Flexible Sizes

Set your carousels to full width, full screen or automatic sizing. Fully responsive and flexible!

Cool Layout Options

Customize your carousels layout with rotation, fade or scale effects. Change the look completely with a few settings!

Full Layer Control

Add layers anywhere on each slide or globally for the whole carousel. Possibilities are truly endless!

Power Up Your Project With
A Sleek Carousel

Slider Revolution makes building powerful presentations
an absolute breeze.

Create All Kinds of
Amazing Layouts

Slider Revolution can produce carousels that adapt to any environment: auto, full-width or full-screen size is everything you need.

In addition, you can control the number of visible slides, their rotation, scale, opacity and much more!

Preview Carousel Templates

Full Control Over
Your Layers

Slider Revolution allows you to place layers freely on individual slides or even globally on top of all slides.

Take full control of your layer animations with lots of presets and keyframe support.

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Useful & Accessible
Navigation Elements

Easily enable arrows, bullets, thumbnails or tab navigation on your carousels to engage your users.

Slider Revolution provides a set of fitting navigation skins to get you started. You can customize skins or even create your own in no time!

See Carousels In Action

Create Engaging Interactions To Captivate Your Visitors

Slider Revolutions thoughtful action system allows you to create simple and advanced interactions with any layer element.

Want that layer to make a 360° spin when a button is hovered? No problem!

Try It Yourself

Expand Possibilities With

Slider Revolution 6 addons offers cutting-edge features that continue to push the boundaries of whats possible in web design.

From particles, distortions or bubble morphs to type writer and paintbrush effects: There is an addon that will fit your project perfectly!

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Publish Slider Revolution Modules
Anywhere You Want

Slider Revolution integrates seamlessly into the WordPress environment and works with YOUR favorite WordPress Theme.

Explore Slider Revolution Possibilities

You’ll be able to create anything you can imagine, not just amazing, responsive carousels.


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