The Best Dummy Text Generator Tools You Can Use

Effortlessly generate placeholder content with dummy text generators. Simplify your design process with lorem ipsum and more.

Imagine crafting a world, pixel by pixel, where the alphabet is your sandbox. That’s the life of a weaver of the web—the modern artist painting with words and fonts. Now, picture this: you’re about to unveil your masterpiece, but the canvas of your creation lacks the magic of narrative.

Enter the unsung heroes: dummy text generators.

These clever conjurers brew cascades of pseudo-Latin and mock-content mixtures, granting a glimpse into the soul of a design still waiting for its voice.

They are the skeleton keys to visualizing the full potential of your layout, letting typography take the spotlight without the distraction of actual wordsmithery.

By the end of this article, you’ll be versed in the art of choosing the perfect text sculptor to fit your design’s intricate tapestry.

Prepare to dive into a kaleidoscope of placeholder text software and mock content tools. Today’s wizards wield Lorem Ipsum like ancient runes, and you, too, shall join their ranks.

Best Dummy Text Generator Tools

Dummy Text GeneratorText VarietyCustomizationUnique Features
LipsumClassic Lorem IpsumBasic: Length, Paragraphs, ListsTraditional text, Downloadable
Loripsum.netClassic Lorem IpsumAdvanced: Length, Decor, Code SnippetsHTML tags, Decorative text, API
Professional Lorem Ipsum GeneratorStandard Lorem IpsumModerate: Paragraphs, Words, BytesClean interface, Quick copy feature Text OptionsBasic: ParagraphsNo-frills, Straightforward
Dummy Text GeneratorMultiple Text OptionsModerate: Style, Length, HTML elementsRich text editor, HTML output
Blind Text GeneratorVaried Blind TextsAdvanced: Fonts, Sizes, AlignmentFont styles, Accessibility options
Nietzsche IpsumPhilosophical TextBasic: ParagraphsNietzsche-inspired content
Bacon IpsumMeaty, Fun ContentBasic: Paragraphs, Type (All Meat or Meat & Filler)Themed text, Memorable
Office IpsumOffice JargonSimple: Paragraph countBusiness-speak gibberish
FilleramaPop Culture ReferencesModerate: Shows, AmountOptions from TV shows/movie scripts
Delorean IpsumBack to the Future QuotesBasic: ParagraphsThemed with movie quotes
Samuel L. IpsumWitty, BoldBasic: ParagraphsQuotes with Attitude

Lipsum explains what “lorem ipsum” is and also offers a lorem ipsum text generator. It is a simple dummy text generator with basic settings.

Users can adjust the number of words, paragraphs, or bytes of the dummy text. It also has a setting to create bulleted lists.

The explanation of lorem ipsum is available in about forty different languages.

Loripsum offers more than basic settings for its dummy text. It generates formatted lorem ipsum to test the full potential of a web layout.

Websites and magazines use headings, lists, and have uneven paragraph lengths. This lorem ipsum generator offers those and more options to simulate real content.

It uses all the text of “De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” instead of the standard two sections. This allows it to generate different dummy text results every time.

Professional Lorem Ipsum Generator

Professional Lorem Ipsum Generator is another ideal tool to generate dummy text. This tool offers placeholder text in Asian scripts, right to left scripts, and more.

It offers several customization options. Users can choose how many paragraphs they need up to a maximum of twenty.

They can also choose how many words they need with a maximum of four thousand five hundred.

Users can add question marks, exclamation points, and diacritical marks to make the text more realistic. They can also choose if the text should start with the classic words “lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” or not. provides a set of tools including a dummy text generator. It offers common settings such as the number of words and paragraphs.

It also allows users to choose the length of sentences and paragraphs, the style, and the use of headings. A selection of preset settings allows users to generate filler text with speed.

The generator makes sure to produce text without any hidden or offensive messages.

Dummy Text Generator

Here is another useful lorem ipsum generator. It includes similar features as other generators.

For example, users can choose the number of words or paragraphs they want. They can also add headings, subheadings, and bold or italic text.

This tool also offers the useful feature of producing the dummy text with English words. So those who do not want Latin text can opt for random English words strung together.

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Blind Text Generator

This dummy text generator offers basic and advanced options. It allows users to select the word, paragraph, and character count and also to add paragraph tags.

Unlike other generators, this one offers several options for the text itself. Choose the traditional lorem ipsum, Cicero’s exact words, the English translation of Cicero’s work, text from other works of art, and more.

The advanced options allow users to change the font style, size, spacing, and alignment.

Nietzsche Ipsum

Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher in the 1800s. The Nietzsche Ipsum generator tool uses his words instead of traditional lorem ipsum.

This dummy text is for those who want more elegant filler text instead of gibberish. The generator offers users the option to select the number of words they desire.

Nietzsche’s work is extensive so an unlimited amount of words is available.

Bacon Ipsum

This is a fun and playful dummy text generator for those who want to get away from the standard dummy text. Bacon Ipsum boasts that it is a meatier lorem ipsum generator, and it does not mean that figuratively.

This generator produces dummy text that talks about different types of meat. The “all meat” option produces paragraphs full of the names of different cuts of meat.

The “meat and filler” option adds in some classic lorem ipsum words.

Office Ipsum

Office Ipsum puts a spin on its lorem ipsum text. It serves the same purpose but brings some humor into otherwise dry filler text.

Along with lorem ipsum, this generator offers an Office Ipsum and a Client Ipsum.

The Office Ipsum uses common expressions used in the office. The Client Ipsum combines client requests and feedback into a hilarious dummy text.


Fillerama, which is “filler” and “Futurama” combined, is another unique dummy text generator. It takes the scripts of TV shows and movies, mixes up the lines, and pastes them together to create a whole new kind of dummy text.

The generator includes material from Futurama, Arrested Development, Star Wars, and more.

Formatting options are also available. These include headers and lists to make the filler text look realistic.

Delorean Ipsum

This is another generator that puts a playful spin on dummy text. It is temporary filler text, so why not have some fun with it?

It generates placeholder text based on the lines from the Back to the Future trilogy. It provides users the option to choose the number of words, paragraphs, or sentences.

Samuel L. Ipsum

Samuel L. Ipsum is another themed dummy text generator. It produces text based on the lines of actor Samuel L. Jackson.

It gives users three different options. Users can generate classic lorem ipsum, Slipsum classic, or Slipsum lite.

The Slipsum classic produces text that includes profanities. Slipsum lite produces less offensive filler text.

FAQ on Dummy Text Generators

Why do we even use dummy text?

You know, it’s like a stand-in actor for the actual words. Web designers use this text to fill in the gaps on a page and give their audience a visual, without any distractions from the meaningful content. Keeps the focus on design elements like typography and layout.

Does dummy text have to be in Latin?

Nah, Latin’s just traditional. Lorem Ipsum is the crowd favorite, right? But no rules say you can’t shake things up. Mix in your brand’s tone or go wild with something completely nonsensical. It’s about the vibe, not the vernacular.

What’s the point of random text generators?

It’s a time-saver! No need to write a novel when you’re just going to replace it later. Random text creators pump out the exact length and variety you need, pronto. Lets you see the forest for the trees, design-wise.

Is there a dummy text generator that offers different languages?

Absolutely, and it’s brilliant for global designs. Multilingual placeholder text software exists and is quite the treasure trove. It caters to a diverse array of linguistic landscapes, giving you a taste of how your design plays across borders.

How do I choose the best dummy text generator?

Think about what you want. Simple filler? Sample text provider. More contextually aligned with your audience? Maybe a tool that integrates industry-specific jargon. Your choice should be a sidekick that seamlessly gels with your design philosophy.

Are dummy text generators free to use?

Loads of them are! They’re like open treasure chests, filled with mock content jewels for the taking. Some might offer premium features for a few gold coins, but for the basic placeholder text, it’s usually a freeload.

Can dummy text impact my design’s usability?

In a way, yeah. If the text for font display feels too out of sync with what’s coming, it might throw off early feedback. It should hint at the real deal, maintain readability, and not cause a squint epidemic.

What if I need placeholder text for a specific industry?

Got you covered there, too. Niche content simulators are out there, waiting to speak your lingo. They can churn out law, tech, or even health-specific pseudo-Latin, harmonizing with your sector’s vibe.

Can I customize the length of the dummy text?

Most definitely! It’s like having your own word count wand. Click, drag, and presto—text that fits your space like a glove, courtesy of the design mockup text option in your chosen toolbox. It’s all about giving you control.

Ending thoughts

Well, there you have it—dummy text generators in all their glory. These nifty sidekicks are like invisible ink for your craft, revealing only what you need when you throw the design spotlight on them. They’re not the star of the show, but sure set the stage.

By now, it’s clear, right? We’re not just talking about plain old Lorem Ipsum anymore. There’s a whole universe of placeholder text software waiting for you—jazzed up with options for typesetting industry textmock content, and even those fill-in text for templates needs. They’re the quiet understudies, ready to bow out gracefully when the final act—your authentic content—takes the stage.

Before you pick one, remember, the whole deal is to keep your canvas as real as it gets—maintaining typography testing truth, web design filler finesse, and that content strategy savvy. Choose your textual pal wisely, and watch the magic unfold on that digital scrapbook, one pixel at a time.

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The Best Dummy Text Generator Tools You Can Use

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