with video background examples. This background video, though, has a different goal than most. Its purpose is not to tell the story of something or someone, rather it is to show the creative abilities of the designers.


This is the portfolio web page of Rockyvison, a French magazine about creating audio and video content.

Fabio Formato – Video Designer

Fabio Formato is an Italian filmmaker and video designer. This is his personal website.

Olivier Guy – FPV Drone Pilot

This portfolio website is about a French drone pilot. Its creative design includes photos and video backgrounds from the flights.


HollandGreen has a new web design. This architect bureau has a website that is easy to navigate.The layout for the project pages is especially spectacular.


DojaCode is the website of Doja Cat and Girls Who Code. They work together to make interactive music videos. Interested coders can use their skills to modify DojaCode’s videos.

EVERPURE | Brand Video

The designers behind the Everpure video background website are Tony SU and Mengwei Chen and the videos are by Bito Studio.

Cobble Hill

The theme of this website is all about holidays. You can enjoy the palm trees on the homepage.

Energie Service Biel

The Swiss energy service Biel and the ESB water provider present their annual report with a video on the website background.

Ag America

Ag American wants to provide financial advice for farmers and help them to thrive. Then the farmers can rest easy l when times are more challenging.

Y.CO Yachts

Few can afford to buy a luxury yacht. The best we can do is look at them. The Y.CO Yachts website is very absorbing. There are browser-sized videos that show families enjoying a ride on one of the yachts. The videos are inviting without overemphasizing the sales aspect.


This world-leading private jet provider has a new website. Its designers work for the EWM digital agency from Switzerland.

Game Change

Game Change provides a documentary in the form of a game environment. The documentary is about New Zealand’s game industry.

Creative Quarter

It is hard to describe the product Creative Quarter provides. It is like a shared workspace and associated services. Their website’s homepage emphasizes the benefits of the service and  the spaces that it shows are inviting.

Costaz Immobilier

This link leads to the website of VĂ©ronique Costaz, a real estate agent from Saint-Marcellin and Luberon in southern France.


Alba is a residential area from Mississauga. It overviews a busy intersection in the city’s downtown area.

Septime Création

The website background combines visuals with inspiring music. Follow the link and enjoy the experience.

Phantom Hire

This website aims at users with mobile devices. It includes beautiful videos of vehicles, transitions, and hover effects. The layouts result in an amazing user experience.

U.S. Based Digital Agency

The 2Point team is behind this animated website with videos and different movements.

Saltbox website

The Saltbox website shows off an interesting video background.


The user experience of this Talent10 website centers on the video background.

Compose It

This video production company is from Lyon in France.


ThruDark aims to provide the best clothing and equipment. The name refers to the products’ enduring quality under stress.


These Ukrainian video producers have provided videos for Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Lucibelle Paris

Lucibelle Paris uses this page to promote their skincare LED masks, the OVE. The designer of the video website is Olivier Lapidus.

Totem Moto Tours

This tour operator offers exclusive guided motorcycle tours through the French countryside.

Imagine People

These professional video producers make content inspired by your ideas. They will make whatever you want to motivate your target audience.


CFL75 is a digital exhibition from Luxembourg. The Société National des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgois produced it in 2021.

The Columbus Building

If you want a London apartment with a view of the Thames, you need to check out this website. The Columbus Building offers 160,000 square feet of living experience. The site uses a video background to transmit the culture and luxury of the building and surrounding area.

Ultimate World Cruise

This website offers exclusive world cruises.

Jugaad prod

Jugaad is a dynamic video and communication agency. They are enthusiastic about people and culture.

Formula Automobile

The videos and design of this website convey a love for Italian sports cars. Anyone with a passion for motorsports should appraise the Formula Automobile website.

The House of Rohl – KBIS

This presentation website presents the latest trends in kitchens and bathrooms. The collection shows imagination, beauty, and innovation. The design of the House of Rohl – KBIS website is beautiful.

Sea Mirror

This website offers beautiful villas at the Dubai seashore. The houses have designs by international architects and designers.

Plimsoll Productions

Plimsoll offers premium TV content for an international audience. This award-winning company produced documentaries about natural history from all over the world.

FAQ about websites with video backgrounds

How do video backgrounds impact website loading times?

Video backgrounds can impact page loading speeds, especially if not optimized properly. The key to maintaining swift loads involves using compressed video files, implementing lazy loading techniques, or using modern formats like WebM to keep the visuals striking yet efficient.

Are video backgrounds good for SEO?

Video backgrounds alone aren’t a direct SEO booster but can indirectly benefit SEO through enhanced user engagement and reduced bounce rates. Ensure to optimize video for fast loading and integrate proper SEO entities and semantic keywords to maximize impact.

What are the best practices for designing video backgrounds?

Best practices include keeping videos short and silent to avoid distractions, optimizing for mobile responsiveness, and ensuring text contrast for readability. Always consider the background as part of the overall design, not a separate element.

Do video backgrounds improve user engagement?

Yes, effectively implemented video backgrounds can significantly boost user engagement. They attract attention and can convey emotions and context quickly, enriching the user journey and potentially increasing the time spent on the site.

How should videos be formatted for web backgrounds?

Videos should be formatted in a loop without sound, reasonably short, and sized appropriately for web use. Utilizing formats like MP4 for compatibility or WebM for a balance between quality and file size is crucial for performance.

Can video backgrounds be SEO optimized?

Indeed, video backgrounds can be SEO optimized by using LSI keywords, alt text, and metadata like descriptions and tags. Also, embedding video using HTML5 tags helps search engines understand the content, improving the contextuality of the entire page.

What are common mistakes when using video backgrounds?

Common mistakes include choosing overly complex videos that distract from content, not optimizing for mobile devices, and neglecting accessibility by failing to offer a pause or stop option. These can undermine UX and hurt overall website effectiveness.

How do video backgrounds affect mobile users?

If not properly optimized, video backgrounds can negatively affect mobile users through high data usage and slow page load times. Mobile optimization techniques, like choosing appropriate video resolutions and offering alternative static backgrounds for mobile, are essential.

What types of websites benefit most from video backgrounds?

Websites that aim to offer immersive, emotional, or narrative-driven experiences, such as creative portfolios, hospitality services, and event promotions, benefit greatly from video backgrounds. They add dynamic aesthetic appeal that aligns with storytelling.

How can video backgrounds be made accessible?

To enhance accessibility, provide control options like pause, mute, and skip. Also, ensure good contrast between text and video and provide a non-video alternative for accessibility compliance. This respects all users’ needs and preferences, fostering inclusive design.


Exploring examples of websites with video backgrounds reveals a spectrum of creativity and technological integration. What we’ve learned from these showcases is significant: video elements, when leveraged aptly, serve not just as decorative features but as potent tools for enhancing user engagement and conveying brand stories.

  • Visual Storytelling: The ability to express a narrative visually is unparalleled.
  • User Engagement: Motion captures attention, keeping visitors on the page longer.
  • Brand Identity: A well-chosen video can communicate brand ethos swiftly and effectively.

Critical to the success of integrating video is respecting user experience—balancing aesthetic appeal with functionality. Attention to load times, mobile responsiveness, and user controls is non-negotiable. As designers, our goal is to craft experiences that are not only visually arresting but also deeply resonant with visitors, making every interaction meaningful. It’s clear that when executed with foresight and finesse, video backgrounds are more than just a trend; they’re a transformative asset for digital storytelling.

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Websites with Video Background That Integrate It Properly

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