Awesome CSS Text Animation Examples You Can Use

Explore CSS text animation examples to make your web content pop! Discover a variety of animated effects to enhance readability and engagement.

Imagine a world where words dance. Not literally, but almost—a digital ballet where letters pirouette across your screen, catching eyes and stirring curiosity. That’s the magic of CSS text animation. An art and science, it breathes life into static pages and transforms the mundane into the extraordinary.

Now, why should you stick around? Simple. Your web space needs that spark, that flair, that… oomph. In a virtual sea of monotony, making your text pop could just be the distinction that keeps viewers hooked, exploring, and yes, converting.

By the end of this read, you’ll be armed with a toolkit of CSS text animation examples—a treasure trove of code snippets and insider tips to elevate your site’s aesthetics.

Think of kinetic typography that waltzes with web fonts, hover effects that play peek-a-boo, and transitions that cascade smoother than a waterfall.

Dive in, and discover how to wield the power of CSS animations, keyframes, and typography design to captivate your audience.

You’ll witness text transition effects that range from subtle whispers to shout-from-the-rooftops statements, and everything in between. It’s time to animate, innovate, and resonate. Let’s get those letters moving!

CSS Text Animation Examples For Website Text Design

Text reveal in app website template

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Squiggly Text

Developer: Lucas Bebber

Here’s a CSS text animation with a ghost-like text effect that is often seen in retro movies. This latest CSS script-based animation makes the font looks clean and smooth.

Text Reveal in Startup Website Template

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Liquid Type

Developer: Callum Martin

The developer used an SVG mask to create this “wave” liquid effect.

Text reveal in Zen Technology Website

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glowing text, music inspired

Developer: amber

The developer of this CSS text animation was truly inspired. They created a glowing text using the CSS keyframes.

Text reveal in real estate website template

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(cool) text effect

Developer: Hakkam Abdullah

Here’s a unique and cool animated CSS text animation for different types of web users.

Text reveal in Charts Addon Presentation Slider

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In/Out of Focus Text Effect

Developer: Jonny Scholes

If one is looking for a unique pure CSS animated text effect, then this is a good option.

Text animation

Developer: Yoann

This only takes a small space and allows users to resize the font, depending on the text length. Its text rotating effect has a smooth and clean design that attracts viewers.

Pure CSS Glitch Experiment (Twitch Intro WIP)

Developer: Elisabeth Diang


Developer: Nooray Yemon

Here’s a CSS text animation that is clean and minimalist looking.

Sliding Text Effect

Developer: ChenXin_nth

When users move their mouse, this animation moves the text according to the mouse’s direction.

Breathe (Coded on iOS)

Developer: Elisabeth Diang

Opening Sequence

Developer: Sebastian Schepis

For those wanting similar effects to a movie or trailer, this CSS text animation does that.

Letter Animation

Developer: Florin Pop

The developer of this animation used CSS. Users have the option to edit and visualize the result first in the editor section.

Line through effect 3D

Developer: Ana Tudor

CSS Terminal Text Effect

Developer: Tobias

By using this CSS text animation, viewers can read the entire entry without taking much time. This is because the animation’s typing speed is quick and smooth.

It still gives enough time for viewers to read the content without rushing too much.

Matrix Text Effect

Developer: Collin Henderson

CSS only Frozen text

Developer: Mandy Michael

This animation effect has a background clip, gradient text .js, and mix-blend mode. These features enable users to make the text editable for the demo.

Rainbow Effect

Developer: Mateus Generoso

Clean CSS Glitch

Developer: Piotr Galor

Here’s a lightweight text glitch effect. It doesn’t animate the texts directly, but it transforms the property.

Animated Text Gradient

Developer: chrishodges

For users who want a pure CSS animated text gradient, this option is worth looking at.    

3D CSS Typography

Developer: Noah Blon

Since this CSS text animation is presenting 3D design, the developer uses floating effects. It is easy to use as the creator used CSS3 and HTML5 script to finish the complete output.

Neon Lights

Developer: Cooper

Flickering Light Text Effect

Developer: Mandy Michael

Within the text, the user can simulate a flickering light by using this animation.

Text Animation #4 – Smooth fade-in

Developer: Keny Zachelin

The developer used HTML, CSS, and JS to create this CSS text animation.

CodePen Home

Developer: Mamun Khandaker

Mamun Khandaker used @keyframes rules in CSS to make this text animation come to life.

Cool Pure CSS Text Effect

Developer: Hakkam Abdullah

Here’s another amazing masked background animation to improve the web design.

Typed.scss: CSS-powered animated text

Developer: Brandon McConnell

The creator only used pure CSS to create this animated text.

Animated Text-Shadow

Developer: Erin E. Sullivan

Sometimes, users are looking for something fun.

This animation has a bounce effect, then mimics an RGB separation, then repeats. Users can pause the animation by hovering over the text.

3D Text Effect On Mousemove

Developer: Dennis Garrn

When users move the mouse or cursor, a cool 3D text effect appears.

Apple commercial animation

Developer: Alvaro Montoro

By using CSS, the developer recreated the iPad Commercial Animation.

CSS: Background Clip

Developer: Amir


Developer: Johan Karlsson

The text repels away from the mouse movement in this exciting text effect

Blazing Fire

Developer: Makan

Animated text fill

Developer: Daniel Riemer

Users don’t have to use JavaScript to employ this CSS text animation. They can fill the text with animated background images.

Simple CSS text animation

Developer: Nooray Yemon

At the center of the paragraph, the text rotates in this design. For those who have eCommerce websites, this Simple CSS Text Animation can help with their web pages.

Fly In, Fly Out

Developer: Neil Carpenter

In this text animation, the letters fly from the top and out through the bottom. It is simple, but it looks creative, especially to viewers.

Pure CSS | FadeIn Text with bars | KeyFrames & Scss

Developer: Kaio Almeida

The creator mainly used pure CSS.

Wave text effect (with SVG/blend mode)

Developer: Lucas Bebber

Only CSS: Text Slicer Gradient

Developer: Yusuke Nakaya

Pure CSS Shimmer Text Effect

Developer: Robert Douglas

By using only pure CSS, the creator made it possible to make a smooth animated shimmering text effect.

Smoky Text

Developer: Bennett Feely

The creator of this CSS text animation mixed the CSS transforms and text-shadow together. The result is a smokey effect.


Developer: Franklin Castellanos

This is another effect with the background-clip.

Strokes, Shadows + Halftone Effects

Developer: Mark Mead

GSAP Text Animation

Developer: Nate Wiley

In this CSS text animation, the letters were placed together to turn them into words.

Text Scramble Effect

Developer: Justin Windle

Since this effect changes the text into a word, viewers will feel as if the screen is talking to them.

The team of developers of this animation designed it to aid with storytelling. So, it will help websites to be more user-friendly.

Word Swipe Animation

Developer: Eric Porter

Using CSS, the creator made a Word Carousel.

[webkit] Animated “text-shadow” pattern

Developer: carpe numidium

Pure CSS Text Animation

Developer: Robin Treur


Developer: Ben Szabo

Spooky Typo

Developer: ilithya

This CSS text animation plays with the text-shadow and CSS blur effect to make animated skew effects. When users mouseover the text, the animation pauses.

Cross Color Text Reveal

Developer: Kenny

Animated text fill with svg text practice

Developer: Cesar C.

CSS-Only Shimmering Neon Text

Developer: Giana

As the creator made this in a pure CSS, rest assured that this will give a shimmering neon text effect.

Drop : Gooey Effect

Developer: Tushar Choudhari

Rotating text

Developer: Rachel Smith

This animation is ideal for creating an interactive welcome note. It also enables users to list services interactively for site visitors.

Loader Text Snippet

Developer: Eric Huguenin

Animated wave clipped by text

Developer: web-tiki

Web-tiki used SVG to animate the wave inside text.

#webdev series – Colorful text animation #updated

Developer: Hendry Sadrak

The developer of this text animation used CSS to make this fluid and configurable.

Fancy text shadow

Developer: agathaco

This CSS text animation is a shadow concept. It delivers an excellent visitor experience.

When users hover over the text, they can see the text extruding from the screen. This is due to the smart handling of depth and light.

LOVE Text Effect

Developer: Matthew Wagerfield

Here’s a unique typing effect that users can apply to any website.


Developer: Cassandra Rossall

CSS Particle Effects

Developer: Zed Dash

Zed Dash used Javascript to generate the particles, but used CSS for the motion.

CSS3 Text Animation Effect

Developer: Nick Mkrtchyan

CSS Perspective Text Hover

Developer: James Bosworth

When users mouseover the text, it sets off a smart stair climbing animation.

FAQs about CSS text animation

How Do I Start Creating CSS Text Animations?

Start creating CSS text animations by learning the basics—HTML and CSS. With essentials in hand, experiment with keyframes and CSS animation properties. Build simple projects, maybe a blinking cursor and then, graduate to letter sliding and color morphing. Tutorials online are gold mines, by the way.

Can CSS Text Animations Enhance User Experience?

Absolutely. CSS text animations breathe life into a webpage, grabbing attention and guiding visitors. When done right—think subtlety, not distraction—they can significantly improve the user experience. It’s storytelling with a visual twist that also adds to the interactive web elements.

Are Text Animations Resource-Intensive?

It depends. Efficiency hinges on complexity. Lightweight animations won’t hiccup, but the heavier dance can burden render times. Optimization is key—stripping unnecessary code, minimizing repaints, and leveraging CSS variables for smoother performance. Browser tools can pinpoint performance hogs.

Is There Browser Compatibility I Should Be Aware Of?

Certainly. Browser compatibility matters. Not all are built the same—some are avant-garde, others stuck in the past. Use vendor prefixes, check support on sites like Can I Use, and always have a stylish fallback. It’s part of the web development tools trade.

What’s the Difference Between CSS Transitions and Animations?

CSS transitions are for simple begin-and-end states—think hover effects. Animations? Now they’re the jazz—with keyframes for multiple points, more control, timing, iterations. Transitions are easy starters, animations for the full choreography.

How Can I Make CSS Text Animations Responsive?

Think fluid. Use percentages, viewport units for size, media queries for adjustments. Responsive text animations adapt, resize gracefully on any device—mobile to desktop. The aim is seamless, natural movement, whatever the screen real estate.

Save time with CSS animation libraries. Animate.css, Hover.css, or Magic Animations offer pre-cooked moves. Want complex? Try GreenSock (GSAP) or ScrollMagic for scroll-triggered UI animations. They’re the go-to tools, sprinkling ready-made spice into web design projects.

How Do I Use CSS Animations With JavaScript Frameworks?

Coupling JavaScript frameworks with CSS for animations—that’s powerhouse territory. Use JS to add/remove classes, trigger animations. Frameworks like React, Vue.js handle it natively, synchronizing states with visuals. Tuning into frameworks’ ecosystem, like Vue’s transitions or React’s animation libraries, unlocks even slicker moves.

Should I Consider Accessibility When Designing Text Animations?

Yes, and it’s a big yes. Animations can be kryptonite for accessibility if not handled with care. Provide controls to pause, stop, or hide animations. Use prefers-reduced-motion media query to respect users’ reduced motion settings. Accessible web design ensures you’re inclusive, not exclusive.

How Do I Test and Improve My CSS Text Animations?

Iterate. Test internally, check in with real users. Performance tools in browsers are your diagnostics kit—measure, tweak, measure again. Front-end developers know, intuition’s great, but data’s better. And when your animations are silky smooth? Roll it out, now that’s front-end design flexing at its best.


We’ve been through quite the whirlwind, huh? Dancing letters and all. Hovering over the last page, there’s a cool sense everything just leveled up. CSS text animation examples were the paint and the web canvas awaits your bold strokes. Each click, each scroll—now a chance for text to come alive, courtesy of your newfound skills.

Learn. Apply. Mesmerize.

Wrapping this up, remember keyframes are your friends and subtlety, your guiding star. They are not just snippets of code but your behind-the-scenes crew making those letters jazz up your screen. Whether it’s responsive design tweaks or animation libraries diving in, keep the dance of your text light, your user’s journey delightful.

And hey, if there’s a hunch something could be snazzier, or some tech query that’s got you stumped, replay this ride. Refresh on the basics or deep dive into those complex choreographies of CSS3 animations.

Now go on, make the web dance to your playlist. And don’t be a stranger around here. Swing back for more code beats anytime the creativity bug bites.

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Awesome CSS Text Animation Examples You Can Use

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