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Get this Slider Revolution Template. Wonderstruck
31st East Street, New York, NY
T. 987 2345 743
E. [email protected]

Why Should You
Use This Slider Revolution Template?

We’ll give you 3 very good reasons…

Instantly Captures Visitors’ Attention

Half of the battle in getting people to engage with your website lies in getting them to stop and pay attention to your content. Your visitors aren’t likely to encounter websites that use a cool slider like this one, so consider the battle won.

Customizations As Easy As 1-2-3

You might be looking at this Slider Revolution template and wondering how the heck you’re going to repurpose it for your needs. Don’t worry. Whether you want to edit the logo, change the images, or add new text to the sliders, it can easily be done within minutes.

Wide Range Of Use Cases

The beauty of this Slider Revolution template is you can use it for a wide variety of websites and business purposes. You can… show off your products. Tell your brand’s story. And much more!

Slider Revolution Hero, One Page Website Template

Wonderstruck Website Template

The Wonderstruck One-Pager Template is a clean, colorful way to showcase your portfolio online. Just install, change the content and you have a mobile ready online experience!

WordPress Website Template

Slider Revolution Templates Are
100% Responsive

We designed the Wonderstruck Website Template to look good no matter what device your visitors are on.
We’ve also given you an easy-to-use responsive editor that allows you to edit and preview your Slider Revolution module from different views.

There’s More
To This Template Than What You Can See

It’s not just a beautifully designed slider or jaw-dropping animations that make this template — or any of Slider Revolution’s 250+ templates — special.


This slider template is compatible with popular WordPress plugins — like WooCommerce — so you have a ton of flexibility and control over what you can do with it.


Slider Revolution comes with dedicated 1-on-1 VIP support. If you run into any problems with the plugin, website or slider templates, our tech wizards will help resolve your issues ASAP.


Page loading speeds can significantly impact how well your website ranks. That’s why all of our templates are built for speed. If you want to give them an extra boost, our optimization guide will show you how to optimize them further.

See What Slider Revolution Users Have to
Say About Our Templates

Exceptional Reviews that Resonate

Get The Most
Out Of This Slider Template

Our in-depth resources will provide you with knowledge and instant solutions.

Check out our comprehensive beginners guide to installing templates.

Our user manual starts with installing and registering Slider Revolution. From there, you will learn everything you need to know in order to work with the editor.

Whether you are a new or advanced user, you will surely get some knowledge out of our manual.

Learn how to edit text, links and images:
Basic Module Editing Guide

Learn how to swap videos & customize colors:
Intermediate Template Editing Guide

The fundamentals of animation in Slider Revolution:
Animation Fundamentals

Instantly find solutions to the most commmon issues and follow in-depth tutorials:
FAQs & Tutorials

Watch practical, step-by-step exercises in our video guides section:
Video Guides

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