The Best-Looking CSS Animated Background Examples

Elevate your web design with CSS animated backgrounds. Explore creative ways to add life and depth to your site's visuals.

Imagine your website coming alive, each movement flowing with grace—a dance of colors, light, and patterns. That’s the magic of CSS animated backgrounds. They’re not just visual treats; they embody the rhythm of your digital space, setting the tone and personality of your online presence like a well-crafted symphony.

We’re plunging into the world where CSS, short for Cascading Style Sheets, becomes our paintbrush for crafting interactive web backgrounds. Embracing this art form, one that weaves together aesthetics and functionality, ensures your site stands out in a sea of static pages.

In this article, you’ll learn to orchestrate a captivating user interface design where each scroll and hover introduces a new chapter of visual storytelling. From the whisper of gradient backgrounds to the roar of full-screen video animations, we’re pushing the envelope of front-end development.

Our team at Slider Revolution has researched CSS animated background examples that can help you create fun websites.

Impressive CSS Animated Backgrounds

Motion Blur Portfolio Showcase

This Slider Revolution template features a moving background effect that transitions seamlessly between slides. Clicking from one slide to another creates a dynamic and engaging visual experience, adding a touch of excitement and professionalism to any website.

Diagonal Color Gradients

Created by Alison Quaglia

You can create this CSS animated background example with zero JS. It creates a radiant of four colors making a progressive transition from one corner to another running diagonally. You can change colors as well as the speed and direction of the gradient.

Background Effect Hero Collection

This Slider Revolution template features a unique organic and morphing bubble background effect that moves smoothly between slides. Clicking from one slide to another creates a visually engaging experience of moving backgrounds that adds a playful and lively touch to any website design.

Pure CSS Particle Animation

Created by Takeshi Kano

This is a particle animation that creates the illusion of a moving background. You do not need JavaScript to build it. The whole idea of this background is to have particles moving randomly. The mank-image property creates a vignette effect.

Cyber Glitch Effect Slider

October falling leaves CSS animation CSS no JavaScript

Created by Casthra Demosthene

Creative Hero Collection 

Floating Color Orbs

Created by Alison Quaglia

This moving background animation uses Sassy CSS to achieve a multicolor floating orb effect. The colors are random and the orbs move slowly all over the screen. If you pay close attention you will see that each ‘orb’ is in reality represented by text. They are actually randomly generated shadows of a full point punctuation mark.

Winery Timeline Slider

Background Effect

Created by Osorina Irina

This is an HTML and CSS background effect.

Charts Addon Presentation Slider

Floating SVGS

Created by Rune Sejer Hoffmann

This is an example demonstrating how to use SCSS to get a 3D effect by means of blur and perspective.

Food Delivery Lottie Scroll

Floating Stained Glass Effect

Created by Alison Quaglia

To achieve this background all you need to do is modify two things in the Floating Color Orbs code. Change the content from ‘.’ to ‘V’ and the loop text shadow value from 7px to 2px.

Animated Mini Website

Parallax Star background in CSS

Created by Saransh Sinha

This animation adds an illusion of depth to your background creating a parallax scrolling stars effect. It uses a simple SASS function (to create a random star field on each load) and CSS animation keyframes.

Snow Particle Scene

Sliding Diagonals Background Effect

Created by Chris Smith

An animated background under the content.

Cyber Particle Effect

Pure CSS infinite background animation

Created by kootoopas

No more plain old backgrounds for websites!

Stand out from the crowd and hook users’ attention by creating trendy
animations easily with no coding experience.

Pattern Animation (Infinite)

Created by Adam Abundis

Flexbox allows text to be centered both vertically and horizontally. Keyframes enable an infinite scroll.

Tri Travelers

CSS animated background created by Nate Wiley

This is a grayscale triangle animation.

CSS only animated background

Created by Nour Ibram

This is a perfect animation background for any online store home page. Try it instead of a regular, plain background.

Spipa circle

Created by Alex Andrix

The creator of this animation was inspired by his trip to Tunisia where he wandered around following a stranger who insisted on showing him something.

The animation resembles a number of random forcefields that move in a labyrinth-resembling manner and never hit one another. After a certain number of steps, a spot becomes free.

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Pure CSS Background Image Scroll Effect

Created by carpe numidium

This background only animates when you scroll. In the code, attach the fixed background image to the HTML. Assign an additional red color gradient with transparency and mixed-blend-mode to the body. The mixed-blend-mode property is responsible for determining how an element’s content will blend with the content of the element’s parent and background (MDN).

CSS Multiple Background Image Parallax Animation

CSS animated background created by carpe numidium

This is another example of the parallax effect that gives your 2D background the illusion of depth. Using pure CSS you can layer background images one on another and then make them move at random speeds and in different directions.

Pure CSS Twinkling Stars Background

Created by Anastasia Goodwin

Use CSS alone to create gentle sparkling stars with moving clouds.

Fly in Text on Animating Background

Created by Sydney Hill

Attention catching white, flying text characters will attract visitors and is appealing to shop owners.


Created by Nate Wiley

This animation uses color gradients to give you the effect of colorful paint streaks running down the screen.

Only CSS: Warning

Created by Yusuke Nakaya

Two-color stripes moving diagonally across the screen with the word “warning” in the center.

CodePen Home

Created by Noel Delgado

Home Cascading Waves

Created by Jacob Foster

Cool Mountain Background with animations – slightly responsive

Created by Igor Milenkovic

This background features a mountain with animations, it is slightly responsive.

Ghost Mouse 3

Created by Liam Egan

Use your mouse or finger to move the comet on this CSS animated background.

Home Only CSS: Shooting Star

Created by Yusuke Nakaya

Meteor shower effect.

Animated Ripples background

Created by Vaibhav Arora

Home Calm breeze login screen

Created by Lewi Hussey

A very simple login screen with rotating squares floating up the screen.

Colored Swipe Transition

Created by Andreas Wilcox

Glowing Particle Animation

Created by Nate Wiley

Background Animation

Created by Bjorn

This is an HTML and CSS background animation.

Pure CSS Gradient Background Animation

Created by Manuel Pinto

Use only CSS to create a simple and clean diagonal gradient background animation.

Infinite SVG Triangle Fusion

Created by Rob DiMarzo

Triangles appear and disappear. Each division has a clip-path property to create a hexagon mask. When the hexagons smack together, the expanding triangles bleed evenly into the triangles of the adjoining hexagons until they disappear.

Random Responsive dots in the background

Created by Nash Vail

Particles background using Particles.js

Created by Alexander

Animated CSS mask-image gradient

Created by Chris Neale

CSS animated background with Bokeh Effect

Created by Louis Hoebregts

Awesome Animated background

Created by beshoy ekram

This is a very attractive animation creating the impression of a motion background. The purple and white mixed together move in a very pleasant and appealing way that is sure to impress your visitors. It also allows you to add a title to the front end.

Home Radial Gradient Cursor Trailer – Using Gradient Positioning

CSS animated background created by Uzo Awili


Created by Liam Egan

The effect of ash falling down from the burning sky in a simple but impressive motion background example.

Drifter Stars

Created by Cory Hughart

CSS Fireflies

Created by Mike Golus

An elegant HTML and CSS-only effect of subtle fireflies appearing and disappearing on the screen.

FAQs about CSS animated backgrounds

How do I create a CSS animated background?

You start by diving into your CSS file. There, you set up keyframe animations to define the motion. Then you link these to your background element, often tweaking background-image or gradient properties. Remember, keep it smooth; leverage transition for fluid motion.

Is it necessary to use JavaScript for animating backgrounds in CSS?

Not at all! CSS is powerful enough on its own. With CSS3, you can conjure up animations using solely @keyframes and animation properties. It’s all about manipulating those CSS tricks up your sleeve, no JS needed.

What impact do CSS animated backgrounds have on loading times?

They can be a tad heavy if you’re not careful. Optimize your CSS code and consider the size of images used. A Content Delivery Network can speed things up. The key is balancing beauty with efficiency.

How can I make my CSS animated backgrounds responsive?

Your mantra here is media queries. They’re your secret weapon to ensure everything adjusts seamlessly across devices. Make sure backgrounds scale and animations maintain their integrity, no matter the screen size.

Can CSS animated backgrounds impact SEO?

Potentially, yes. If they’re heavy and slow down the site, it won’t sit well with search engines. But if they’re optimized and enhance user experience, they can indirectly boost your SEO game.

Are there libraries or frameworks to help with CSS animated backgrounds?

Absolutely. Libraries like Animate.css or frameworks like Bootstrap can give you a head start. They come packed with predefined animations that are a breeze to integrate.

What formats work best for animated backgrounds in CSS?

Think about file size and support. GIFs, CSS gradients, or small videos can work wonders. SVG animations are like gold: crisp and usually lightweight.

How do I ensure my CSS animated backgrounds don’t distract from my content?

Balance, my friend. Use subtle animations. Ensure they complement the content, rather than compete. Focus on harmony between the background and foreground elements.

Can CSS animated backgrounds improve user engagement?

When done right, you bet. They can captivate and intrigue, keeping users glued to your site. Just make sure they add to the story you’re telling.

Are there accessibility concerns with CSS animated backgrounds?

Absolutely. You need to account for motion sensitivity. Provide options to pause animations and avoid overly flashy or jarring motion that could cause discomfort. Accessibility must always be a priority.

Ending thoughts

CSS animated backgrounds aren’t just flashy tricks. They’re the rhythm in your site’s heart, a whisper of the creativity hidden in lines of code.

Here’s what we nailed down together:

  • Crafting these bad boys using keyframes and CSS transitions.
  • Keeping them responsive with media queries. Got to look good on any screen, right?
  • Boosting user engagement with eye-catching motion that doesn’t wrestle with your content.

We’ve also been real smart about:

  • Loading times. Because nobody likes to wait.
  • Making sure our flair for the visual doesn’t throw a punch at SEO.
  • Grabbing hold of nifty libraries and frameworks when we need a shortcut.
  • Staying true to web ethos; making sure accessibility is part of the deal.

Bottom line? You now wield the power to turn static into spectacular. And let’s not forget, the magic is in moderation. Use it with purpose and watch your website transform from a wallflower into the life of the party. Let’s animate those backgrounds and make the web dance to our tune.

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The Best-Looking CSS Animated Background Examples

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