The Best WordPress Logo Slider Plugins You Can Use

A website that attracts more views and sells more is what every successful business needs. There are different ways to enhance a website and instill trust in its visitors.

A website that attracts more views and sells more is what every successful business needs. There are different ways to enhance a website and instill trust in its visitors.

One of them is by using a WordPress logo slider that shows pictures and logos. These logos include big clients, affiliates, sponsors, and products that are associated with the site. A slide show of well-known names and brands for sure will attract the attention of future clients.

The easiest way to make a logo slider on a WordPress site is by using a plugin. Below is a list of the best WordPress logo slider plugins. Please have a look and pick the most useful one.

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is amazing, and we’re not saying that just because we’re biased. It has a ton of features that makes more than just a WordPress slider.

It is one of the most used WordPress slider plugins, if not actually the most popular one. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it’s bundled in a lot of themes in ThemeForest.

It has more than 10,000 reviews and most of them positive. It is rated at 4.75 stars out of 5.

So, what does it offer?

It does a lot. But for this particular article, we’ll mention only that it allows its users to make sliders of logos of clients, sponsors, and other partners. Using a carousel presentation definitely helps to make the information more attractive.

An important feature to mention is that the sliders made with Slider Revolution are fully responsive. Site visitors can enjoy the experience whether they are using a desktop computer or a mobile phone to view it.

The items for a slider are not limited to images only. Slider Revolution also handles videos, WordPress, and other posts, as well as social media feeds.

Logo Slider and Showcase

Logo Slider and Showcase produces fully responsive logo sliders. Besides the slider layout, logos or pictures can also be arranged on a grid.

Besides the free version, which has the features mentioned above, there is also a paid one. The subscription adds another layout, the filtering. It has a simple drag and drop builder and allows the user to arrange the pictures or logos. On top of that, the user can add links to the logos.

Logo Showcase

Logo Showcase allows users to make a logo carousel. These are great to show off partners, supporters, and sponsors. In addition, it adds titles, descriptions, and external or internal links to the logos. Group the images as desired and show them in different places.

Some extra features of Logo Showcase are:

  • Auto-slide Option
  • Clean Design & Code
  • Custom post type
  • Custom Themes
  • Multi-group Support
  • Pagination and arrows
  • Responsiveness
  • Shortcode
  • Support post/page or widget

WP Logo Slider

Using a slider to show logos makes a site more attractive and immediately boosts confidence in the product. WP Logo Slider is the right tool to achieve this.

An important feature of this logo slider plugin is the ability to resize the logos as desired. It also allows users to make field selections and include custom URLs. WP Logo Slider is widget-ready and is available in various languages. Another practical aspect is that it does not have a limit on the shortcode generator.

The paid pro version includes no less than 21 different table layouts. The slider carousel comes with a wide variety of customizable options.

Smart Logo Showcase Lite

Smart Logo Showcase Lite is a free WordPress plugin, and it offers five different templates without a subscription.

It allows the display of logos in any place and has a couple of interesting configuration settings. The number of responsive carousels that it can create is unlimited.

Some major features of Smart Logo Showcase Lite are:

  • Change the logo position and order
  • Easy use via shortcodes
  • Full control of slider configuration options
  • Manage arrow and pagination colors

Logo Carousel Slider is a great WordPress plugin that allows the user to display partner logos in a straightforward manner.

A good thing about this logo slider WordPress plugin is that it produces responsive logo carousels. They appear great on all kinds of screen sizes, including mobile phones. Touch and swipe features are also included in the Logo Carousel Slider.

Other attractive features include:

  • A practical settings screen
  • Control over the number of logos
  • Unlimited number of logos
  • Navigation arrows
  • Touch and Swipe for navigation on touchscreens
  • Supports all common browsers
  • External and internal logo links
  • The logo hover effect

Another WordPress logo slider plugin. It is powerful and robust. Here are some of its amazing features:

  • Adaptable logo columns on different devices
  • Adjustable autoPlay Speed
  • Automatic logo ordering
  • AutoPlay to display logos
  • Customizable logo border and color
  • User-friendly settings section
  • Navigation and Pagination color
  • Navigation and pagination dots
  • Pause on hover carousel
  • Performance Ready
  • Responsive
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Show/hide navigation arrow

Logo Slider

Showing logos of your clients is an excellent tool to increase the trust factors of a website. Using a good plugin to make logo sliders is important.

Logo Slider makes these carousels and allows the user to add the logos of clients, sponsors, and partners. Afterward, it is a matter of generating and copying a shortcode to publish it on a WordPress website.

Features of Logo Slider include:

  • Auto-slide option
  • Drag and Drop interface to reorder slider
  • Easy to customize parameters like height, width, and transition type
  • Fully responsive
  • Intuitive image uploader
  • Nice selection of arrow icons
  • Possibility to add links to each logo
  • Simple and lightweight plugin

Logo Slider WP

Logo Slider WP is a plugin that is easy to use. It makes logo galleries for website owners that want to show off their clients, sponsors, and other partners. Besides sliders, it also makes grid galleries that show logos with links.

The plugin is responsive, which ensures that the sliders look beautiful also on small screens. The shortcode generator helps to implement the carousels on any WordPress site.

Some of its major features are:

  • Multiple sliders per page
  • Unlimited number of client logos
  • CSS3 animation effects
  • Touch swipe navigation
  • Infinite slides loop
  • Control displayable slides item according to screen size

GS Logo Slider

The next on the list is GS Logo Slider. This is a lightweight WordPress logo slider plugin. It has the right balance between robustness and simplicity. The sliders will not slow down a site but it gives visually attractive carousels.

The user interface of GS Logo Slider is also easy and quick. So, making a slideshow with logos of clients, partners, and sponsors is not hard to do.

The fact that GS Logo Slider is a responsive plugin is also good news. It shows compatibility with all WordPress themes and Gutenberg block editor. On top of that, it comes with 24 different themes.

After creating the slider, GS Logo Slider will generate a shortcode. This makes incorporating the carousel in a website fast and easy and without limitations as to the positioning.

WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider

This is one of the popular logo slider WordPress plugins. It has the option of categorizing logos and does not have a limit to the number of logos that can be displayed.

Add these logos and include an internal or external link to them. It is also possible to show or hide the logos’ titles or links. Further, it is possible to adjust the sliding speed, the number of logos shown at a time, columns, pagination, navigation, and autoplay.

Other features are:

  • Slider for client logos
  • Gallery to showcase business partners logos
  • Carousel for brands and affiliate logos
  • Ticker for sponsors logos

Best Logo Slider

Display the logos of sponsors, customers, and partners with Best Logo Slider. It is easy to use and makes beautiful WordPress sliders. Use it to make client logo sliders, sponsor logo sliders, and client logo sliders.

Best Logo Slider comes with these features:

  • Compatible with all WordPress themes
  • Custom post type for logo posting
  • Developer friendly
  • Easy to customize
  • External logo links
  • Lightweight
  • Powered by OWL-Carousel
  • Responsive logo sliders
  • Shows title below the logo

WEN Logo Slider

WEN Themes published this WordPress logo showcase plugin. It is based on the OWL carousel and is ideal for displaying partner logos. This is an important aspect of promoting a product or service.

It has some important features. These are some of them:

  • Fully Responsive slider
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Addition of external links for each logo
  • Control over slide speed, transition delay, number of logos per slide
  • Navigation arrows in slider
  • Adjustable image size
  • Links with WordPress Media Library to upload images
  • Easy drag and drop interface to re-order images.

The last logo slider WordPress plugin is Logo Slider Carousel. It is a free application to help create logo carousels.

It makes sliders that show off logos and has the option of showing it along with a title and a link. The plugin is responsive and the results look great on a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a small mobile device.

The most important features of Logo Slider Carousel are:

  • Unlimited Sliders with different logo categories
  • Fully responsive logo sliders
  • Supports all commonly used browsers
  • Based on OWL Carousel
  • Custom post types
  • Developer friendly
  • Easy to Customize

Ending thoughts on these WordPress logo slider plugins

Showing the logos of important and well-known clients, sponsors, and partners is important. It increases trust levels in prospective customers. Making a carousel to display on the website is a matter of minutes with the help of a specialized plugin.

They are easy to install. Most of them have the option of adjusting the size, and color, as well as a range of other display settings. Above is a carefully collected list of the best logo slider WordPress plugins. The parameters that were considered include download ratio, user review, and specifications.

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The Best WordPress Logo Slider Plugins You Can Use

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