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    Addressing a Minor Security Issue in Versions 6.6.12 and older
    Optimizing Load Speed and Performance
    How To Use The New Ticket Support?
    How To Import CodeCanyon Licenses Into Your Dashboard
    What are my account's username and password?
    Slider Revolution Licensing FAQ
    Quick Setup - Slider Revolution
    Licensing Information for Staging Sites and Localhost
    After updating – Make sure to clear all caches
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  • How to Create an Entertaining 404 Page Design
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  • How to Create a 3D Space for Your Portfolio Highlight Reel
  • Break Down Your Process with a Colorful Image Slider
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  • How to Create a Surreal Design for Your Hero Image
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  • How to Create Good Vibes on Your Website with a Background Video Slide...
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  • Host Google Fonts locally to avoid GDPR issues
  • How to Create a Beautiful Content Showcase for an Online Publication [...
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  • How to Create a Customized Transition Effect for Your Hero Section [Tu...
  • How to Transform the Mood of Your Home Page with Duotones
  • How to Design a High-Impact Typography Hero Banner
  • How to Create an Exciting Action Shot for Your Hero Image
  • How to Create an Effective Thank You Page for Your Website
  • How to Get More Eyes on Your eCommerce Sales Promotion
  • How to Create a Scroll-Triggered About Me Section for the Home Page [T...
  • How to Create a Colorful Retro Effect for the Home Page Slider [Tutori...
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  • How to Design a Hero Image That Feels Alive and Three-Dimensional [Tut...
  • How to Create a Summary Slider for Blog Posts, Articles, and More [Tut...
  • How to Create an Awesome Product Slider with a Built-in Variant Switch...
  • How to Creatively Display Ingredients and Nutrition Info on Your Websi...
  • How to Create a Trippy Hero Image Backdrop with Particle Animation [Tu...
  • How to Create a Portfolio Slideshow That Will Blow People Away [Tutori...
  • How to Create a Digital Report Teaser with Slider Revolution [Tutorial...
  • How to Create a Vertical Slider Timeline That Tells Your Brand Story [...
  • Spice Up Your Sales Promotions with a Video Scroll Animation [Tutorial...
  • How to Create a Dark Website Design with a Surprising Color Reveal [Tu...
  • How to Add a Dramatic Pop of Color to Your Site with a Duotone Effect ...
  • How to Create a Futuristic-looking Website for a Tech Company [Tutoria...
  • How to Create an Interactive Before-and-After Image Slider
  • Create an Under Construction Page That’ll Entertain Visitors While You...
  • A Different Way to Wow Shoppers with an eCommerce Product Slider [Tuto...
  • How to Design a Hero Image That Looks Like It Should Be in a Marvel Mo...
  • How to Draw Attention to Your eCommerce Products with a Liquid Effect ...
  • How to Create a Slider Animation Effect Your Visitors Won’t Forget [Tu...
  • How to Create a 404 Page That Will Convert Instead of Cost You Visitor...
  • How to Add a Unique Paintbrush Effect to Your Website with Slider Revo...
  • How to Place Text Behind Objects in Your Hero Image
  • How to Design a Featured Post Slider That Impresses Readers
  • How to Create a Unique Gradient Background Design
  • Create A Video Grid In Under 3 Minutes With Essential Grid
  • Make a Grid From Your Blog Posts With Essential Grid
  • Make a Gallery from Selected WordPress Images With Essential Grid
  • How to Add an Animated Headline to Your Home Page
  • How to Design an Engaging Split Screen Layout with Slider Revolution [...
  • How to Add a Beautiful Video Background to Your Website
  • Demystifying the Slider Revolution Builder and Templates
  • Why was my Slider Revolution license deactivated?
  • How to renew a cancelled subscription license?
  • CookieYes Plugin Flash Screen Issue
  • How to Troubleshoot Slider Revolution?
  • Optimizing Load Speed and Performance
  • License Subscription Upgrade FAQ
  • Slider Revolution + Smush Pro for Image Optimization
  • WP Rocket File Optimization Setup
    Customize Your Sliders with Custom Fonts
  • How To Test and Resolve Conflicts
  • New Slider Revolution 6.5.x Optimizations and Features
  • Is Your Slider Shifting to the Left with WPBakery? Here’s the Fix.
  • Divi + Slider Revolution
  • How to Use WebP Images in Slider Revolution
  • Slider Revolution + Elementor
  • How to Set Custom Slide Duration
  • Unlock Your Slider Revolution License Key
  • Fix a Hidden License Key Activation Area
  • Troubleshoot the Module Editor Screen Freeze
  • Slider Revolution Images Troubleshooting
  • How to submit your VAT number later to start a VAT refund?
  • How to Add a Slider in WordPress in a Few Easy Steps
  • Handling Sound and Control Quirks on Audio & Video Layers
  • Deeplinking Slides
  • Slider Modal with Contact Form 7 Fix
  • Slider Revolution Multisite Installation, Activation and Updates
  • How to Justify Texts in Text Layers
  • Progress Bar Slots Example
  • Instagram Stream Setup Instructions with Access Token
  • Patch for OVH Hostings Connection Issues
  • WordPress 5.5 Important Update Information
  • Build a Hamburger Menu with Slider Revolution
  • Patch for v6.2.1 that breaks Website after Updating
  • Create a Featured Posts Slider
  • Updating Slider Revolution from v5 to v6
  • Adjust Page Styles based on Current Slide
  • How to include Image Alt Tag Attribute
  • 500 Internal Server Error when importing templates
    Add Contact Form 7
  • Selectable Text Layer
  • GDPR – Privacy Policy
  • Scroll below slider when the last slide is shown
  • Change Price Currency for Crypto Currency Template
  • Adding a new Crypto Currency to the Crypto Template
  • Working with the Crypto Currency Template
    What is Server/Browser compression (gzip/brotli)?
  • Wistia Video Example
  • Navigate to a new page at the last slide or after set number of loops
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • Facebook Stream Setup Instructions with Access Token
  • Change Date for Coming Soon Template
  • How to Qualify for ThemePunch Support
  • How to Replace Theme Bundled Version with Premium Version
  • How to add Custom Post Meta to your Post-Based Sliders
  • Unable to edit more than 10 Slides
  • Plugin Dashboard Issue with Siteground Hosting
  • How to Fix Destination folder already exists Installation Issue
  • Why isn’t support included with my bundled version?
  • How to update to 6.0+ via FTP
  • How to include login credentials in your support ticket
  • Developer Guide: Get all Slider Alias
  • Developer Guide: Output Class & Tag Changes
  • Slider Revolution 6.0 Developer Resources
  • Setup the Content Blocks template
  • How to setup MailChimp for the Newsletter Hero template
  • Responsive Content
  • Video Content & Mobile considerations
    Use your own Fonts
    How to change the Timing of Slides
  • Advanced Text-Shadows
  • Mouse Hovers for Layer Content
  • Custom CSS & JavaScript
  • Change the z-index/stacking order of your Layers
  • Select Layers to Edit their Settings
  • Find and Edit "Hidden" Content from Imported Templates
  • Navigation Options not Available
  • Scroll Below the Fold Button
  • Display different images on different screen sizes
  • Incorrect Size or Position
  • Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias not found.
    Add Links to Slides and Layers
  • Prevent Layers from Disappearing
  • Full Width Text
  • Turn Autoplay On and Off for your Sliders
  • Adjust Text-Align for Layers
  • How to add a semi-transparent overlay
    Ideal Image Size
    Where to find the License Key (Purchase Code)

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