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Why Should You
Use This Slider Revolution Template?

We’ll give you 3 very good reasons…

Instantly Captures Visitors’ Attention

Half of the battle in getting people to engage with your website lies in getting them to stop and pay attention to your content. Your visitors aren’t likely to encounter websites that use a cool slider like this one, so consider the battle won.

Customizations As Easy As 1-2-3

You might be looking at this Slider Revolution template and wondering how the heck you’re going to repurpose it for your needs. Don’t worry. Whether you want to edit the logo, change the images, or add new text to the sliders, it can easily be done within minutes.

Get Out-of-this-world Background Effects

Take your visitors on a colorful journey with this abstract Slider Revolution template. The easily editable background image gradients, blur, and morph effects guarantee a captivating experience. Enjoy this popular and lightweight template!

Create Endless Hero Image Designs from One Template

There are so many ways to leverage this hero collection. Because each slide has a unique style of its own, and the template itself is so easy to customize, you could realistically use this single collection to create a different hero image or slider design for dozens of clients.

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Why Your Hero Image
Is Important In The Great Scheme Of Things

It’s incredibly important to make a strong and memorable first impression on the home page. Many times, you only get one shot at it, so you need to make it count.

These days, visitors will decide within a few seconds if a site is worth their time. A static WordPress hero image can grab attention, but is that really all you want it to do? With an animated website background, you’ll WOW every single visitor that steps foot on your site. 🤩👍

How to Use the Hero Section to Your Advantage

Your hero section can highlight your offering, feature the latest news from your company, or promote an upcoming sale or event.

You want visitors to stop and react to your content, not just scroll past it. The most effective way to achieve this is by creating a hero image or slider that’s unexpected and unlike anything they’ve seen before. This is all possible with Slider Revolution’s eye-catching effects and engaging designs.

How to Pick the Best WordPress Background Image

Many people head straight for stock photo sites to find a background image. But why settle for the same graphics everyone else is using?

To keep visitors from ignoring your content, give them something to be impressed with. Take your WordPress website to the next level of awesomeness with one of the animated website backgrounds that Slider Revolution has to offer — starting with the Background Effect Hero Collection template.

What Makes Slider Revolution’s Hero Blocks Effective

No matter what you’re promoting in the hero image, you want it to get an emotional response from your audience.

Slider Revolution has hundreds of hero section designs for you to use — ranging from simple background images with title text to fully animated and interactive visual presentations! There’s also a diverse array of effects to play with for colors, gradients, images, HTML5 videos, and more.


Background Effect Hero Collection

If you really want to stun your visitors with gorgeous gradients and dreamy transitions, you won’t need cool css backgrounds to achieve the effect. This hero image / slider module is all you need. Here are some of the other features that’ll leave you wondering why you waited so long to use Slider Revolution:

100% Responsive

Out of the box, the Background Effect Hero Collection template looks great on mobile devices.

What’s more, our easy-to-use responsive editor allows you to customize and preview your Slider Revolution module from different device views. This ensures that your hero section looks and works great regardless of the background size.

Engaging Interactions

You won’t need to use a CSS background animation or a JavaScript animated background. Slider Revolution gives you everything you need to create an animated webpage background right inside the visual editor.

Slider Revolution’s powerful design system allows you to create simple and advanced animations for your WordPress backgrounds. No code needed!

Custom Animations

Slider Revolution templates come with some really cool animations and transition effects. You can use them as they are or take full control of them with animation presets and keyframe support. You can also add a second layer of loop animations on top of your existing ones.

With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to create an animated background image that nobody else has.

There’s More
To This Template Than What You Can See

It’s not just a beautifully designed slider or jaw-dropping animations that make this template — or any of Slider Revolution’s 200+ templates — so special.


This slider template is compatible with popular WordPress plugins — like WooCommerce — so you have a ton of flexibility and control over what you can do with it.


Slider Revolution comes with dedicated 1-on-1 VIP support. If you run into any problems with the plugin, website or slider templates, our tech wizards will help resolve your issues ASAP.


Page loading speeds can significantly impact how well your website ranks. That’s why all of our templates are built for speed. If you want to give them an extra boost, our optimization guide will show you how to optimize them further.

Say Goodbye👋
To Boring Backgrounds For WordPress

Slider Revolution’s addons enable users to add advanced features and cool effects to their WordPress page backgrounds — and easily, too. There’s something for everyone — particle waves, bubble morphs, paintbrush effects, and more.

If you want to stay on the cutting-edge of web design and even start setting some of your own trends, Slider Revolution is the tool to use.

See What Slider Revolution Users Have to
Say About Our Templates

Exceptional Reviews that Resonate

Chris Beveridge 🎨
Great effects and a lot of inspiration
I often use Slider Revolution for customer projects where I want to achieve special optical effects that I could not achieve with any other program I know or only with a lot of programming effort. The many templates keep bringing me new ideas. Andy Brandon 👍
No hesitation in recommending Slider Revolution
Its easy to use and converts visits into sales. They are always updating and there are a wealth of templates to choose from. Thank you Themepunch!
Ronny Schlichter 💥
The best dynamic website creator tool out there
Silder Revolution is exactly that: A Revolution! [...]
I just learned about this last week, and I WISH i learned about it sooner. An immense library of refined templates to choose from is included. Inspirational. It Revolutionized the services I can offer my clients going forward. Thank you Themepunch!
Einstein Mail 🚀
Design much more and much better
I've actually been working with Slider Revolution on and off for several years now, but have never used it as a Pro version, only free. However, now that I have installed the slider as a Pro version and built it into the header area of the page, I am able to not only easily change and customize each slide, but also design much more and much better on top of that.
Gerhard Jager 🛡️
Slider Revolution has been an awesome addition to my design arsenal
I've enjoyed Slider Revolution. It allowed me to take my design capabilities to a greater level, so I'm beyond satisfied and my client is as well. Tim Williams
Great effects and a lot of inspiration
I often use Slider Revolution for customer projects where I want to achieve special optical effects that I could not achieve with any other program I know or only with a lot of programming effort. The many templates keep bringing me new ideas.

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