Rapid Fire Overview

Slider Revolution can do a LOT, but we can still summarize it for you simply!

We’re going to be getting into some nitty-gritty on using Slider Revolution. But before we do let's boil everything Slider Revolution does into the simplest possible form with this video so you have some context as we go forward.

If you prefer reading over watching, check out the written version of our Manual:


Rapid Fire Overview

Rapid Fire Overview

The Author

Dirk Gavor

Slider Revolution high priest on the mission to find the line between not enough coffee and just a little too much coffee. Same with beer.

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2 thoughts on “Rapid Fire Overview

    1. Hi,

      checking your website it looks like your Visual Composer / WP Bakery plugin is turned off. All shortcodes that begin with [vc_ are from that plugin. I hope this information can help you!

      If you still think this is something Slider Revolution related please open a ticket via https://support.sliderrevolution.com

      Cheers, Dirk @ Slider Revolution

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