Start your Day with a Perfect Coffee „Way too much coffee. But if it weren't for the coffee, I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever.“ OUR OFFER

Our Philosophy We celebrate the Coffee experience in every detail, from the careful selection process of the beans, to the roasting and the final product. 100% Ecological
Mild Roast
Strong Flavor
Always Freshly

Our Menu Whether its the first coffee in the morning or a refresher in the afternoon, our menu offers the best coffee specialities and homemade snacks. Coffee Cafe Creme - Small $2.20 Cafe Creme - Large $2.90 Espresso $2.30 Espresso Doppio $3.70 Cappuchino - Small $2.90 Cappuchino - Large $3.40 Flat White $3.20 Decaf $2.90 Croissant - Plain $3.00 Croissants Croissant - Cheese $4.20 Croissant - Ham & Cheese $5.90 Croissant - Chocolate $3.80 Croissant - Hazelnut $3.80 Bagels Bagel - Plain $3.00 Bagel - Cream Cheese $4.20 Bagel - Salmon $5.90 Bagel - Cheese $3.80 Bagel - Ham & Cheese $4.80 The Creamy One
Large Cappuchino +
Bagel with Cream Cheese
$6.90 Combos Mr. French
Large Cafe Creme +
Any Croissant
$6.90 The Big Guy
Any Coffee +
Any Croissant +
Any Bagel

The Best
in Town
Fresh from the oven twice a day.
Come and try it yourself.
Our Baristas
are waiting
for your Visit
Sit down and relax while enjoying one of our famous coffee specialities.

Find Us Let us spoil you with the best Coffee and Snacks. 7 am - 6 pm
8 am - 7 pm
Location East 57th,
Manhattan, New York City
Mo. - Fr.:
Opening Times Contact 0800 98765432
[email protected]

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Add the hashtag #thecoffeejoint to you social media posts. with

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